HAPPY BIRTHDAY – German Shepherd

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear you! Happy Birthday to You From good friends and true, From old friends and new, May good luck go with you, And happiness too. For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow Which nobody can deny. Funny Happy Birthday Song Funny Happy Birthday Song playing in the background Geburtstag Anniversaries cumpleaños Compleanno γενέθλια verjaardag ulang than วันเกิด 誕生日 doğum günü ‎عيد ميلاد narozeniny

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14 Responses

  1. murdaben says:

    Hahaha .

  2. Maça 6 says:

    ahahahaha awesome !!!

  3. wazupcards says:

    heheh Thanks (-:

  4. ApogeeGames says:


  5. wazupcards says:

    Thanks a lot man…still finding my style thou…still keeping it nice and simple but maybe someday we try something differend (-:

  6. wazupcards says:

    yeah it drives me crazy sometimes…have to make choices on effects lightings you name it…options options OPTIONSSSS hehe

  7. wazupcards says:

    Thanks …Glad you like it ((-:

  8. clocta r says:


  9. wazupcards says:

    hahah….ehhh….i don't know?….how should i know…i don't know how many browsers you have open hehe

  10. bluesharp59 says:

    Nice , and liked !

  11. wazupcards says:

    Thanks….glad you like it. (-:

  12. Thora Mae says:

    Love it!  But could someone do a German accent, not Mexican?  lol  Sounded like a couple of old, crusty Chihuahuas!  hahahaha!

  13. Lorena Johnson says:

    Love it.  Thank you so much.  Love those Grman Sheperds to.  <3

  14. Mystical_ Playz says:

    they are so cute

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