Half-Cat: The Documentary – Part 3

It looks like dead technology… and and is
in some respects but …uh… you need to shoot Hi8 in order to… …so people don’t think that you’re tampering with the footage the
resolution isn’t great but it’s got night shot mode that’s why the cat’s eyes glow this one close close… this one maybe maybe You can tell by the look in its eye these have cats are extremely extremely evasive. You actually have
better … better refresh rates in the
corners of your eyes so if you wanna catch half cat pretty much gonna have to not look
directly at it… so my left eye is looking through the
camera and my right eye is using its high refresh rate… the
periphery for possible half-cat findings the big open areas will increase our
chances it’s kinda like… difficult… to catch a half cat with a light on. What
the heck is that? Who goes there? oh…. Hey Dan, What are you doing here? Why would you not answer my texts? I’ve been meaning to reply to your texts. Andrew: It’s not hard I’ve replied to the one.
Andrew: you’re here now tho’ We could probably like, heard em’ together but you take one end
Andrew: Lets start together. It’s good coming out as a half-cat… researcher. My brother told me he loved
me there is stigma at first… but…. such is the case with anything “fringe science”
Andrew: You think that Coming out night after night to make me
crazy I do this because I love it yes I’m elementary school gym teacher during
the day / guidance counselor The come to me when they need it but this this is my passion this I wanna be out here doing Dan: One of our main goals in the Half-Cat
Field Research Organization is uhh…. …f*** is the word…. …is awareness.

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11 Responses

  1. powderpuffpress says:

    My sister had a friend who knew someone who had half-cats; triplets, named Demi, Semi, and Hemi. They ate well on cream and fish paste, but ran away to join a flea circus. Maybe you could find them.

  2. NomadicME says:

    I can see you don't even know how to catch a normal cat…

  3. Claudiu B says:

    Please find unicorns next!

  4. PixelCat says:

    These videos deserve a lot more views. 

  5. 117ralph says:

    running behind cats is so much fun to any cat 😀

    and u have just a photo of a half cat ???
    and u want money from people to publish a book about it ???
    u r kidding !!!
    or is it a projekt how to tell fairy tales to people and rip them off ?

    as someone said down here : plz find unicorns for me ! but dont touch them !
    XD       u made my day !

  6. gammarayburst says:

    I believe.

  7. sullie09 says:

    Loved it. Half-Cat: A Partial History, brilliant!

  8. Nikolas Yuri says:

    NO LOVE!

  9. Nikolas Yuri says:

    It's a Half Cat SCP

  10. burrito hero says:

    When u walkin

  11. Lucky Demon says:

    What kind of half-baked half-cat half-story is this?

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