What they are doing? Hey, come on. Don’t you feel ashamed of doing this to a poor animal. We’ll inform this to the police. We are trying to train him to walk on a rope. Both of you are going or not? Ok, we are going but if anything happened to the baby elephant, we’ll not leave you. Get both of them, don’t let them to go. There they are, catch them. Patlu let’s start the jogging. See Motu, that elephant is also chasing us. My brain doesn’t function on a empty stomach, you have to do something. Idea!! He is doing skating. He is the elephant from circus. He will show some stunts.Go faster!! He looks like a skating champion, go more faster. You are riding cycle not me. What’s the big deal in this. I can also do this. Why are you chasing us? We were trying to save you. We can’t do good things nowadays, just go from here. Thank you little brother, thank you. Haha!! Look at your face Patlu. Just like yours, haha!! Thank god, we are saved. Poor elephant, where have you fall down! You are all around pink. Anyways stop chasing us. Bye bye baby elephant, be a good boy. Brother give us some fresh samosas. Hey, who will pay for him? How come you here again? Go back to your home. Oh my lord!! Pink elephant! I have read somewhere, pink elephant is the god’s soul. Wherever he goes happiness and prosperity comes there. Give him something to eat. I also want happiness. I will feed him and pray. Its for him, we are blessed that you have come here. All this is for you my dear. Praise the elephant!! Pink elephant! I have never seen it before. Yes, even I have never seen, He is a God figure. Ask him whatever you want, he will give you but first you have to give him something to eat. Tea vendor, give me 1 kg of sweets. What are you doing? All this is wrong.Tell everybody, this is not a pink elephant. You shut your mouth, we are getting so much food free for the first time. Wrong actions will come as a wrong result. Now what happened to him? I’ll tell you what happened to him.You people have colored him pink that no one recognizes him. But I’ll take my elephant back. Come with me. Stop! We are also coming. We have come with the elephant but what will we do now? We will surrender him to the forest officer in jungle. He will feel happy there. Run Baby elephant, we have to go towards the jungle. let’s take a shortcut from this football ground. Stop you elephant, otherwise it won’t be good. Patlu, I can’t think on a empty stomach,do something fast. Or else Ring Master will take the elephant with him. Idea! Look there, Ring Master is coming here, take the ball and hit him. Say, goal!!! Haha!! This elephant can do, only what I trained him. I didn’t trained him to play football. Wow! What a shot! Give me high five. Stop you elephant, you cannot go like this. Uff!! Where have we stuck? Patlu, do something, Ring master is coming here. Now, where will you go? Its enough now, its time to go back home. Idea!Baby elephant don’t you play Holi with your Master? Do you know Holi? Here we don’t have color but mud. Stop it!! I will not leave you. Let just catch you once, then see. Baby elephant do it once bravely, otherwise you will have to go back to the circus. If you cross this bridge you will be free for forever. look, that side is a jungle. Haha!! He has a height phobia. He can’t even walk on a rope of 4 feet. How can he cross this Bridge? Come baby, let’s go back home. Don’t give up so easily. If you try, you can do this. Don’t give up unless you try. At least try once. I am like your elder brother, won’t you listen to me? Try it once. Try once. Hey baby elephant, where have you stuck? Well done, come on. Hey little brother, you did the great job. Give me a high five! No!! Stop!! Help!!!!!! Help!!!!!! Only I can save you both but I won’t. If I can’t get my elephant back ,nobody else can take him. Baby, we have little time, don’t look down, look upwards.Turn yourself and walk. Baby, did you see? If you try, you can do anything. Now we will take you the forest officer in jungle. You will never be beaten with a hunter in circus. Baby elephant come back, or else I will come with the whole army to get you back. Baby elephant!! Wow my baby! You have done brilliant job. Now you see, what we do in circus. No!!! Help!!!

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