Halifax Real Estate Stats | Oct 3 – 10, 2019

Hey everyone. Happy Friday. Brenda K and
of course Miss miss Frankie is just full of love and kisses here this morning
with me. Okay, I love you too. All right so what’s happening in the real estate
market around Halifax in the last week. Well currently we have 1,899 listings and you can see like the inventory is really going down. I just
completed actually a four year trend with with charts so if that’s something
you’re interested in please let me know and I’ll send that out to you. So for knew we had 150 new ones and we had 90 sales firm up last week. Now
here’s the big thing, my God, it was 48 days on market was the average. Can you
believe it? Like, you know, at this time a few years back running for a few years
in a row we were running about 90 average days on market. So the average price is 325,000 and the high went to 870,000 and that was actually over in Bedford there. So and we have a beautiful condo we’re featuring this
week with Cheryl Lynn on our team at 89 Pebble Creek and what’s happening this
weekend it is Thanksgiving so hey listen I’m thankful for all you guys that
appreciate my videos and really see the sweetness of my little dog too because I
just love her to death. So happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your turkey, stay dry
in all the wet weather coming and we’ll see you next week. Cheers.

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