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Marlon: No, no. Negative! Training Day. Exercise is massively
important for the dogs. The reality of these dogs is, you know,
they were originally built for war. So when you have this many
dogs together I mean it’s, it’s like playing with fire basically. So a lot of things can go wrong.
I mean, they can go wrong quick. I just got bitten in the leg,
I think I might be bleeding. Here at DDK, we breed big dogs so keeping them in
shape is pretty vital. Some of my dogs get a little bit thicker in
the winter so it’s time to burn that off. Exercise helps my dogs stay sharp it means they’re ready
to go at anytime. Training Day. Let’s see how many dogs
I can take out today. This isn’t like taking your poodle
for a walk in the Upper East Side. If I don’t get the balance of
the dogs right in this situation, things can get ugly. Kobe! Bad dog, come here. Nothing that I like better
than just being with the dogs, up in the woods like that. I mean, for me, it’s real important that
the dogs you know, stay in good shape. Important that they have,
you know, good endurance and you know, they just get
proper exercise every day. And that’s the key to owning dogs. I’ve seen coyotes,
mountain lions, you never know what you’re going
to run into in the woods out here. There’s moose out here,
big moose that are aggressive. Bears can be aggressive,
but the bears honestly, more or less not really what I worry
about. It’s more the moose. I’ve had a moose charge my car.
So the moose will come after you. Why is he talking
negatively about the moose? Not *****, a Moose chased me in
my car one time, it happened. So that’s why. I run into people up
there, you know, gunshots I’ve been walking in the woods and
literally, heard bullets pass by me before. So and I’ve had to track
down hunters and people illegally hunting on my property. So when you have this many dogs
together, I mean it’s, it’s like playing with fire basically. So a lot of things can go wrong,
and they can go wrong quick. You’re dealing with multiple dogs, the first most important thing is
actually matching their energies; you know that you have the right
combination of dogs together. I have some dogs that just don’t
particularly like certain dogs. I don’t like everybody either. So it’s bonding you know really, so I removed just camaraderie.
That’s pretty much what we do. Now, if you try to do that
inside of a room or something, it can be very explosive. Netflix, leave him alone. They’re all bad kids at
one point or another, so you got to just kind of wash them off.
Lisa: Kobe now. Marlon: Yeah, they’re going to be a bit,
they’re going to be a bit excited. They are like, what are we doing? Are we
going to exercise? What are we doing? So this is Hercules,
alright let’s go. He’s Hulk’s son. He’s from the infamous $500,000
litter video, this guy here. Hercules has got his winter
weight on him right now. He’s a bit thick. He’s a bit thick, a bit of pudge on him right now. So we’re going to work that off. Hercules! We like to take the quads
out, let them run, you know, let them get that kind of
high octane experience in their life. You know, it’s really good for the cardio. He’s peeing, he’s peeing. When you got to go, you got to go.
I mean, so he had to go. Oh man, we might have technical
difficulties right now. Got the four wheel fired up,
we got the dog ready to just take off. I got the camera crew in front of me. I got the freaking drone
flying around in the sky and everybody is primed and freaking ready. And what happens? It’s not going down. F*** that thing. You know, dog’s out here he’s looking
at me like you know what the f***? So you know, I’m going to
take him for a run instead. All right, come on, let’s go. It went from high octane to like medium. You are psyched because
you can keep up. And here comes a psycho. So this is Dynasty. He’s one of the main dogs
that was on Hulk’s head in some of those initial pictures. And he you know,
he’s a bit of a troublemaker this guy. Dynasty, you are a douche. So these are weighted harnesses
that we use for the dogs. That’s it, he is psyched,
so let’s get him going here before he bursts out
of his saddle here. He’s a love bug.
I mean, he’s a sweet dog, his energy is just through the roof. But that’s why a dog like
this, you take out to make sure he’s exercising all the
time, and you burn off all that energy. That’s the key.
I mean, these dogs physically are just leaps and bounds in front of
most other breeds of dogs. Much more sturdy,
much more strong. I mean, the reality
of these dogs is you know they were, originally built for war. That’s where the history starts.
That’s what they were kind of created for. Each dog was created for a use. Unfortunately, they were created
for a disgusting use, you know. And so to me,
they’re very physical, you know. So that’s why it always was fitting
for me for the dogs to you know, do the protection work, to
do the kind of rough work . You know, because they’re very
gruff physically strong dogs. You know the problem why people really
didn’t use them a lot in protection, was because you know a lot of time
they’re not always that stable. But I mean, I have,
I have changed that without a shadow of
a doubt you know. My dogs show stability beyond. But he’s got to poop, that’s what he’s
saying, he’s about to take a dump. High five for the toilet life. Alright this is, this is Kobe. There’s two sides to exercising dogs. You got to exercise them physically
and you got to exercise them mentally. So I’m going to exercise his
brain more than exercise, we’re going to exercise his body too,
but we’re going to exercise his mind. I mean exercise his brain,
we’re going to exercise patience, that’s what we’re going to do. So right now what I want them
to do is be looking in my eyes. So you see the
focus stays on me. Not on the toy.
Clearly you could tell nothing he wants more
than to bite this. But with great power if you never
learn to harness it, it’s useless. But you can see he’s really
focused, he’s very patient. Negative. See that? Here? No, no, no, no. Now I’m going to really make you wait. Well, since he was, he made a
couple mistakes now, now I’m just going to push his mind a little bit.
I’m going to make him work a little extra. So I’m making sure that
he’s keeping his focus on me and he’s not getting carried
away with this thing here, which he’s doing good. So I’m going
to let them have it in a second. That’s called frustration.
That’s called being frustrated. I’m going to show you the key
point in this routine right here. Is when I let go of this
thing, watch. If I walk wherever I go,
he is going to follow me and try to get me to play to
push the tug with him. Wherever I go, he’s going to
follow me around like yo dad, yo dad don’t forget, we playing. Yo, yo, come on, because it’s no fun. Unless I’m touching it. You want you to be
what the dog wants. And I just got bit,
just got bit right there, that was live. I just got bitten in the leg.
I think I might be bleeding a little bit. Lisa: When you work with the
dogs, you can expect to get nipped once in a
while it happens. I think he was a little distracted
in that moment and that’s why he, he didn’t notice how
close the dog was. Marlon: I’m thankful that
the dog didn’t bite my nuts. He nipped me in my leg. Even a small little knick
can actually break your skin. That’s what we’ve learned
today in bite club. I got scars all up and down my
arms, on my legs, and got bit on both feet, both hands. I have been bitten in
the nuts as well before. Welcome to dogs. Yeah, so I mean even in a situation like that. Just, just playing around, you
know, there’s always an element of, you know, potential injury when
you’re dealing with these dogs. Me? I test all my dogs and I
don’t need all my fingers. These dogs are, you know, I mean I love
them, they’re my life and my legacy. I mean, they’re everything.

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100 Responses

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    Moose??? I would be scared of the mountain lion

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    I compare my chiwawa to these dogs lol

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    By war does he mean dog fighting? Or actual war?

  7. Lars loves Tech says:

    best video in a while bro…loved it

  8. Filip Cv says:

    They are everything, but not a pitbull, that's for sure. ?

  9. Juju Don says:

    Like your dogs

  10. Can't Beat The BAY! says:

    Dude does everything properly. Always on point with his training methods.

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    Why is this video so true and this is why I love it

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    Theses are not pitbulls gamebreed pitbulls only weight 35 to 40lbs. Real pitbull breeders don't even like these type of dogs

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    He'll Rip apart all of these dogs with single swing of knife like nails

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  40. Joe says:

    The ol heard a bullet wiz by me gig. Some of the original stock defaults. Has mastiff in them. 40-60 lb dogs don't get to 185 in a humans lifetime without mixing. Even street pits top out at 100 or so. The 120 and up have help. Hence the bully sub class of pits.

  41. Mark Helton says:

    The apbt was created for that….these mixed breed dogs that he has were created to make money from selling them to people for human protection

  42. Brown otto says:

    They are not meant for these things.
    Pet a lion or tiger to protect yourself.

  43. Khiry Brosia says:

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    He needs Cesar Millan.

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    Sure am getting tired of this dude calling these ill bred mutts "pit bulls" and saying they were bred for war!!!
    Pit bulls take after their name. They were bred to bait BULLS in a PIT to entertain rich royalty. That's it. They were NOT "nanny dogs" to babysit kids. Not bred for guarding or war, or fighting anything but a rowdy bull in an arena (pit) while people cheered them on and wagered which dog would last the longest, get the most bites in, draw first blood, etc.
    It was a cruel practice. The breed should have faded away when the "sport" fell out of favor, but dog fighters kept the breed going.

    Then you have fools like this dude. :/

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