GoPro Media Team Tips and Tricks: Fetch (Dog Harness) (Ep 23)

How’s it going guys? Christopher Farro here
from the Product Education Team. Today we’re in Vail, Colorado and we have a very special
guest, one of our top marquee athletes – Floyd the skateboard riding bulldog. So today we’re going to be going through Fetch,
the dog harness. This is a new mount by GoPro. It’s for getting awesome POV from either the
backplate on the dog or on the chestplate. It’s very easy to install if your dog is being
cooperative. Floyd’s been awesome this morning so I don’t think we’re going to have a problem.
The first thing you’re going to do is take the chestplate and slide it all the way down
the straps so you have room for the head to go through. You’re going to place this through
here then you can either do this seated or have your dog stand. You’re going to take
the back strap and you’re going to wrap it through the underbelly. And then take the
hook and just hook it onto the loop on the back, super easy. And then you’re going to
take these front two straps right here and go through the front legs, under them and
then loop them onto the elastic on the middle of the backplate. So the Fetch Dog Harness
has two mounting locations – you can either do it from the backplate or from the chestplate.
It comes included with mounting hardware. You have a J-Hook Quick Release here so the
camera is elevated above the dog’s back. It has a tethered mounting loop for added security
as well as elastic holders for excess straps. Fetch the Dog Harness works on small, medium,
and large breeds of dogs ranging between 15 and 120 pounds. For smaller dogs you can remove
this chestplate so it’s not hanging as much and just do the back-mounted shot. We recommend
shooting at POV setting 1440p at 48 frames per second. If you’re worried about editing
that in post, you can always do 1080/60 Superview for all your shots. When you’re done using
your Fetch Dog Harness you can just throw it in the wash with all of your other clothes.
It’s completely washable and good to go for your next use. So that’s all we have for you
today with GoPro’s Tips and Tricks. I hope you enjoyed. Good boy.

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