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We use many different breeds as dog guides.
The majority of dogs that we use are Labrador Retrievers. You’ve seen Mambo, who’s a Yellow
Lab. We have Black Labradors, and they really have proven themselves, world wide for many,
many years as being dependable, adaptable, really food to train and can cope with all
sorts of different environments. We also use the Standard Poodle, this is a breed that
we’ve started using fairly recently, because lots of people these days are suffering with
allergies. And one of the benefits of the Poodle is the fact that their non-shedding.
If you do tend to be allergic to dogs, then the Standard Poodle doesn’t shed the hair
like the Lab does and the Golden Retriever. So it’s often a benefit to people who do have
allergies and people who are allergic to dogs in general.

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7 Responses

  1. Jal1515 says:

    i don't understand why Guide Dog programs rarely have a Chocolate Labrador? just wondering

  2. Jal1515 says:

    @Saibrock lol they're not "rare" and not more expensive because i own one LOL.. but nice try though 🙂

  3. Jal1515 says:

    @Saibrock they AREN'T impossible.. did you not read my comment?.. in my neighbourhood alone, we have 15 chocolate labs, and 6 blacks and 2 yellows.. so no they're not rarer and no not more expensive.. and a breeder who sells a puppy more because of it's colour, is NOT a breeder, it's a puppy mill or a BYB = bad breeder.. i have no clue how old you are but, get your facts straight lol 🙂

  4. Jal1515 says:

    @Saibrock dude you didn't even read what you just said.. and no a REAL dog breeder never sells a puppy more because of it's colour or something "unique" about it.. that's just a scam for your money, just like Tea Cup dogs.. i am 18 and well educated on dogs… and he's not a business man, he's a BYB or a puppy mill breeder.. how about actually talking to a 25+ yr and testimonials of Labrador Breeders.. i currently speak to 3 different Labrador breeders who sell all their pups for the same price

  5. CrazyForPianosGirl says:

    @Jal1515 they are generally, much rarer and not every litter has em

  6. Jal1515 says:

    @CrazyForPianosGirl strange.. cuz in my neighbourhood there are more chocolate Labs than blacks and yellows put together… maybe i'm colour blind. True but not every litter has black and not every litter has yellow, it depends on the colour of the parents and their history. Brown is recessive, but that doesn't make them "rare"

  7. TheLizzy2400 says:

    I have a cairn terrier named nico and even though he can get a little stubborn, he's a really intelligent dog

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