Goldenbot XD Pet Battle Guide – BFA

Hi guys Just a quick guide on how to beat
Goldenbot XD which is one of the pet battles on Mechagon Island co ordinates 61,57.
I tried this fight numerous times and only failed once when hit with a large crit from
the pet. I used the Unborn Val’kyr with Shadow Slash,
Curse of Doom and Unholy Ascension. I also used the Darkmoon Rabbit with Scratch,
Dodge and Stampede. However any rabbit will do replacing Scratch
with Flurry. I also used a Dancing Water Skimmer with Water
Jet, Cleansing Rain and Pump, but you will only need the Water Jet ability so any pet
with this would do. So first cast Curse of Doom
then Unholy Ascension. Then bring in your Rabbit and cast Scratch
or Flurry. Then Cast Dodge
and then cast Stampede. When you can, once again cast Scratch or Flurry.
Then Dodge again and then Stampede.
This should kill the pet but he will revive. Your Rabbit at this point will most likely
die, so with your final pet just keep casting water jet until he dies. Anyways guys thanks for watching i hope it
helped. If you have any other set ups that can be
used to help kill this pet then pls leave them in the comments section below to help
other people out, please also like, share and subscribe and i’ll see you next time.

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66 Responses

  1. Gamesgamesgames says:

    If you have different set ups that are able to beat this Pet Battle then please leave the info in the comments section below to help out others who may not have the set up I used.

  2. Jason Bellard says:

    this is just impossible IF you don't have certain pets, his Stampede ability not only causes significant dmg, but can heal him too full health in just 2 uses

  3. Dr4gonch4ser says:

    This strategy does not work. Lost 6 times in a row now with this setup doing the same skills.

  4. Andrew Zoboki says:

    thank you so much, it worked as you said. my pets were Unborn Val'kyr, Arctic Hare, Eternal Strider.

  5. Iris and Nova Play says:

    Worked perfectly! Thanks so much. I used Unborn Val'kyr, Spring Rabbit and Dancing Water Skimmer.

  6. Nikolay Kolev says:

    Very good gide m8 thank you

  7. Mitanoo says:

    Generally last pet shouldnt matter what you go, Least have a hard hitting attack, Rabbit can be any specific rabbit as long as it has same abilities this works and ty for the guide

  8. Parker Smith says:

    thanks! you made me finally go get a valk 😛

  9. Pedro Juarez says:

    Another strategy that works

    1) Unborn Valkyr (Curse of doom, Haunt)
    2) Ikky (Black claw, Flock)
    3) Molten Corgi (flamethrower, puppies of the flame)


    1) Curse of doom
    2) Haunt
    3) Black claw
    4) Flock
    5) Flamethrower
    6) Puppies

  10. Bluefall76 says:

    Must be me having crappy RNG… Just "almost" work for me…

  11. bob bro says:

    unborn val'kyr – curse of doom
    unholy ascension

    Noblegarden Bunny – flurry
    dodge (spam flurry otherwise only cast dodge after he has dodged)

    Kun Lai Runt – frost shock
    Deep Freeze
    Takedown (if not dead yet)

  12. chronic2001n says:

    I used Unborn Val'kyr, Olivetail Hare, and Young Sand Sifter. This vid helped out so much! Thank you, once again!

  13. Rarz says:

    3 times didn't work.

  14. iluminus7 says:

    WOW, awesome video. i've died so many times, and i just did "your" steps exactly, and i owned it 😀

  15. HuggareN says:

    I used Unborn Val'kyr, Spring Rabbit & Molten Corgi. Worked like a charm! (Flamethrower, superbark and puppies of flame)

  16. Kairy Salazar says:

    No matter HOW many times I did this battle ( 9 goes) this team could not kill him. Instead I went with Sunreaver Micro, Ikky, and Phoenix Hatchling
    Sun Micro – Fel, Plate, Call (1. Call 2. Spam Fel)
    Ikky – Talon, Black Claw, Flock (1. Black claw 2. Flock)
    Phoenix Hatchling – Burn, immolate, Conflag (1. Immolate 2. Conflag)

  17. Suzanne Foshee says:

    Worked great for me! Thank you for your strategies…so helpful!

  18. Woosh says:

    For those of you who have a poor quality unborn, it will work as well. My poo poo quality one worked just fine at level 25.

  19. Cat 52 says:

    I don't have unborn valkyrie, do you have any suggestions for another pet that is similar to the valkyrie?

  20. Jango Fett says:

    thank you my friend! i captured the un'born valkyr in 5 minutes flying arround dragonblight graveyard and i finally complet the quest!!

  21. Twisty Man says:

    Finally a good guide

  22. Mizzen says:

    I have tried over and over again with your strat and I still can't defeat him

  23. Schwifter says:

    Another Option that just worked for me.

    Wicked Soul – Agony – Haunt
    Rabbit – Scratch – Dodge – Stampede – Scratch – Dodge – Stampede
    Wicked Soul – Shadow Shock (Wicked Soul dies then resses) Agony
    Lil' Ragnaros – Sons of the Flame

  24. Setsuno Gaming says:

    Electrified Razortooth > Lighting Shield > GG

  25. Andrés Pestano says:


  26. Epic Rhodent says:

    Your setup worked very well thanks a lot 🙂

  27. Kanagosa says:

    Worked perfectly, thanks!

  28. C0C1D1US says:

    Unborn Val'kyr – turn 1) Curse of Doom 2) Unholy Ascension Dies, Swap to Magma Rageling – 1) Fire Shield 2) Volcano [This move honestly didn't even get a chance to do any damage…] 3 & 4) Flamethrower. By this time the DoT plus Curse of Doom damage should kill then re-kill the pet. Brought Electrified Razortooth as back up but the bot didn't even bring the Rageling below half hp.

  29. April Calhoun says:

    Very good strat, it worked the first time.

  30. Rick Morks says:

    I used Molten Corgi as final pet. Worked really well. Almost didnt have to use it because my rabbit crit for like 795

  31. changuinho2000 says:

    fantastic, thanks for saving us time…

  32. Crimsonfang says:

    This is the only one I'm having trouble with. Managed to work out a strat for everything else. That heal/dodge combo is just brutal.

  33. IdentifyWithResearch says:

    Worked beautifully. Thank you!

  34. Nonus Businissus says:

    thank you

  35. Tony says:

    thanks for the effective strategy

  36. Sophia Dresden says:

    Worked perfect! thanks was dying to him a lot

  37. Nicholas says:

    I found Unborn Val'Kyr ( Curse of doom ) ( unholy ascension ) Stormstruck beaver ( cast Lighting shield , Discharge then jolt ) should kill it but if unlucky, I use a Thundertail flapper with same set up just Thunderbolt ) instead of discharge )
    The Lighting shield works great with debuff that heals him because Shield does more dmg so each attack from hes muti attack takes good 200-350 dmg off hes health pool Discharge should kill him and then lighting shield final proc will murder him again once he comes back. aless get crit then go again.

  38. dearmeagan says:

    Elfin Rabbit instead of Darkmoon Rabbit, it has the same abilities

  39. Steel Candy says:

    Perfect strat! Wasted so many pets before I used your team pets! Thanks!

  40. IdentifyWithResearch says:

    Thank you! This worked exactly as shown.

  41. Kathleen Duffy-Conway says:

    Thank you!

  42. Dee Mulloy says:

    You rock again!

  43. Joe Valerio says:

    I use the first 2 pets just change the last one for a chitterspine he has black claw and swarm

  44. Fatih ULUDAĞ says:

    thx for the guide mate 🙂

  45. stevean torres says:

    fel flame rabbit rag use scorched earth imolation get the healing debuff on your fel flame switch to rabbit use dodge then stampede until rabbit dies use rag use sons of flame and then magma trap finish him off with sulfuras smash when he respawns he ll give rag t he healing debuff switch back to fel flame and finish him off with flame breath alterante if you do not have a valkry

  46. Dorlis says:

    Thank you!!!

  47. Mick Big says:

    Its better you use doom,haunt,flurry,dodge,stampede,flurry,dodge,stampede, then any pet to hit it for around 200 damage to kill it, could probably kill it with the Unborn Valkeirie to 2 pet this one

  48. TheReallyraul says:


  49. ItsMe Dee says:

    Thanks so much! This was the last battle for the achievement I needed and it has been brutal until I watched your guide. PERFECT!

  50. Julie Dean says:

    Thank you this really helped, great tactics!

  51. Milos Cerny says:

    Literally just tried it out and worked like a charm! My last pet instead of the strider was the Sharptalon hatching. Was struggling a while with this one but I finally got the kill thanks to the video!!!!

  52. Mauro Alejandro says:

    My setup 2 pets
    Valkyr :
    1. Curse of doom
    2. Unholy Ascension (valkyr will die)
    Spawn of G'nathus:
    1.Lightning Shield
    3.Paralyzing Shock
    Thats all i hope you all can beat him with that setup.

  53. Bryan Weber says:

    Thanks for sharing! The method described in your video worked the first time i tried it! Thanks!

  54. DVineMe says:

    Just did it with Zandalari Anklerender, Artic Hare and Bleakwater Jelly.

    Black Claw -> Hunting Party
    Flurry -> Dodge -> Flurry -> Stampede -> Dodge -> Flurry -> Flurry
    Squeeze – Tentacle Slap

    In the end the most important thing is the Dodge, so that he can't heal himself and to have something to increase the rabbit's hitting power (one round of Black Claw + Flurry was enough for me).

  55. Leon Arcane says:

    no. this guys to strong. needs to be deleted. XD cant find any of these pets in the ah

  56. Sinic says:

    great vid. worked like a charm

  57. riebug 1 says:

    Best Strat ever 💜

  58. Michael Pillarella says:

    Thank you i really appreciated this guide

  59. bill smith says:

    I finished with Living Sandling, 753 hit against mechanicals.

  60. DataCymru1701 says:

    Thanks for this

  61. Starry Bell says:

    Worked like a charm! I used a Dust Bunny and a Fishy for the 2 pets I didn't have 🙂

  62. Hade Shadow says:

    Electrified Razortooth Literally 1shotted the whole thing with Boneshard

  63. Roglach Tyrsson says:

    Worked like a charm, thank you very much.

  64. Cecil says:

    Hej ust keeps killing my rabbit on the second turn with him, hes doing so much more damage then he did to you..

  65. Catalunablue says:

    Tried it and it worked on the first try. Thank you!!

  66. Music Damar says:

    Direhorn Runt is even better, has Stampede too, but also has Trihorn Shield – reduces 140 dmg for 3 rounds.

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