Happy 6th Birthday Memphis the Husky | Dog Birthday Celebration

♪ It’s somebody’s birthday! ♪ Little Miss Memphis! Good catch girl! Turned six (6) years old today! ♪ Happy, happy birthday to Miss Memphis! ♪ ♪ Happy, happy birthday to Miss Memphis! ♪ If you guys didn’t see it,
we made a birthday cake for Memphis. Hi Shelby! I know, is not your birthday… We made a birthday cake for Memphis.
That video went up on Tuesday. I will link it up above and down below. If you want to make a dog friendly
birthday cake for your dogs. Today’s video is going to be Memphis
opening up all the amazing things that you guys sent to her. Real quick thought…
Before we jump into that, This weekend… That is right!
April the 6 and 7 of 2019… We will be at the ‘West Michigan’s Pet Expo’
(Grand Rapids) if you want to meet these two (2)
will be down there this weekend. Then on April 19 to the 21st, we will be
at ‘The Canadian Pet Expo’ (Toronto). Then on June 22, we will be at
‘PetCon” in Los Angeles, California. Follow us over on all the social media sites
listed below for more information. ♪ Let’s let Memphis open some presents! ♪ Shelby is going to stay inside this time. Normally when doing birthday videos,
I put one dog outside. But Shelby had been very neatly
so you will stay inside and enjoy this with her. Alright! The first thing you will get
is a present from your dad and I. Your own doggy doughnut. Of course, Shelby has to participate
in the birthday festivities as well. She will get one as well. These were from our local pet store
in Northern Michigan. They were really cute and we had
to get some of those. Let’s open some boxes! This first package here came from Claudine
and Kevin with some treats. This next package here was from Sofia. It has some really cute drawings in it Of course, it says…
Oh look at the back! Look how cute! There’s some drawings of the dogs with
some treat dispensers, toys, some bully sticks. This one’s really cool!
Memphis loves treats dispensing toys. We’re going to test that one out! This package here and these toys
are from Rouna. These are some of the cutest toys!
They remind me of ‘Muppets’. [laughs] Memphis is finishing up
♪ her doughnut! ♪ This next package here
is from Liz and Bailey. We’re going to open this up
and let Memphis play with this. That purple ball is specifically
for you Shelby, because even thought is Memphis’es birthday, everybody should enjoy
and celebrate birthdays together. Let’s open this one and put these treats in here. Alright! This one’s pretty cool!
These open and also slide. We’re going to set this over here… And let Memphis play with it. Seriously, I stopped filming for two (2) seconds
and you figured out that it slides. Not all of them slide, so you have
to pick the white piece in the middle before… You are going to figure that out? You are! You are the smartest thing! She’s like: “These slide! “That one over there slid”
and I’m going to figure this out!” Can you figure out how to open the doors on it?
That would be the trick! Oh! Oh! Oh! Almost! Yep! She’ll play with that for a while! Oh my goodness! This package here is from
my friend ‘JayFoxFire.’ Some hats for Jamie and I.
Some dog treats… This is the cutests thing ever and I’m
going to post some photos on Instagram of Memphis wearing that later. Oh! She figured how to open the boxes. A little bandana and a drawing
of both Memphis and Shelby! Shelby is like: “Can I just have these treats”
“So I don’t have to work for treats?” [laughter] This next package here is from Hanna. Shelby says: “Hmm… Can I have this one
Memphis, since you are playing with that?” “I’m going to take this!”
Yes! Shelby, you can play with that! since Memphis is playing with something else! Alright! Next package is from Dara and Peter?
I think it says? We’re going to open these up
and see what’s in it. Memphis, you look like a birthday lion with that hanging down over your head.
while trying to do that. [laughs] Some ‘Oreos’ and dog treats and a toy.
The ‘Oreos’ aren’t for you thought. What? You’re getting another treat
from your daddy and I? There you go!
We got her some ‘Whimzees’. Shelby of course, gets one as well. Go chew on that for a bit!
Memphis loves those things. She likes the hedgehog shape ones. Shelby is like: “I’m going to lay right here”
“in front of you while you try to film.” Good job girl! Good job! Memphis! “This is the greatest birthday ever!” This entire box of stuff
is from Chris. Look! There’s a puzzle treat ball
for you Memphis! She’s going to have to test that one out too! She does like those puzzle toys. And more fish treats! Good! Because we actually just ran out of those! This package of stuff
is from ‘Claire239’ from the UK.
(United Kingdom) There’s a ‘Babble Ball’ and this
awesome birthday set, which is hilarious because
right before I filmed the video I went out and got a bunch of balloons
and blew them up for Memphis! But for the helium tank and balloons,
great minds think alike! [laughs] This next package…
I was so excited to get this! This is from David!
We met David at the ‘Novi Pet Expo’ last year. Thank you for sending those pictures!
I really appreciate it! Memphis appreciates her amazing
birthday gifts and treats from you as well. This box here was sent from Lexi with some
treats and check out this blanket! May have to be the ‘Jeep’ blanket
for when we travel with the dogs. Put it in the back and keep them nice and snuggly.
It’s so cute and it has Huskies on it. I love… I don’t know where you found this
but I love the fact that it has different colors. It has Corgies on it too! Black and white, grey and white
and Shelby colors. [laughs] Next package is from Rosa
with another puzzle treat toy and some treats. Memphis! Can you face this way? She’s like: “No guys! I’m enjoying
my ‘Whimzees’ right now.” “Leave me alone! Is my party
and I’ll do whatever I want to!” Lilly from Hong Kong (China)
sent a ‘Happy Birthday’ hat. I’m going to have to puff it up a little bit
and see if I can get a picture of Memphis wearing it. This next package came all the way
from Ireland, from Caitlin with a whole bunch of drawings
of all of the dogs! ♪ Those are so cute! ♪ Next package is from Aideety…
I hope I said your name.. With some toys and cookies! ♪ And Daniel sent the dogs some cookies! ♪ This next package here, from ‘HuskyTales101,’
which I believe we will be meeting this weekend. At the ‘West Michigan Pet Expo’. This is for Memphis’es birthday
from Brittney and this is awesome! I was actually just looking to get
new ones of these. They are little emergency things
that you place on the windows in case something happens
and let people know that you have pets in the house. You should actually have those.
We had it at one point in time. I haven’t replace it in a long time. Thank you!
I will before putting these in the window! This package, toys, cards and cute
little drawings on the inside are from Amber. Memphis is just going to keep her back at us
this whole video. She’s enjoying the ‘Whimzees.’ You’re really enjoying it too?
I didn’t think you would eat the hedgehog one. You normally like the stick one,
but you really like them. Now, we are on the cards
and drawings. This one is from Tracey! Violet sent this. This is from our friend Nick in New York.
Nick also sent a very generous donation to the Alpena County Animal Facility
in honor of Memphis’es birthday. I cannot say ‘Thank You’ enough for that! You are amazing! A birthday drawing from Haley! This card is from Stephany. This from Natalie, with a picture
of their dogs Simba and Nala. I love their names! This here is from Alissa. ♪ ‘Happy birthday ♪
From Zuma the Puppy. If you guys don’t know,
Zuma the Puppy has a channel. We met Zuma the Puppy
at ‘PetCon’ in New York, last year. ♪ Happy, happy birthday from Susan! ♪ This card is from Tina and she made a donation
to the ‘Harry Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue’. ♪ Happy birthday from Tracey! ♪ Happy birthday from Jasmine! This one here is from Nicholas. From Kate and John. From Jules! One from Kristy! This one here is from Dory. From Cassy. From Cookie, Corgi and Shastidy. ‘Happy birthday to Memphis’ from The Aldrid Family From Saisha and Nova… I hope I said those names right! This one here is from Michael! From Hilda in Canada. From Louis! This one is from Tammy Memphis, that one matched your color very well! This one here is from Archie and Teddy. This one didn’t even had a name on it.
Not quite sure who’s from! From ‘Firestar32’. From Stephanie, from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Well, I hope to see you this weekend
cause we’re going to be in Grand Rapids. From Kat and Joey. This one here is from Houston! From Liza! This last one here is from Stephanie!
What you think Memphis? Shelby is like: “I’m just glad I participated!” That is all we have for Miss Memphis’es birthday video. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you
who sent something to Miss Memphis for her birthday. Who wished her a ‘Happy Birthday’
on all the social media sites. We really, really appreciate it and we love
to have you guys be a part of celebrating her birthday. Memphis is six (6) years old!
My goodness! Stop growing up! We hope you guys enjoyed today’s video.
As always… Thanks so much for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Again, follow us on all our social media sites
down below to find out where you can have a chance to meet Memphis and Shelby in person, this year!
Love you guys! Thank you so much for being awesome! Thank you for being such an amazing
members of the community. Thank you for commenting on our videos,
sharing our videos. Thank you for being a big part of what we do! Love you guys!
♪ Goodbye! ♪ ♪ Happy, happy birthday! ♪
♪ From all of us to you! ♪ ♪ We wish it was our birthday! ♪
♪ But… We already party with you anyway! ♪ [laughter] Aww! Good bye guys! ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪

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