Guy Kayaking Across The Ocean Meets A Stray Dog | The Dodo Soulmates

So I took her to the vet. She was OK physically. I thought I was crazy to accept a dog in such a small kayak. In order to provide her safety in such an environment, I had to adapt the kayak. Hi, Nirvana! I had to construct a protection from the sun. I also bought her a suit for the wind, which was pink. She was quick to learn everything. She would start swimming. She would jump on the rocks. Sometimes she was walking on the beach and I would be kayaking parallel to it. Because she’s so well behaved, with her I can go mostly everywhere. Going for a walk and wanting to escape was never a thing for her. The rocks… caves and passages… Trying to go with the kayak through those places was our favorite part. We would be camping and putting my tent on the nice beaches. I wanted to just keep discovering and keep exploring. I found myself a little bit trapped inside the office. To pass from traveling alone, to have somebody to share moments with… We were 24/7 together. The bond that created in between us… That was really special.

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100 Responses

  1. Jekku says:

    The dog is adorable of course, but trying to CROSS THE OCEAN IN A KAYAK is pure stupidity.

  2. Bentley Brewster says:

    Awwww, look at Nirvana now, jumping on the kayak. I remember seeing the video of when he rescued her and she was so scared to even get on the kayak. He spent a long time trying to coax her to get on the kayak for the 2 mile ride back to shore to meet the rescue group. I'm so glad he ended up adopting her!!

  3. Ilaria A. says:

    When the Mediterranean sea became ocean?!?

  4. J L says:

    Get her a life jacket!

  5. Sandra Nelson says:

    There is a big Scotsman motorbiking all over Greece, and he was adopted by a kitten named Naya. She was just huddled up on the gravel at the side of the road, where someone had thrown her away. A little baby tiger kitten. He stopped and picked her up and she CHOSE him. She goes everywhere with him now.

  6. teresa jeffery says:

    Beautiful story

  7. Priscilla Parisi says:


  8. Cold Winter says:

    LOVE this amazing friendship and partners in adventure!

  9. Snaggy Cheesehead says:

    What a beautiful friendship.

  10. CultureShock 99 says:

    Is HE single?!????

  11. Miele Selvaggio says:

    Gli occhi del tuo cane spaccano il cuore… Stiate sempre insieme.

  12. Judy Thomas says:

    Wow what an adventure ?

  13. Nicole Berry says:

    What love they have! This just makes me feel really happy!

  14. jonas15 Jonas says:

    She deserved everything..and you are a good and lucku person

  15. Georgina Wong says:

    The dog does not look happy in the water. Looks more like its tolerating cause it has no choice

  16. Nahum Eikenberry says:

    Wow. Very beautiful story

  17. DOUBLE ZERO says:

    Cute doggie.

  18. David Huie says:

    Love this story. Would love to go for a paddle with Sergi (and Nivrvana) one day too.

  19. Tmaziing Starrs says:

    40 dislikes are unhappy people

  20. D T says:

    I couldn't live without dogs in this world

  21. Cymro 65 says:

    Best buddies sharing the best of adventures ?✨?

  22. Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile says:

    So meow! ?

  23. Dangerous Danny says:


  24. Lisa G says:

    Awwww what a great friendship

  25. Dayna Vedro says:


  26. Carla Martínez Mangas says:

    He's Spanish! Hola desde España! Jeje nuestro acento se nota eh?

  27. Ria Wally says:

    Living a beautiful adventurous life together!

  28. Happybidr says:

    What an amazing story. That would make a great children’s book, and a movie. She is so smart! To think how they found each other. What are the odds? It’s just amazing.

  29. Hominini says:

    Gosh I love this one so much!! A man finds his friend and vice versa to go on adventures with. Love it!!

  30. Mary Lou says:

    Sergi, you were meant to meet Nirvana, I've never been so sure of something as I am of this. I hope you are both well and that you continue to take good care of each other.
    Nirvana, allora sei di Sardegna!? Sei bellissima ed in buona compagnia. Tanti auguri!!

  31. Mary Lou says:

    Please show more.. where are you now and how is your life together???
    These are the stories people (like me) need to follow today. Stories of true friendship, freedom, and beauty.

  32. Tina Kurtz says:

    So sweet! Dude your the best. Seems you rescued each other. So happy for you both???

  33. 19Marc79 says:

    2:20 => Gettin jiggy with id

  34. 19Marc79 says:

    The Dodo is the BEST channel on youtube 🙂

  35. marisaande says:

    You have a beautiful soul to have rescued her a beautiful heart and soul and so does she thank you God for people like you Earth Angels to save this four-legged Angels how people do something like this is just stunning to me and thank God people do much worse so thank God you came by thank you and happy holidays

  36. Lady Grace says:

    She's found her love. I adore it! Beautiful live friends!

  37. Andrea Wagner says:

    Love !! <3

  38. Rebekah Colours says:

    So precious. God bless you both. ???‍♀️

  39. ALCHEMISTRESS13 says:

    Omgeeee they are soul mates!!! Oh yay happy tears? may the sun shine on both of these amazing beings for the rest of their long and happy lives?

  40. Ronda Doo says:

    You are a wonderful person to treat your dog so well.

  41. Mama Ames says:

    What a sweet, lovely story. It's as though this pup was meant to be your's… & you were meant to be her's. Such heart-warming & beautiful friendship. You are both truly blessed.??????????????????

  42. JSJ L says:

    This is happening more and more all over the world, people just dumping helpless animals that have a heart and soul, obviously, the monsters that drop them off have neither. God bless the kayaker who saved this precious baby from certain death, and to the person or persons that did this, may you rot in hell, and you surely will…

  43. NWAZ flatEarther says:

    There are no coincidences.

  44. Jay says:

    I think I love you… you do know that men with dogs are magnets for women…??????

  45. Darvin Holzer says:

    Such a sweet story! Truly mans best friend. Dog and man each make the others life better and more fulfilling! Sure beats most of the other junk we are exposed to every moment of every day.

  46. Carolyn Novosel says:

    Wonderful story! Cherish the bond.

  47. BreakingTheGrid_OnYou says:

    Why would people dislike this? ?

  48. Bitty Camart says:

    Nirvana lo pasa muy bien,playa, mar, sol, aire libre, fantástico, tiene mucha suerte.

  49. 1968CudaGuy says:

    Nirvana the adventure Doggo!! Such a beautiful little girl!!

  50. Exadoor Rising123 says:

    How wonderful they found each other. Now this guy will not be lonely on his travels. A sweet and clever little dog and a lovely human.

  51. Fusion says:

    Who else thought he meant Nirvana (the place)

  52. Sjeel-B says:

    Amazing love story!

  53. Lion of Judah says:

    How lovely!
    What s lucky dog!
    Now, all you need is the same companion on two legs…

  54. Les Roberts says:

    Thank you.
    40 dislikes, 40 sad people.

  55. Wrangler Dog says:

    Hero! Thank you man

  56. Alan Gross says:

    What a cool story! Heartwarming and awesome!

  57. Life Is Good says:

    Lucky dog.

  58. Pappa Ciccia says:

    Best story ever

  59. Ann Brown says:

    Hey Guys! His 'date's' a REAL DOG! ??

  60. Bebe Beachball says:

    This is so beautiful ?

  61. T. F. Sims says:

    So amazing.
    Those two are too cute!
    Sweet Blessings

  62. Blanca Garay says:


  63. Niner Perry says:

    What a dream come true!!!

  64. Julie Wilson says:

    This was a delicious story what a wonderful way to get out of the office and make a life long friend

  65. happykt says:

    He keeps using the past tense. Is the dog dead?

  66. Susan Scharf says:

    What a beautiful couple!!

  67. TimeforThinkers says:

    You found your best friend. How special! This was so heartwarming to watch. I am so very happy for both of you. Bless you!

  68. Edmaura Silva says:


  69. Edie Koller says:

    What a sweet story..Made my day.

  70. Diana Herron says:

    This guys heart is huge.

  71. Delores Busher-Miller says:

    True love ❤️?

  72. Rollin free vegan adventures says:

    So sweet ❤️

  73. Richard Taylor says:

    You have to love this.

  74. AceUp88 1 says:

    One of the coolest vids I've seen. Looks like both are having the time of their life

  75. Joyce Jefferson says:

    What a great story and great video imaging.

  76. ash7 says:

    Oh my god it’s so lovely I’m exploding

  77. maria amelia franco says:


  78. Robert Gandy says:

    Nice.very nice.i know some dogs who would love that life

  79. Bianca DM says:

    don't know if I love the guy or the dog more

  80. Carol Murray says:

    So happy you found each other❤️

  81. Teresa S says:

    God bless him. I don't understand how people can just throw away an animal.

  82. blackfeather dog says:

    beautiful………………you guys are soulmates……so fortunate

  83. Ana Abreu says:


  84. Luu Cheng says:

    Lol.. loved the seashell colar he gave to her



  86. Gia West says:

    I'm so happy that you were able to rescue your cute little pooch. It is good that she is now forever with her human Dad. I don't understand who could possibly give this moment of pure kindness a thumbs down, nevertheless it is heart warming……
    Take care and together enjoy your adventures….

  87. Mantorras Montquilla says:

    nice stories can warm someone heart !!!!

  88. L BH says:

    Brilliant story!?

  89. Alisha Murdock says:


  90. Chudy Robert says:

    weird paddle

  91. Branch Claybourne says:

    True blessings, live free and be joyful every moment…

  92. steph says:

    I'm from Sardinia and we have such a horrible stray cat and dog problem. It's so incredibly sad that more people don't help. my neighbors and I have a colony (all altered) of 25 cats that we feed. I really wish more people would get involved, ignoring the problem will not make it go away

  93. Ryuga12 says:


  94. Rick Cruz says:

    I would take off running too if I were hiking on a volcano with a surprise eruption

  95. Missy LaMastus says:

    Nirvana was on that beach waiting for her soulmate to arrive. Meant to be!

  96. Trace Smith says:

    Coco lime…totaly agree..all i could think is …You lucky so ń so. Ive been so heart warmed by this story it will never leave my heart…

  97. stephanie Parker says:


  98. ͔ says:

    When you play an RPG but you don’t want to sell your low level pet

  99. paxwallacejazz says:

    As she gets older she's gonna require you to either settle down untill she dies or for you to give her away but a little dog you've probably got another 7 yrs of hard core adventure life in her before she slows down .

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