Gundog training tips – Sit and stay

[Music] At the most basic level of steadiness, a dog
must sit and stay. Top gundog trainer Tom West explains his technique, and why it is
essential to further training. I probably think it is one of the most hardest
things to teach a dog. A dog is a pack animal. It wants to stay with the pack or the pack
leader. It is natural for it to want to be with you and not left on its own. Though when
you are doing this you have to take it very slowly, everybody wants to see how far away
from the dog they can get and it is not. What you are teaching the dog is to have confidence
in you and being comfortable with being left where it is, it knows it is coming back. So
again I would start with the dog on a lead, it goes to fidget, anything you can run your
hand down the lead , check the dog, give it the command, let it know what you are expecting.
Take your time. There is no rush and you are building the dog’s confidence up in you. Tom runs Westhala Gundogs near Perth in Scotland.
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  1. Antaine Ó Dufaigh says:

    Great video, keep them coming. Anymore Gundog videos coming up?

  2. oldskoolloner says:

    Your a really good trainer/instructor I can tell. I like your style

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