Guide Dog Training : Guide Dog Training: Curbs

Another important area of dog guide work is
indicating the curbs and crossing the roads. And again this is a potentially very dangerous
situation. So what we train the dogs to do again by constant repetition is to approach
the curb and stop. The owner will then find the curb and set off. On the way back as the
dog approaches the curb again the dog will stop at the curb edge and you notice that
every time that Mambo stops Greg gives him loads and loads of praise and it’s really
important. The process is started off by telling the dog first of all to stop at the curb.
As he stops at the curb he gets loads of praise. By constantly repeating that then he gets
used to stopping at the curb after a period of time and he starts to associate the curb
with stopping, getting a reward and then setting off down the street again. It’s amazing how much people take for granted.
Just a simple thing as stopping at a curb but if you don’t have any vision than that
becomes a life saver. So there is no traffic coming and away he goes.

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