Happy German Shepherd/Szczęśliwy Owczarek Niemiecki

From work to home Immediately direction is Cheerio Major! Watch out, it’s time to release overflow of energy Now How you launched off, as always Hi my love Let’s block & don’t regret Yes My beloved doggie, come here He runaway We’ll follow im He’s returning. Come here! Come here! Oh yes, time to pee It’s windy a lot today, it was windy in the night, now it’s windy But it’s nice Cold, but sunny. Done? Did you end pee? Come here! You have so nice fur, I like your fur I like you all What a wind Do you feel wind in fur? What? This is happy German Shepherd Every dog is happy this way when loved owner’s returning to home Where’s your favourite, oh, there she is Yes, you want? Or maybe you don’t want? You want? So get it I have power over him, with this hand Good dog Good Major Thumbs up for a happy Major Right? Major in sunlight Show yourself here Like, subscribe, comment & share & see you next time Later A bad throw

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