Guess The Right Cup, Wins $1,000

Okay Anyway, hello, welcome to Fanta Friday. You can tell by the title and thumbnail today We are going to be doing the cup game or the cup challenge But Fenty’s gonna do it. Let’s jump into it and see what she picks Look at her. She’s so pretty. She’s So–we. So here we have three cups that we were gonna put stuff in The first ones we have I like these treats she loves his one season she’s obsessed with the two These ones are bacon egg and cheese she likes them a lot like she’ll jump with them. I’m sorry. I don’t know If you do that in front of the camera, I’ll give it a little bit These shoots fell out no, I Take the money and roll it up and chew a little Stick the money might smell like treats which does help anything because I was touching treats but let’s Hope that she doesn’t choose that That’s good, which one you want which One is your final choice to pick from one of these one two three Okay, she really wants this one, oh my god, thank God that was just the treats And she’s living eating it That’s a big treat for you you shouldn’t at all Me being the weirdo that I am. I feel like only be fair if I did this challenge three times so That’s the first trial here goes two more Why am I doing this like you’re so dumb Okay, did she just see the money won oh My god, oh She Liddy just dropped out the money one Tool in her second try I thought that issue was gonna make you old be like her third try Okay, whatever fun to you get your money That’s my money oh My god, oh my god, this is what happens when you do challenges with your dog, I Think she’s eating more underneath my bed Fancy yeah, so I guess when she decided to spend her own money by eating it nice job In day ooop Anyways, that kind of sucks a lot. Um, I hope you enjoyed anyway Oh Finn he’s coming to see her no after she ate my money. Do you have to say for yourself? Was it yummy Yeah, what did it taste like salty Presidente it’s not good Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed me. I Want to talk about my emotions right now, I would just like to bury them and leave them alone Hopefully Fenty’s feeling good about it fenty. Did you enjoy it? Yeah, I Don’t if you enjoyed it, please give a like, umm If you know how to make my viral make this video viral it needs to go viral it has to be viral I’ll see you guys very soon with another video When she stores it so cute, um two dolls

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23 Responses

  1. Valerie Talamantes 123 says:

    Omg love you and your video

  2. Nylah Urquhart says:


  3. Zoozoo says:

    I was first

  4. Tanynia R says:

    Yaaaaay fenty Friday ✨✨✨

  5. introvertedpotato says:

    Fenty is soo cute ♥️♥️ lol

  6. Maria says:

    Early ✌️?

  7. Chubbylittlebean :3 says:

    Literally the cutest dog ever holy crud ?

  8. Maria says:

    I’d be so upset if a puppy ate my money ?

  9. Jubisa Sis says:

    Awww she's so cute

  10. Chishiann Phan says:

    Hahaha so cute… I love fenty fridays omg adorable???

  11. sijil o says:

    Fendy will buy an iphone11??

  12. Chloe Salley says:

    She’s adorable

  13. cleo sidiropoulos says:

    She's so cute

  14. Tiffany tomatoes says:

    0:36 Fenty: what are theese red obstacles

  15. Rachel's Corner says:

    This is so cute I wish I could meet u but I live in Ireland great video krissy love u and Fenti ♥️♥️♥️

  16. Suzy Goldstein says:

    OMG she is such a cute puppy! Love you girl xo

  17. Pourlavie Sisters says:


  18. Hayatte Abebe says:

    I want youre puppyyyyy??

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