Going to Classes at YouTube Space LA | Camper Van Life S1:E14

This week, we go back to school at YouTube Space LA, introduce a friend to a local favorite and Leo gets a visitor in the camper van. Alright, we’re off to YouTube Space LA, let’s get going. It’s going to be hot in the Valley, I think it’s going to be a lot cooler on that side of the hill. [Kait] Are you backing in?
Backing it in. Got to make sure the step comes in. [Kait] Back to school. Yes, back to school like Rodney Dangerfield. I love that movie. [Joe] What are you going for? I’m going for the YouTube teddy bear. I have a good feeling. Come on teddy bear!!! I got one! I got one! Don’t fall, don’t fall! Ah I’m so excited! I can’t believe I got a teddy bear! This just made my day! Now that was a good class and maybe we should do some more live streaming? [Kait] I think we should definitely do more, maybe once a month? Yeah, once a month, once a week. [Kait] Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Once a month to start. What I thought was crazy is when they were talking about people who are live streaming 24/7. [Kait] Well I definitely want to check out those channels. That’s pretty impressive. [Kait] Alright, to the Venice office. To the Venice office. That’s why they call it the binocular building. Hi, my name is Sarah Pittman. I’m here with the Russos in their awesome camper van. That now I’m going to go shop for because this is my new obsession. We were fortunate enough to connect with them. We’ve been following them on YouTube forever. We want to do the whole van life, RV life. We’re kind of making the move, saving up to make the transition. So being able to experience this, and see, you know where the movies happen, where the magic happens, everything like that. Is fantastic and I’m obsessed with this van and I think need one. They’ve just changed my life, I love it! They’re actually looking to transition to RV life but now that they’ve seen our camper van, they think they could actually do a camper van instead of a larger RV. I’m really excited to see where their journey takes them. With all the road grime on this thing, it’s time to wash the camper van. This is a lot easier and a lot quicker than trying to wash the Class A RV. Plus it’s a lot safer. Being up on that roof, washing the top was a bit sketchy. [Kait] Well I did it most of the time. I was worried for you. [Kait] I’m sure you were. Having the sky light is pretty convenient. We’re head back to YouTube SpaceLA. Today, it’s a class on audio. I know our audio needs a little bit of work, hopefully we’re going to learn a few things. And make it that much better. Alright, let’s go get to class. It’s back to school, part 2! And I have my coffee. With Leo hair on top of it. We’re not the only camper van. [Kait] I think that’s more of a production van. I don’t think so. No, it looks like somebody is living out of that. That, is a production truck. That is a camper van. [Kait] What kind is it? It’s a VW, how do you not recognize this? [Kait] I’m not used to see that rooftop. [Kait] Big stretch! [Joe] It’s nice and cool in there. [Kait] Well you had the fan on high. That was actually a great class. A lot to kind of take back and digest. Figure out how can we make our sound better . I think every situation is different. We’re not in a studio recording this stuff, we’re always running and gunning pulling the phone out. How do we make that the best possible? [Kait] And it’s not cheap to upgrade audio equipment.
[Joe] Oh no! [Kait] That one mic I couldn’t believe was $1,000! Yes, and I don’t think that’s on the spectrum of being expensive. [Kait] No, that’s what’s crazy! What do you think Leo? We might have to take some of your food money. [Kait] He says, I like to pant in the background of your audio. We need the pant filter on our editing software. [Kait] Alright, off to see some friends? The VW bus we saw, belongs to Fun for Louis. He has a YouTube channel, I’ve seen some of his videos. But I didn’t recognize the van As soon as I saw him drive by, he had that…his dreadlocks and looks exactly like he does in his videos and I was like “Ah it’s Louis!” [Kait] Who knew the whole time we were admiring Louis’ van. I would have liked to have met the guy, he seems like a very cool person. [Kait] Well we missed him by a few seconds. Yeah, we did. [Kait] What do you think of the camper van Shelton? Pretty cool man! [Kait] Could you live in here full time? Ummmm I don’t know. I don’t know if I would survive the bathroom. [Kait] What about weekend trips? Yeah, definitely weekend trips. I don’t know about full time though. I could do the beach, or Yosemite or something like that. The bed is huge enough and everything else. The only thing would be showering and if I fit on the cassette because I’m a big guy. The tonnage rule, I love it. [Kait] Thank you! Hi guys, how are you doing. [Kait] Thomas! Hola, how are you? Como esta? [Kait] You weren’t here yesterday! No, I was at my house. [Kait] What are you going to get? Prosciutto and fresh mozzarella. Large please, thank you. [Kait] It was so weird to be here yesterday and not see you. [Thomas] No, because I leave early today, I mean yesterday. [Kait] Basil? [Thomas] Basil, a little bit of olive oil. Look at that, beautiful. [Kait] This is their famous panzerotti. [Kait] Tell us what you think. Mmmm man. [Kait] Cheesy, doughy, gooey. I will tell you what. I’m glad I don’t live that close to this place, I would never survive. [Kait] I love it! [Joe] Leo, you’re getting a bath buddy. [Kait] He thinks he’s going for a walk. [Joe] Yes he does.
[Kait] Poor guy. [Kait] He doesn’t know what’s coming. [Kait] Good boy! [Joe] Leo, how’s it feel to be clean bud? You certainly look a lot better. It’s going to take a couple days to get you dry now. [Kait] Lucy! Hi! Welcome to our humble abode. [Kait] You ready for camper van life? Are you ready for camper van life? What do you think Leo? We might have a new hitchhiker. [Kait] She’s louder than Leo! [Kait] I can’t tell if he’s happy or upset about this situation. He likes it. Ooooopa! [Kait] Uncle Joe…uh, here comes Leo. [Kait] Leo’s like, I don’t get to be on the dinette, what’s happening? I’d put Leo up here but he refuses…so. Do you like coffee? Lucy, can I have a kiss? Thank you! [Kait] Oh my God! Next time, we are hosting a Live Stream where we answer your questions on Camper Van Life. Join us here, Wednesday August 9th, 2pm Pacific. If you can’t make it, it will be on VOD. For any of you Patrons out there, make sure to submit your questions beforehand. We will see you then. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe if you haven’t already. And if you want to start the camper van series from the beginning, check it out up here. See you next time, bye!

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100 Responses

  1. We're the Russos says:

    Watch Episode 15: https://goo.gl/tJpWDx
    Check Out Our Book: http://amzn.to/2wm3rqJ

  2. John Yee says:

    I have a question regarding Leo being left in the van while you're in class. How do you leave the AC on and not drain the battery?

  3. Kevin Zhang says:

    I followed your Aktiv series for a while, you did the amazing thing!
    One question, is there anything you do not like Aktiv, or is there anything you think Aktiv should improve in its next model year? I am a class C owner and would like to switch to a camper van like Aktiv so that I can use it more frequently without worry too much about fuel or parking spaces.

    Thanks, again, you are awesome!

  4. Edward Grant says:

    Going to the YouTube school was a great idea for you kids. I haven't "heard" any problems with the audio on your postings except I have yet to hear Leo's panting! Yours is a great place to go hide when the "Boob Tube" has little to offer. Your guys are a breath of freshness in my life.

  5. Leroy Streeter says:

    Have you ever seen a marine toilet in a class B RV?

  6. lmunoz13 says:

    What did you do with Leo while you were in class? I wish I could my dog around more but don't ever want to leave him in the car.

  7. James Bockenstette says:

    Love the dogs. Leo owns you people.

  8. Diane Stevenson says:

    Wow thats the first time I have heard Leo bark! Love your videos.

  9. Harold McCarty says:

    Do u use carry separate water for drinking or do u have a inline filter? What to buy a camper van and dealer recommend buying water or installing a filter.

  10. Richard Williamson says:

    Great introduction.

  11. Pamela Jones says:

    I'm glad you finally got a prize out of the claw machine

  12. Jerry says:

    When you leave Leo alone in the van in hot weather, are you relying on the "Volt Start" with the AC left "on"? If so, have you experienced any problems?

  13. Richard Williamson says:

    Remember when Elwood told Jake he traded the Blues Mobile Caddy for a microphone and he was okay with that.

  14. Jetโ€”Alaska / says:

    How's the gas mileage city/highway?

  15. Phelangoodfarm says:

    I am satisfied with your audio even outside. Don't sweat it. When you upgrade you upgrade but i will keep watching no matter. Hope to see you on the road soon.

  16. Craft Soda says:

    pretty sure the VW camper van belongs to funforlouis, here is his vlogstop with it. : https://youtu.be/k24N4Bj6JhU?t=3m18s and now i just watch another minute forward, and you knew louis… ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Alex Kind of Cares says:

    lol at 1:40 Joes comment made me pop off and go immediately well is it really that much better because now you spend way more time in traffic now traveling so much

  18. Mike Romero says:

    Hey, thats on DeSoto.

  19. Kelle Dees says:

    Hello Russos! First thing, I love you channel and all the great informative content you guys create. I am in the process of saving up to purchase a van (not a nice promaster like yours) to do stealth urban living in. I was wondering, when you guys are doing stuff like in this vlog what do you do with your dog? Do you leave him in the van with AC? I have a Boston Terrier and I really am worried about that component of it. Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  20. Bluesfreak1 says:

    i think youre audio is great and theres no need to spent a 1000$ on a microfon

  21. Kevin Burke says:

    NOOOOOOOO, keep a bit of Leo's panting.

  22. YouTubeSurfer says:

    Leo has a dream life for a dog…going places,looking out the window watching the world, out walking everyday…not stuck at home….no wait-he is stuck at home….LOL

  23. vwohllaib says:

    Yayโ€ฆ YouTube teddy bear!! Score

  24. LisaMarli says:

    You're from L.A.? No wonder you love RV life. I moved to NorCal 45 years ago with no regrets. Just as crazy expensive, but one can usually get a shorter commute. (We bought 40 years ago, insane the amount of growth we've seen). I would love to have a van like yours for our convention trips, but we're retired, so no way could we afford a second home like that, and our Class C engine died. ๐Ÿ™
    Your audio is fine, unless you want to spend $$$.

  25. John S says:

    You guys are awesome greetings from San Bernardino Ca im thinking of getting into the van life myself stay safe on the road and God bless

  26. Lurker1979 says:

    I went to film school, as audio is pricey and can be complicated subject even if you are in the studio. Video can be expensive too depending on what you are doing.

  27. Lee Smith says:

    I'm off to South Korea to learn how to turn my Samsung TV on.

  28. Shoot Aholic says:

    Hey what a small world. I also know Shelton from the good old days at ISI. The last time I saw Shelton was in Bakersfield. And my ex-gf and I used to go to San Carlo's too. It was down the street from her place.

  29. B Gu says:

    What is your editing software?

  30. B Gu says:

    Who was the other dog at the end

  31. gr8caches says:

    Don't get rid of the panting when you improve the audio. After all this is Real Van Life!

  32. Love Mind says:

    The ending with the Dogs was the best part..๐Ÿ˜Keep living the dream & enjoy life๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ™Œ

  33. Holger Sommer says:

    I loove your channel. It's only sad that there is only one vlog per week.

    I think your audio is good enough. If you need better, check out Sennheiser. They used to have great products.

    I'm super interested to live in a RV. Unfortunately i live in Switzerland and campsites are not open during winter. Camping is also quiet expensive and there are not even wash saloons in the area where I work….

  34. Kenneth Kaiser says:

    I think you're audios pretty good I've never had a problem understanding or hearing you

  35. Mako says:

    Nice to meet you!
    The name is Makoto Tomita.
    Nickname "Mako"
    I am a Japanese who will be 57 years old.
    I live in Japan.
    My dream is Adria Twin and it is a round of Japan.
    I am looking forward to Camper Van Life now.
    Please keep updating the movie and see it variously.
    I'm looking forward to it.
    Sorry for the poor English
    From friends in Japan.

  36. bmkg17camping says:

    Better Sound would not make your videos better for me. I watch all of them, and like them just fine.

  37. J.G. Conumdrum says:

    I am glad it was Kait in the bikini top, lol. We always enjoy the videos

  38. Smit Rome says:

    Damn Leo sure has his two pets kept in line at all times lol !

  39. jimrodda says:

    Hello Mr and Mrs R, I've been watching your videos from when you had the class A, love your travels, there is a couple from Finland travelling around Europe in a Fiat ducato, which is very similar to your camper, they are called Vantastic, check out the similarities campers, as

  40. Forever Where says:

    Great video. It must be nice to be so close to YouTube headquarters, or whatever it was. How did you find out about the classes being offered and are there any in other locations?

  41. Bruce Woodard says:

    Love your videos. I don't hear a problem with any of your audio. Also, Leo is a part of the journey and should have his panting heard. Lol. Keep up the great work.

  42. Kevin O'Sullivan says:

    Great video. Sound not a problem for me either. I've never seen anyone win anything on one of those grabber things, always though it was stacked against you.

  43. Christina Varnum says:

    I enjoy the dog sounds. The music on some of the different peoples YouTube is what bothers me. It can be so loud you can't understand them. I've had to stop watching some because it was to painful to listen to. I'm glad to say i haven't had that problem with yours so far.

  44. Inquiring Minds says:

    My advice is to keep the cost down and just by a standard clip on bluetoothย plus furry mic covers for windy commentaries to block the background noises especially on a windy day.

  45. Inquiring Minds says:

    Darn it…i missed the Q&A live by 1 day.

  46. Bob Shaw says:

    Great vlog. My mouth was drooling when I saw ya's in the deli getting the yummy looking sandwiches . Joe was the little dog your sisters & is it a French Bulldog? To bad you missed fun for by mere seconds . Joe how is your mom doing these days & Kait how are parents doing? Is your mom going to be behind the scenes again any time soon?

  47. Nomadd UK says:

    Leo should be allowed to have his say (Panting) on video too LOL.

    Great vlog guys. I thought it was cute when Kait said "That's made my day!" after she got the teddy. Nice bikini too ;o)

    Keep 'em coming guys. Always fun to watch.

    … Is it just me or do you look like Drooper from the Banana Splits in those shades? Just saying…

  48. Kevin Tumlinson says:

    I don't think you guys have audio issues. It's natural for the style, clear and audible. You could improve it with a camera-mounted shotgun mic, if you don't already use one. And if you want a better sound for standups or interviews, a lavaliere mic could help. but for the most part, I think you guys do a great job with the production quality! And I'm not just talking about of my behindโ€”I used to produce for film & television.

    Always room to improve, of course, but don't think that you have any major issues to correct!

  49. John m says:

    That's why I left California it's way too expensive

  50. John m says:

    How much a van like that cost

  51. infinityfarm says:

    Lucy and Leo are hysterical!!
    Miss you two….come back to Florida!

  52. Hiro Protagonist says:

    don't filter out too much ambient sound, it would give us a better feel of the places that you go to…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. Arnold and Josie Espinoza says:

    Just finished watching latest video. Enjoyed it very much especially Leo getting a play pal and how you referenced or used a classic Rodney Dangerfield movie such as Back to school. Hilarious. I too quote that portion "don't step on number two" movie quote when trying to insert some humor into my daily life. I didn't catch his new pals name and what breed is he/she. Will he/she have recurring appearances? It's wonderful to see how the both of you get along so well. No doubt this experience has brought you closer together. Wish you both (and Leo) the best. Hey a thought, maybe a small Leo segment (Leo stretching, Leo gives his opinion, Leo sleeps all day, etc) just a thought. Well look forward to next week Wednesday. Thx

    Big fans, Arnold and Josie (Chico/Hershey)

  54. Visual Traveler says:

    Hello..was just wondering what was going on with Leo's eye, his right eye ? Is that like a little cist or something ?

  55. Derrick Bergman says:

    What does the dog do while you are in class? I pray it is not locked in a hot van for hours at a time, actually in California minutes

  56. John Randal says:

    Do you think this would be practical for a 80+ person?

  57. Infantry1stLt says:

    I'm pretty sure the camper van at 12:50 is @funforlouis 's
    He owns at least 3 buses

  58. cory jay says:

    i think that's funforlouis VW camper

  59. xXxFaZeX360N0SC0P3xXx says:

    I would definitely live in a van if I went back to school. Seems like a neat way to live.

  60. Roberto Beltramelli says:

    Your channel seems different this year? Can't put my finger on it but it is taking some getting used to! Love your Hymer Class B ! Missed you at Oshkosh, started following you after last year's show!

  61. TravelCampingLiving says:

    Envy you, what a cute teddy bear.
    About the audio, for my ears it's perfect. Assume most peopel anyway don't hear the difference between good and excellent audio. Action, smooth camera, nice cut and good music is much more important from my point of view. And that's what you do really good.

  62. SKPjoe Coursegold says:

    good teddy bear catch.

  63. Kimmy T RVing says:

    you guys changed my rv decision also im hoping to get the same type of campervan you guys have and mybe we can meet some day kimmytrving

  64. Aude Khatru says:

    I understand the desire to improve your audio, but your audio is good. Maybe not great, but good. I have watched so many videos where the sound is terrible. People setup their camera and then walk away from it until you cannot hear it, or they don't edit out the overwhelming wind noise that totally overpowers any other sound. Ya'all do a good job.

  65. Whizone says:

    Love your videos and all your info is so helpful! I'm saving and researching to transition to the nomad life myself and will keep following you guys!

  66. buckshotbob1 says:

    The dogs playing at the end of the video just made me smile. Thanks for that.

  67. Heading Tiny says:

    Lots of good information in your video. Sadly we have no YouTube space over here so very jealous! Good stuff!

  68. Jay Lee says:

    Hi Joe, great videos! You have loss a ton of weight the past two years. You look younger and healthier. It's like you shed off all the toxic stress from the corporate rat race and the LA traffic.

  69. BJ Martin says:

    Holy crap, I don't know where this deli place is and I've lived in San Carlos for 12 yrs. I actually have a fav sandwich place, probably why I didn't venture out.

  70. Cheri Brown says:

    I like the quality of the videos you produce now.

    Your friend touched on the size of the camper van; I've been wondering – don't you guys miss a real bathroom and a little more room? It's nice to have the maneuverability, but it seems too cramped. On rainy days or cold days, it would seem too small. I don't expect that you would say you hate it, but do you maybe wish you hadn't gone quite so small?

    Safe travels!

  71. Ben Johnson says:

    Live streaming sounds awesome you guys!! So does more than one episode a week…..hint hint! ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Fresburger says:

    Something went wrong guys. It's about 7 pm Central Time on Aug 9th and no new video. What is strange is that I had a notification that you guys uploaded a new video today but when I checked your YouTube page this video from last week showed up as your latest, so if you up loaded it something went wrong.

  73. Carmen Farine says:

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    Interesting. As a social media consumer, I don't think of YouTube as a live streaming platform….more FaceBook, as the notifications are what prompt me to "tune in".

  78. Eric Rehm says:

    Nice. Can you share details of your audio solutions for your various recording platforms?

  79. KungFu Master says:

    Great video. Great job on nailing the bear!

  80. gail gale says:

    thanks for tips on vics in berkely and burma cafe.will go soon.wow u get around and i live here in walnut creek.i am so glad u r doing this and left stress jobs

  81. Nomadic by Design says:

    Thanks for sharing another quality video, but please don't be pressured into doing more than one a week. We all understand freedom away from all the stress of overworking and paying bills was what took you both out there. It's important to keep the balance and not get sucked into the cycle of pleasing other people. Besides, your videos are worth waiting for! Safe travels you three.

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    We watch a lot of different channels and find the more technically perfected they are the less we watch them. The reason is the channel loses the authenticity. The KISS therory attracts us because we want to see the reality of the lives we are watching. The more high tech starts to feel like a production so we tune out. We have 18000 subscribers now to our channel and really try to keep it real to the bone. We get the better equipment but yours seems fine for what it is worth. Safe travels!

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  89. gloria says:

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