Golden Retriever Breed info

Meet the friendly and playful Golden Retriever. One of the world’s most popular dog breeds,
Goldens are usually great with kids, other family pets, and should love to meet new people. Highly intelligent, attentive, and eager to
please, this breed is a great choice for even novice dog owners. Goldens have either straight or wavy Double
Coats which do require brushing, so try to get them used to grooming as a puppy if possible. Exercise is also vital to their happiness
of this breed because they have a high energy level for a larger dog, therefore walks and playtime
are two of their favorite things. Average Golden Retrievers should stand between
20 and 25 inches tall and weigh between 60 and 80 pounds. Thank you for learning about The Golden Retriever,
visit us at today at to learn more about them or find your perfect puppy.

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