Guess who’s OUTTA HERE! ✈️?

– [Tanjareen] (sighing) What’s up y’all? It’s Tanjareen. Good morning. I’ve been up since about I don’t know, 5:30, 6 AM? I’m here at the Burbank Airport. And I have Static Shock with me. (kiss kiss kiss) And, um… I’m sending him back. (laughs) He is going back to the breeder this week and… you understand why, right? Aww, he has the hiccups. [Tanjareen] But he’s so cute. – (Hiccups) – He has the hiccups, but I wanna get him some water but then I don’t want
him to piss on the plane. So I don’t know what to do but I feel like I’m gonna
share with you guys real quick because you just saw me on Sunday. You saw me dealing with him
while shooting sketches. And, um, I love him we’ve bonded, we’ve been shopping together we’ve been through the
mall a couple times. We went to pick out furniture together. We’ve gotten up every 90 minutes
in the middle of the night to go out to relieve ourselves. We’ve done it all. But, um… [Tanjareen] But now… [Tanjareen] Oh he’s out here too. [Tanjareen] You leaving? [Tanjareen] Get in there. [Tanjareen] Get in there, cutie pie. So, um, am I wrong for sending him back? Get in there. I don’t know what kind of
video this is gonna be. You’re on my iPad. My first time going live on an iPad. [Tanjareen] Okay. You’re
handling that well. [Tanjareen] You got in there. So I have to put him as a carry-on under the plane (*under my seat!) and hope that he doesn’t make a lot of noise or make anything smell really bad. If I know one thing about
these French bulldogs they have really smelly gas. (sighs) I swear, it’s like a newborn baby that has a really bad digestive system and is very needy, more
so than you can imagine. [Tanjareen] But he’s so damn cute. [Tanjareen] As he bites… And gets all the attention. – Aloha! – [Tanjareen] (laughs) – [Woman 1] Hi, sweetness! – [Woman 2] I love that color too. – I love Frenchies. – As if I made him. Say “thank you” “I’m 10 weeks old and my
name is Static Shock.” – [Woman 2] (laughs) Static Shock! – [Woman 1] Static
Shock; that’s a fun name. – [Tanjareen] He’s
named after a superhero. – Oh my gosh. – [Woman 2] You’re gonna be
so happy; you’re so loved. – [Woman 1] I love the temperament
of the French bulldogs. – [Woman 2] You’re so loved. – [Tanjareen] Thank you. [Tanjareen] Bye, ladies. See nobody knows that I’m
about to send him home. Oh, I think I’m looking at the
wrong thing. This is the eye. – [Man] Adorable! – [Tanjareen] Hi! (laughs) – [Man] So cute! What kind of dog is that? – It’s a French bulldog, a Frenchie. And a puppy. – [Man] My son would
love…Oh my God! So cute! – [Tanjareen] Hey! For only
several thousand dollars your son can have one too. – [Man] Only several thousand dollars and a lifelong commitment! (both laugh) – [Man] It could be yours! – (laughs) All right, so I just wanted
to say hi to you guys. Totally been looking at the wrong spot for the eye hole, there it is. Oh my iPad, I figured it out. But yeah, I’m at the
airport here in Hollywood about to fly Static Shock back to his breeder. More news at eleven, ladies and gentlemen. More news at eleven. I’m gonna miss this guy but I’m gonna enjoy having
my regular life back. Bye – [Tanjareen] Bye, cutie pie! [Tanjareen] He’s biting it. [Tanjareen] You’re biting, you’re biting!

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23 Responses

  1. Robert Bryant says:

    Whats up from macon ga!!!!

  2. Desmond Garrus says:

    Season 1 of Liza on Demand
    Valentines Day Episode 5
    I’m on it
    Late but on it

  3. Shon Whitton says:

    It's a pleasure to see you today

  4. Shon Whitton says:

    He's very cute

  5. BigPokeDogg says:

    NOOOOOOO!!! and once again Static Shock is taken away from the people. ?

  6. MR. BIGGZ says:

    Hey Tanjareen how's your day going? Fine I hope! I wish you nothing but safe travels and bleed your blood in the name of Jesus as you travel to and from your destinations. Love you and be blessed love muuaahhhhhh ???????

  7. Eric B says:

    Cute puppy!! I have one just like him. Have a safe trip gorgeous. GOD BLESS!!

  8. Blazed Buddha says:

    It's a shame that are Society is such a throw away Society just because a person's life style is interpreted. Maybe people should consider things before they fly off of whimsical decisions for selfish needs. Poor Dog. Just sad.

    I'm sorry, but I had to unsubscribe.

  9. Lyndrea L. McNeill says:

    Safe Travels Sis!??

  10. Charles Coley says:

    I could barely hear what you were saying, but wherever you're going, may you have safe travels! ???

  11. Jonrico Epp says:

    Ur pup looks like Stitch from Lelo & Stitch?

  12. oldschoolruler says:

    I feel for the both of you. He's a lil heartbreaker…but, a dog is like a baby. They require SOOO much. As much as the wife and I love dogs, our schedule and lifestyle would not be fair to it…so, we have a cat. STILL , a huge responsibility. Garfield is 15 and runs my house. I'm just rambling…I pray you and CT get over the loss, he's such a handsome lil fella, sigh…I wish we could step in, alas…we run like vagabonds, no can do.

  13. Asmodeus Black says:

    Huh? Beautiful Doggie?

  14. Domonic Jones says:

    Awwwww too cute ?

  15. Travis Tucker says:

    Have a safe trip Tanj!

  16. Michael Cushionberry says:

    Oh my god tanjs u r so fine sexy af

  17. Faheem Mohamed says:

    Baby,baby please don’t leave me woman I love you be safe my beautiful queen

  18. Faheem Mohamed says:

    I’m coming too

  19. Issacc Woodruff says:

    Best thing for HIM. I think that's really responsible of you both. Especially since it seems like you all were starting to bond. I feel for you guys. You have to do what you must. Holla at you later.

  20. Bless Tone says:

    I'm a animal lover too.??

  21. Tito Helper says:


  22. AJ Smith says:

    Safe travels ??

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