Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah by Alina Mazhar

Hasbi Rabbi Jalallah

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7 Responses

  1. Asia Naheed says:

    Mashaallah ☺☺

  2. azhar khan says:

    MashAllah….very beautiful……

  3. azhar khan says:

    Allah tala nazre bad se mehfooz rakhen

  4. Awais Aheer says:

    Mashallah very beautiful

  5. Rida Malik says:

    Masha Allah

  6. Naats by Alina Mazhar says:

    Jazakallah thank you everyone i love all your support and it really helps me so keep liking keep commenting and GO SUBSCRIBE
    Please go and hit that subscribe button and lets try to get to 30 subscribers once again thank you

  7. khadija akbar says:

    Very nice ?

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