Groom Tv Br – Continental em Poodle Standard para show – Johnatan Skolimoski – HD #62

Today is a very interesting video with the theme “Lion Clip” a cut that many people have asked me to perform, and this
video is important as a dog named “Monet Sk” Poodle he is our oldest and it was nice to have prepared this dog because for dog breeders, puppies with many structural defects
are practically discarded farmers castrate these dogs and donate to people who are willing to take good care and this dog was dropped from the kennel that was born and with much love and affection he bought he was very badly treated and although we prepare great for dogs, I have great pleasure in preparing this Poodle (Monet Sk) because it has many defects in the structure, and throughout his story, we demonstrated that the “Ugly Duck” can be very nice too you only need to be well prepared and receive love and affection from their owners and also beyond the “Lion Clip” We had a training day with the Groomer Caio Vinicius Ribeiro so during the video images you see Groomer Caio Ribeiro preparing a “German Clip” pretty and soon also will post this video on “GROOM TV BR” hope you like it and certainly we will see in the next video

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