Hancock- Dino James [Official Music Video]

This Is A Tale Of The Time When I Had Lost The Hopes Of Living. Without A Reason I Was Always Hassled I Never Spoke To Anyone And Was Always Kept Mum Dad Was Scared As Well Looking At My State In This Darkness, Wish Someone Show Me The Light Of Hopes Someone Try To Understand Me And Show Me Some Support And He Finally He Heard Me And Sent Me A Box Of Happiness/Joy Then Tripping And Stumbling Showed Up A Little Dog J His Whiskers, Little Nose And Rose Like Toes Up And Down Were Moving His Tiny Little Eyebrows I Was On Top Of The World When I Lifted Him In My Arms For The First Time And Home Came The Most Special Friend Disguised As Labarador My Face Always Had A Big Frown As If I Was Back From A War I Always Avoided To Talk To People Its Like God Came To Me In Your Disguise I Was Looking For Shoulders But Found Your Paws How Did You Know I Was All Alone, Tell Me How Did You Find Out ? I Asked Him (God) Only One Reason To Live ,He Heard My Plea And Gave Me You My Dude Knows More Than 40 Tricks And Can Go To Any Extent Just To Win Some Treats And Biscuits He Wants To Always Be Surrounded By People And Listen To All The Gossips He Doesn’T Listen Even If Gets Some Scolding’S Sometimes He Runs Away Untying His Leash Then Dirties The Sofas And Bed Sheets With His Muddy Paws As Soon As Dad Gets His Stick To Scare Him He Makes Up For His Mess By Giving Dad A Slimy Slobbery Kiss When He Walks Around He Seems Like Some Handsome Hot Hunk All The Females Canines Get Smitten By Him And Find Him Super Cute They Wag Their Tails Trying To Woo Him Every House Around Has His Small Little Traces I Dont Care If The House Gets Dirty Or It Smells Bad If He Ends Up Chewing A Purse Or Spoils A Black Shirt Please Don’T Come To My House If You Have A Problem With My Boy This Is Hancock’S House First And Everyone Comes After Him There’S Definitely Some Power And I Got This As A Proof No Wonder I Found Sunshine In The Middle Of A Storm He Knew I Just Needed Someone And Finally At The End He Heard My Plea And Gave Me You How Did You Know I Was All Alone, Tell Me How Did You Find Out ? I Asked Him (God) Only One Reason To Live ,He Heard My Plea And Gave Me You I Was In Mumbai , Dad And Mom Had Gone To Banglore It Was Late Night And All Of A Sudden I Received A Call From Dad He Was Talking Strange Beating Around The Bush And He Paused For A Bit And Said “Hancock Is No More” The Moment I Heard It My Body Just Went Numb I Felt Dizzy And My Eyes Went Blur I Wanted To Cry My Eyes Out But Couldn’T Even Shed One Drop Of Tear I Wanted To Ask “How’S Mom?” But Somehow, I Just Couldn’T What The Hell Did You Do To My Hangoli ? Chotu Said “ Dont Know What Went Wrong With Him Overnight We Even Took Him To The Hospital And Started His Treatment, But Bhaiya/Brother All Of A Sudden Hanki Just Stopped Breathing May Be We Shouldn’T Have Left You Alone In The House May Be You Were In Distress But We Couldn’T Anticipate It May Be We Fell Back And Lacked In Loving You Well Or May Be We Were Struck By Someone’S Evil Eye You Just Came And Left In A Blink As If It Was Some Dream Didn’T Think About Us Even Once You Selfish Silly Mean All The Stuff Is In Place Now And House As Well Is Very Clean But Now I Don’T Feel Like Going Home Baby Without You Everywhere There Are Traces Of Your Dried Up Drool There’S No One Who Would Shred The Newspaper Into Pieces Anymore Plants In The Garden Are Dry Without You Peeing On Them Your Memories Will Never Leave Our Hearts We Keep Watching Your Videos In Loop We Couldn’T Do Anything To Save You Makes Us All Cry I Know You Can Hear Me Dude, I Know You Very Well Come Back To Me Ok ? As Some Other Puppy You Are In All Our Hearts, Even If You Aren’T Around Us For Real Just Tell Me With This Long Tongue Of You Yours That ……. How Did You Know I Was All Alone, Tell Me How Did You Find Out ? I Asked Him (God) Only One Reason To Live ,He Heard My Plea And Gave Me You .

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