Have You Ever Seen A White Raccoon Before? | Kritter Klub

A white raccoon..? Why is it so mean;; It’s an albino racoon so it doesn’t have any black fur It’s completely white It’s left ear is smaller than its right. That’s why we named it “Jjak-Jjek” Nice to meet ya~ An albino raccoon which is a troublemaker Its speciality is..? Bullying friends Stealing food from a friend LOL Hey Jjak-Jjek! Being taken away Imma get spoiled! Goes in the kitchen Makes a mess! Hey! Jjak-Jjek! Being taken away again Uhm…. hold on… Confinement S…still…? Food..? Hell yeah! Hey! Don’t finish everything! A prison breaker raccoon Even makes troubles when it’s confined Why is Jjak-Jjek so naughty..? It was abandoned by its parents because it was an albino raccoon… Jjak-Jjek’s father and mother The parents treated Jjak-Jjek as an enemy Jjak-Jjek is sad to be white A roommate for Jjak-Jjek! An albino skunk This skunk is an alien too. He’s not able to get along with the other skunks. So he’s always alone. Wanna be friends? Huh? Jjak-Jjek seems to like the skunk I think Jjak-Jjek is going to be fine~

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