Golden Retriever Puppies!

He’s the biggest. He’s six pounds. That one is Duke? He’s more of a medium color. Sariah is like, I want this one. He’s more of a medium color. Oh my gosh! …lightest. This is Bear. Oh my goodness, he’s… So he’s like dark. Yeah, he’s really dark. Shivering? Over here, you’ve got Zeus is orange… …and
that takes time. Oh, no. Sky you have one. He’s a bigger boy too. Most of them are four pounds, one’s five,
and one’s six. But Duke’s the biggest at six. Are you the biggest? Are you the biggest? Is that a good dream? Oh, I love puppy breath. Oh my gosh. What are we gonna do? Get one. Hey buddy. Here you need to hold one, because I need
to hold the one Sky has. [Puppy barks in sleep] [Puppy whines in background] [Skyler and Sariah speak Spanish] He’s dreaming that he’s eating. I think it’s between this one and this one and
this one. I’ve narrowed it down to three.
Yeah, you’ve got it down to three. Let me smell you. Oh, don’t cry. Oh! Oh my goodness! Dream you’ve got something? Got a rope? Are you okay? The whiny one probably needs to go to the
bathroom. Yeah. You want me to take him? Do you want to switch? Here’s Harley. Take Harley. Aww. Yeah they are fine. Let’s take you out. He’s bigger. You can feel he’s heavier.
Yeah. [Sariah speaks Spanish] Out of Harley and
Bear, which one do you like best? Bear. Bear?
This one is heavy. Is that the one Jo has? Duke? Bear Look at that tail going. …step outside for a second. [Sariah speaking Spanish] Wow!

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