Half-Up Rosette Combo | Homecoming Hairstyles

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  1. Juliane_ Rose says:

    It looks like Brooklyn wants to cry!!😢
    She must be happy about himecoming i would but im not near homecoming yet

  2. Caitlin Bautista says:

    I did this for picture day and it looked gorgeous! Thank you soooo much!

  3. Zay zays fun times says:

    Love the hair style and show and love beguine the braids

  4. Gracie Pucci says:

    hey Mindy, any tips for doing this style on yourself? i can't quite figure it out. Thank you!!!

  5. Act Show says:

    this is the best hairstyle i have ever seen litteraly , not joking …. brooklyn this hairstyles suits you alot ….. Mindy you are just incredibly awesome and so are your hairstyles … most talented youtuber i never ever miss your videos because you very awesome … give alot of love to paisley from my side ….. your daughters are as lovely as you …. kamri and brooklyn have awesome hair

  6. Amber Rashid says:

    Very nice hairstyle I tried it myself I love your videos Mindy thankyou

  7. Zariah Jones says:

    I like your hairstyle 💁

  8. Tori Poulin says:

    Horrible… this was way to hard

  9. Angela Castaneda says:

    I love ur hairstyles

  10. Kallirroi 12334 says:

    so beautiful 😍

  11. Brooklynn Franzon says:

    So cute how did you come up with this??…😀

  12. Corgi AG says:

    Could you do normal brads

  13. Tori Poulin says:

    And yet I'm 11 to

  14. Agam .D. says:

    beautiful!!!!!!!! 😘

  15. Shyla Bhandari says:

    I luv this hairstyle but my mom doesn't know how to do a dutch braid and neither do I

  16. ahmed vijan says:

    I love that hairstyle 😆😆😍🙄

  17. Ms Memelord says:

    Omg u i am a huge cute girl hairstyle fan 👍

  18. Madeline T says:

    This is a really cool hairstyle!!!

  19. Madeline T says:

    Could you do a video on how you film and edit your videos?

  20. Al Neyda says:

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  21. Fatima Alwatan says:

    is broklyn and bailey getting marreid

  22. Awesome Paris says:

    It kinda looks like Brooklyn crying

  23. Jirome Cervantes says:

    Which oil did you use?

  24. Caleise Ricks says:

    Do more hairstyles on paisley

  25. محمد الشامي says:

    Я хочу жениться на девушке Россет

  26. Breanna May says:

    Brooklyn looks high at the beginning.

  27. ARTSY EVANS 2 says:

    I love watching these videos because I am always looking for new hair styles for school 🎒

  28. Fancylikegracie says:

    this hairstyle is so adorable its also good for an everyday kind of thing really easy but also giving you that adorable girly touch!

  29. Cindel Waid says:

    awsome tuturial. I love yall SO much!!!!

  30. Christina Lu says:

    this is so cute!!!

  31. Maggie Carriel says:

    What hair style did she choose I'm new and I wanna know👾👾👾👾👾

  32. Kat Eddey says:

    I heard ‘The ready set – Love like woe’ in the background… I think that's just me…

  33. ruth the unicorn x says:

    you guys are amazing

  34. Sam Barney says:

    This hairstyles lit

  35. Sonya Frisbie says:

    You should do hairstyles on Ryan

  36. Vanessa Ontiveros says:

    I tried this hairstyle and it was really pretty

  37. lara says:

    poor brooklyn smiled the whole time….. ouch

  38. Miss ShayliBrae says:

    I love your hairstyles but u make it look soooooo easy and I can never do it. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  39. Millie Radford says:

    You mum is amazing at hairstyles

  40. Madison Braun says:

    love the hair style😄❤and Brooklyn your hair is so beautiful I love the curls😉

  41. Analu says:

    ITS AT 25K !!!!

  42. Gymnasticsgirl_7 Mettler says:

    I think you should do words in bailys hair. If I don't get at least 20 👍🏻

  43. Gymnasticsgirl_7 Mettler says:

    I will have to kill my self

  44. Riley Hughes says:

    I will never get over the twins eyes

  45. Mackenzie Ball says:

    you are so good!!😘😘

  46. Sandra Celaya says:


  47. Sandra Celaya says:


  48. Sandra Celaya says:

    Please do a updo for long hair please 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  49. Gia Halo says:

    Would this work with hair that's almighty stop shoulder length?

  50. afra al hameli says:

    Is brooklyn's hair naturally curly?? It's so beautiful 😍

  51. The 3 Potatoes says:

    I have a hair show for my summer school and I'm doing my models hair like this and we're gonna dress her like a modern day belle

  52. Kelsey Dorce says:

    Your hair isn't even curly!

  53. Rania Bougueroua says:

    you are cute brooklyn

  54. x.liv.vvv.x 25 says:

    I would dread getting my hair done like that. No hate but it would kill, and having to smile for 5 mins non stop, I never smile in the first place anyway let alone 5 minutes xxxx
    Love this channel btw xx

  55. sofia says:

    This updo is all over Pinterest

  56. Southern Girl says:

    Who else notices that Brooklyn never stops smiling

  57. M & B COLLABS says:

    Geeezzz you are so good danng!!!

  58. sejal goyal says:

    I don't need any of these products because my hair is too voluminous

  59. Orange Purple says:


  60. Aliana Brown says:

    Kinda creepy, she just kept smiling

  61. Brock Henderson says:

    could you do it with french braids

  62. jill mont says:

    Thanks for the video You saved my hair for homecoming today

  63. Grace D'Souza says:

    Brooklyn I'm totally in love with ur eyes since my eyes are entirely black

  64. Grace D'Souza says:

    Mindy good job goal achieved 28,000 likes

  65. Ella Williamson says:


  66. Belle Xiong says:

    SO BEAUTYFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Mahitha Panyam says:


  68. Lillian De La Cruz says:

    Did this hairstyle for my sisters quinceniera. Got so many compliments!!! Love y'all!!! Watch all of your families channels and SUBSCRIBED ❤❤❤

  69. Alexandra Shadowheart says:

    My nan is doing this for my grade 6 graduation but with a bit on light blue and silver ribbon through it


    Love your channel

  71. Lauren McDonald says:

    I have my year 6 graduation coming up in a few days and this hairstyle was awesome. I can't wait to wear it on the day! Thank you so much! x

  72. Tonya Leal says:

    i love what you do and your hairstyles 🙂

  73. Lisseth Godoy says:


  74. rex27 alzhrani says:


  75. TwistedPalmTree says:

    I love brooklyns 👀 😍

  76. Evelyn rose Sanchez says:

    I love how she say pancake cause I say that and I thought nobody said that

  77. Diyana Slavova says:

    I saw that hairstyle on Google 🙂

  78. Neely D says:

    I am going to a daddy daughter dance tonight and I am doing this hairstyle for sure

  79. Neely D says:

    How long does it take to film these videos

  80. ddanayoon says:

    I got this done for prom today, it was so cute!! Thanks for the tutorial! <3

  81. Sandra Astrith says:

    Increíble está traducido 😘👏🏼😊😘😘😘👸🏻

  82. hk Khan says:

    sooooo beautiful

  83. maddiebms says:

    This look is amazing and I will be doing this for my semi hair look!

  84. Lillia Howells says:

    My mum tries so hard to do these hair styles and u fru

  85. Charles Nasser says:

    The only hairstyle i mostly do is put my hair half up half down, and thenI normally just pull out a little bit of hair on the edges. So cute!

  86. Marzia Abbas says:

    I love your hairstyles Mindy

  87. Melanie Bartnicki says:

    U sound and look exactly like Brooklyn and Bailey and also sound like them!

  88. Louisa Nashir says:

    My daughter has half up half down to school every day

  89. Sumana Kola says:

    Love the hair Brookline

  90. Kay Family says:

    2019 anyone lookin for a cute hairstyle?

  91. Gdhj Jgh says:

    الي عربي لايك

  92. Isabel Lucia says:

    All the girls are so pretty💕

  93. Shyni Koliyan says:


  94. jvreid says:

    I love this hairstyle so much that my mom is goin to do it on me for my first day of school!

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