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What do you get when you cross two of the
most popular family dogs, the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever? The Goldador, also known as the Golden Lab,
is a designer dog that is the product of breeding these two wonderful breeds. Bred for its ability to serve as guide, search-and-rescue,
and drug-detection dogs, the Goldador Retriever is growing in popularity as a social and easily
trained working dog and loving, devoted, and energetic family friend. Let’s check out this awesome mix breed. You’re Watching Animal Facts! The Goldador Retriever doesn’t have a long
history and there is no specific record of Goldador origins. The Goldador was first developed a little
more than a decade ago: the two parent breeds were crossed with the hopes of creating a
sensitive, tolerant working dog. The effort proved successful in that organizations,
like Guide Dogs for the Blind, that train guide and assistance dogs often use these
Lab/Golden crosses. We do know that these dogs have been being
mixed for a long time at least informally. As a companion, the Goldador has not yet gained
the popularity of some other designer dogs, such as Labradoodles, but is steadily growing
in popularity especially in the service dog world. We recently discussed the history, as well
as traits, of the parent breeds in a video comparing the Lab vs the Golden. You can find a link to that video in the card
and in the description. So, let’s just move on to the traits of
the Goldador. Dogs, such as Goldadors, that are created
from two existing dog breeds are called designer dogs a term coined by the media in the 1990s. They are sometimes called hybrid dogs, although
the term is not scientifically accurate. Designer dogs differ from mutts on mongrels
in that in a true designer dog the lineage of both parents is known, whereas a mutt will
have more questionable heritage. True designer dogs are first generation or
what is called an F1 Cross. The Goldador Retriever, like its parents,
is an intelligent, highly trainable people-pleaser. They are active dogs that need something to
do. Goldadors truly are family-oriented dogs and
are not for people who don’t have the time for them. All traits that make it a great choice for
service dog work. And this is where it has certainly found its
niche. But, they also make great family pets. In the household, the Goldador is an ideal
family companion who is great with kids and good with other pets. As a matter of fact, your kids and your Goldador
can help each other burn off some of their excess energy. With other dogs, the Goldador is typically
friendly to playful. And with cats are usually friendly, if not
dismissive. So this mix is a good choice for those who
already have pets in the house. Although supervision should be given when
introducing any new pet into a home. Although a house with a fenced yard is the
ideal home for your Goldador, it can do well in an apartment or condo, if you can make
sure it gets enough exercise. Of all the Designer Dog breeds, the physical
traits of the Goldador are the most predictable, due to the very similar nature of the two
parent breeds. The Goldador is usually 22 to 24 inches tall
at the shoulder and weighs 60 to 80 pounds. Like any mixed breed dog, Goldador puppies
may come out looking more like a Labrador than a Golden Retriever, or vice versa. If Goldador puppies closely resemble their
Labrador parent, then they may be born with Black, Chocolate or Yellow coats. Or they may inherit the golden coat of the
Golden Retriever. That coat can come in colors from light to
dark gold. Generally speaking the Goldador is a healthy
dog with an average lifespan of 10-15 years. But they do inherit some of the health concerns
of their parent breeds. Hip dysplasia, eye diseases, allergies, and
skin irritations are among the most common health concern. Also, the Golden Retriever passes on a higher
than average predisposition to canine cancer. Approximately 40% of Goldens die from cancer. In the Goldador, this can be somewhat avoided
through selective breeding. Exercise is very important for a Goldador’s
health and happiness — at least 30 minutes per day is ideal. Interested in dog sports? Goldadors make formidable competitors in agility
and flyball. As we mentioned earlier the Goldador is a
highly trainable breed. These dog sports also provide your Goldador
with much needed mental stimulation. But if dog sports aren’t your thing then
outdoor and some obedience training should become part of your routine. A bored Goldador won’t be a happy Goldador. Bathe your Goldador as needed. They do have a tendency to play in dirt and
mud. Care should be taken not to bathe your friend
too often, however, as to not irritate its skin. Goldadors do shed quite a bit. A good brushing with a rubber brush should
suffice to keep your pooches hair looking neat. But in shedding season, a daily brushing may
be needed to keep loose hair at bay. Make sure to keep your Goldador’s ears clean
and dry, as they are prone to ear infections, like many dogs with floppy ears. Goldadors love to eat. So along with daily exercise, you should keep
your pooch’s diet in mind. They can become obese, which has a number
of related health issues. Recommended daily amounts for a full-grown
Goldador are 3.5 to 4.25 cups of a high-quality dog food daily, divided into two meals. There relative easy care and easy training
make them an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. There’s almost nothing negative we can say
about the Goldador. Younger ones will like to chew things, as
with most dogs. You should provide your Goldador with quality
chew toys to spare your shoes from unwanted teeth marks. When searching for a dog, especially for first-time
dog owners, the Goldador, along with its parent breeds the Labrador Retriever and the Golden
Retriever are hard to beat. If you’re looking for a larger dog, that’s
not too large, then the Goldador is certainly worth a look. As with any breed, we highly suggest checking
out local dog shelters before running out to purchase a dog, but if you have your heart
set on a puppy take care in choosing a responsible breeder. So, what do you think about the beautiful,
intelligent and friendly Goldador? Let us know in the comments. Hey, thanks for hanging with us. If animals are your thing, you can check out
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