Having A Chocolate Lab For 3 Hours

nice nice nice nice good boy E: ohaw hey guys hello our Sign Fam. it’s so
good to be vlogging again honestly even though today it’s gonna be a little bit
more of a chill vlog just because I’m sick I’m so sick I got sick a few days
ago and I guess it’s a virus I got it from the daycare and oh my gosh my
tonsils are inflamed they’re so sensitive and I just have the chills and
a fever. Ryan right now it’s not with me he is at work today
and I feel so um not worried because I know he’s so strong but just like I feel
bad for him because yesterday he was up until 1:00 because we went to go eat
somewhere really late and then he woke up at 4:00 in the morning and he’s still
working it’s like legit he’s the hardest worker ever. He works so hard so that we
can have a life here together and we can live together and he’s um he’s amazing
bottom line so so today I could definitely just stay in bed and just
chill and watch TV but this room is just so dirty. I’m just so sick and this room
is so dirty. Yeah you guys just take a look at this. I mean okay that’s not
horrible, but it’s more my side and this area just like so much stuff and these cup things you know I mean just look, it’s just it’s just a mess
right now just such a mess and the bathroom is open I should close that E: haha it’s late right now. Ryan came home and
he just wanted to pass out so he’s passed out right now in bed and I
forgot to show you guys the chicken I made I forgot to get the after picture
after picture of it to show you guys but it turned out good and Ryan ate two
pieces and now he’s just passed out he’s getting a lot of rest but it’s nice
talking to you guys again I want to be making more videos and documenting more
stuff that we do we’re just such homebodies like we like to just stay
home and Ryan likes to work on his car maybe he’ll let me show you what he’s
doing and his new project but let me know you guys if there’s anything you
guys want to see because we or want to know like ask us a few questions I think
I want to do a Q&A soon so if you have any any questions please leave them down
below in the comments and I’ll see you guys tomorrow They’ve only seen me through this whole beginning a lot I haven’t even seen you I woke up finally It was a really hard day at work yesterday really hard Yeah, I was telling them how hard you’ve been
working and that you’re really awesome. I don’t understand how you work so hard
when you’re sick and you only get two hours of sleep how do you do it? Actually, if I just lay around I get more sick but if I just work hard then I get better quick I don’t know why put on those gloves and help me okay See, I feel like the conversations we have in
the car are the best conversations but I never record them yeah, that’s true You know because I’m driving that’s why yeah people get so mad if we’re
talking and you’re driving no, really I just can’t have serious conversation while I’m driving. You know that right Well yeah, not serious. That’s what I mean we
don’t have serious conversations in the car it’s always like light and fun like I was saying Ryan yesterday. He was so
tired what what? you were so tired yesterday right yeah, you said I fell asleep on the corner of my bed in my towel yeah, he fell
asleep after taking a shower. He still only had his towel on like wrapped
around his waist and on the corner of the bed he was just like laying.. ah…how do I
show that he was just laying like this just like right on the corner. His feet
were hanging off and his arms were hanging off he was passed out I was tired On Thursday I took the engine out of the car I’m working on the car right now I took the engine out. It’s a lot of physical hard work then on Friday I had to go to work four in the morning well I woke up at 4 in the morning worked until 3 or 4 pm it was a really long day, so I was tired. I didn’t sleep I didn’t sleep till 2 then woke up at 4 tired yeah Hey! Look who’s with us! Titan! say hi! say hi to Sign Fam Oh he’s getting a little
bit whiny because you just stopped so he’s being whiny? a little bit aw he misses driving yeah he likes when I drive yeah he had his head
out the whole time yeah so we stopped at I’m gonna go in quick to get some stuff you stay here and make sure he doesn’t cry too much yeah okay make sure he’s okay We’re at Harbor Freight to pick up some stuff to pick up some stuff I’ll be right back okay Alright. I’ll stay and hangout yeah, we have the AC on so it’s not too hot yeah, I closed the back ones If you own a dog, make sure you always have the AC on if you’re parked having the windows down isn’t enough. If you’re driving it it’s fine But if you’re parked have the AC on, always Especially with thick haired dogs like labs They have thick hair and need a lot of air circulations Good thing you have a good person to take care of you It’s okay, he’s coming back titan do you wanna treat Should we find you a treat? bacon flavored titan you want one? you’re gonna be such a good boy nice nice nice nice good boy oh there you go, nice and calm he’s
getting so anxious with Ryan not being here and he’s watching the front door very
carefully E: Who’s there? Who’s that? E: You got it babe? calm down E: sorry E: Got you all riled up sorry buddy E: Oh He doesn’t like me touching him R: He’s taller than you Intercom: What can I get started for you today? E: hi. Can we get to chicken
avocado burritos I: how many? I’m sorry. E: two I: Two. Will that be with drinks or no drinks today? E: You smell it? You smell all the foods? Great job! Food! so this is the first time Ryan… not Ryan. Titan is gonna be visiting our place We’ll see. Are you excited? We’ll see how this goes.
the back yard is really nice and I’m just hoping he doesn’t ruin it He’s fine. He never digs or anything That’s true especially in a new place he gets very
um timid okay so Titan been running around first thing he did is take a big poop
over there surprisingly it’s a lot smaller than the
poop he took earlier when I walked man he’s a big dog and he has big poops yeah, you got big poops oh I
forgot that he cannot this plant is not good for anybody to be touching remember
that plant. it’s poisonous I cannot risk him getting eating this thing and
getting sick that would be bad right Titan that would be so bad It’s super sunny
out right now Titan that’s his drink don’t touch it look go look over there ah thank you
baby it’s so sunny ooo pretty colors this is my snack my frozen blueberries snack. I’m gonna give
some to Titan You want some? You want one? I think he likes them You like them? yeah! He like them. it’s funny that the
first time he spit it out like what is this watch this stay stay go ahead no you can’t have this He doesn’t want his food? He doesn’t want it? I guess he doesn’t like eating over there. He wants to eat over here E: In the shade maybe that’s why okay so We just dropped off Titan and he is
was tired I am very exhausted We’re both so exhausted oh my gosh Let’s do pro’s and con’s of getting a chocolate lab I’ve lived with a chocolate live for the first four or five years so I have a lot of experience with chocolate labs, but however, I’ve never experienced a chocolate lab in a small house compared to my parents how which is big where he has a lot of room to walk around I don’t know, what do you think? How’d it feel being in the house? I think the space won’t matter until
he’s around three years old and then we will probably need to move somewhere
bigger or I don’t know I’m looking for more of a dog I can take everywhere with us and while a lab is a great dog for companionship it might not be the most practical to take with use everywhere because it’s so big because his personality is awesome. He’s so sweet, he never bites. He’s never agressive with people That’s not the point it’s just he’s so big. he’s unwieldy You know what I mean. I don’t know if it’s a good idea right now and the only reason why we’re
considering a lab is because we’re not willing to buy a dog
we’re only willing to adopt a dog or adopt through family so Ryan Titan can
have a babies Why do you call him Titan? He’s not the devil You! That’s you’re name for him yeah, when he was young he was a bad boy Titan with horns He was a bad boy, but now he deserves a sweeter sign name Yeah well what’s his sign name then? I don’t know I don’t know. I have to think about it just one, Titan Titan? no I’ll think about it anyways Really, I want a pomeranian I wana get one so bad but she found out that they’re supposedly loud and annoying so I mean I personally disagree, but I don’t know I feel like getting a dog
might be not the right choice overall or just a lab? or overall maybe not a lab, cause they’re very high
maintenance. well people think not high maintenance but they are pretty big hahah big they’re like another human almost You saw, he’s that tall yeah but if we had like a small dog I mean I feel like
that’s a more manageable well a lab doesn’t cost a lot to maintain vet bills are low they’re food isn’t that expensive health wise they’re not that expensive but you’re talking about how big they are their hair sheds a lot yeah oh the hair I have hair everywhere yeah so that’s definitely something to think about now that we’ve brought Titan to our place, now I’m leaning more towards a smaller dog I still think we should get a dog maybe later, smaller, and adoptable I don’t want to shop. I want to adopt right now we looked and theirs no dogs adoptable so maybe wait and check to see if the right one comes up mm-hmm yeah I guess it’s something we have to
think about now but I’m glad we took Titan Titan um
over brought him to our place But he was so sweet though he was great at the house just so big so big I think part of the reason why it was a lot of
work was just because there’s a new place for him and we had to make sure
that he was okay because he’s not our dog but is our dog and it might be
different yeah that too My sister had a good point she said that, hey you need to remember that dogs grow up where they are so Titans used to a big space he’s used to that, but if we have a puppy and lives in that space he’ll be used to that space so that’s one other thing to think about too yeah okay well thank you guys so much
for watching our vlog today I hope you guys enjoyed it and don’t forget to
subscribe to our Channel and SUBSCRIBE! where? here? haha babe you do that everytime I’m exhausted. Let’s just go bye! Love you Bye! Love you guys oh no. Wait do that again bye! love you guys That’s her thing That’s her thing. That’s not my thing yes okay Mine is Sign Duo Out Do that again I can do Sign Duo Out No no no. Tha’ts my thing okay bye love you guys Sign Duo OUT!

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89 Responses

  1. Deaf Tiara Loretta Princess says:

    Oh my god I love chocolate lab dog that my favorite!❤️🙂

  2. rachelm711 says:

    Can’t watch right now, but excited to see the video! going to save it to my watch later!!!

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    In an emergency situation where 911 would need to be called how would a deaf person be able to communicate with the operator?

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    I saw Ellen at Disneyland last week! I was so excited but she was walking away so I didn’t want to run up to you and scare you 😂

  5. Ben is Cracked says:

    I missed your videos I was wondering what was goin on

  6. Ann Bagby says:

    Hey I have a Pomeranian for 7 years. There’s no problem. He’s soo smart and protective.. I love him!

  7. Ann Bagby says:

    He’s so sweet, loving and listening very well.

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  9. Deaf Tiara Loretta Princess says:

    Honset with America blue Pitbull very block you or family,sweet,quiet,chill out,love play ball they will caught ball give you ,love bath,and they will sleep with you like cuddle. But my favorite American blue Pitbull dog,husky Siberian dog,yorkie dog,and parrot bird that my favorite.🙂❤️💕

  10. CJ’s Nation says:

    Do you guys know any other languages?

  11. Joham Ahmad says:

    YAY I'm a new subscriber, just subbed about a week ago! Love you guys, you make me smile every day. Thanks for doing what you do. Ever since I started watching your videos, I can't put down my phone. Hands down, my favourite YouTubers ❤️

  12. TopNotchPick says:

    Hey there! What happened to to your guys title card that said Turn on captions. It's really helpful and if I remember correctly you did it in an seamless type of manner. Btw, I'm 100% hearing, don't sign bit sometimes I forget to turn them on immediately especially by if Ryan is they one opening the vlog. Just my little suggestion to bring the caption title card back! 👌👌😀

  13. V Bentley says:

    Question? Could you explain when you us initialized signs as a shortcut? Example H S for high school. I see that a lot on these videos.

  14. Perry Hunwick says:

    I think you better get a dog because it so hell cute

  15. Stephanie Conley says:

    I love watching your videos! I hope you feel better! You two are so cute! I’m trying to learn sign language 🤟

  16. Stephanie Conley says:

    Can you show more learning sign language videos to teach us how to sign ? Thank you!

  17. Scott Goldie says:

    Hi guys! I understand about your beautiful big dog. You should keep him otherwise giving him up will break your hearts as I did giving up my small dog. Took me 2 years to forget my dog. If you ever decide to get a small dog, get a not sheld dog. Good luck guys!

  18. Karaoke Videos says:

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    We'd be interested in anything! Vlogs at home are fun too 🙂 Cooking, tidying up, routines are always fun to watch

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    I can understand how a big dog may not be practical. I love big dogs. My family had a Golden Retriever for 10 yrs

  23. Joham Ahmad says:

    okay random question: What's your favourite tea/boba place? How often do u get Lollicup? 🙂

  24. Caroline Poll says:

    Please get well soon. ❤❤👍👍

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    Hey guys missed ur videos and i love them too also i graduate in a couple of days cant wait

  26. Alyssa Zagajowski says:

    Yay! I was so happy when I saw you guys posted!! I have 3 chihuahua’s and a Pomeranian. My Pomeranian SHEDS like crazy and is pretty yappy lol but I love her and wouldn’t trade her for the world! She’s very personal and deep, like she looks at you in your eyes and makes you feel special, which I love ❤️ haha

    And oh! I would love a video on some medical terminology! Like what are the signs for nurse, doctor, medication, pain.. things like that. Love you guys!!

  27. MARLO says:

    One big difference between a large dog and small dog is the small one has to be let out more often. Larger dogs can hold it longer. In case two people are working. Just a thought. I love both I have a Shih Tzu and a Golden Retriever. Loved the vlog! Great seeing you guys! Xoxo

  28. Ashley Timm says:

    Please teach us numbers in sign language.

  29. account72198 says:

    Have you guys seen The Society on Netflix with Sean Berdy?

  30. Molly Koski says:

    As a Vet Tech I will say no matter what kind of dog you get, it depends on how you train it! We see Chihuahas that are meaner than the pit bulls we see. Of course poodle mixes are great because they don’t shed and I’m sure there some that need to be adopted. Of course, all breeds have that one medical condition they’re prone to (spaniels – heart disease, Westies – skin issues, Rottweilers – bone cancer, etc.) its very important to do your research. I think a dog would be a great addition to your family 😊 (if you have any medical questions I’ll be happy to answer them!)

  31. Kiran Adventures says:

    My family has a black lab who is turning 6 years old. My family dog is 60lb and the smallest of 12 puppies.

  32. Alex Tuck says:

    I would caution with any dog type. Tiny dogs can be good yet also easily stepped on or lost. Small can be alright yet defensive. Medium very attention oriented. And big dogs can be a hassle with housing and trips along with hords of food.

  33. Kenna Madison says:

    I feel like I would just look around at shelters because the size does not really matter, it is more of the personality. You have a yard and if you're willing to take the dog on walks, then I would just look for a dog that has a more calm and docile personality, which is frequently big dogs in my experience. You could get a small pomeranian that has tons of energy and spunk or a huge lab that is very sweet and calm, and that is what would make a dog "easier" or "harder" to care for.

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    ❤️ Titan ❤️
    Glad to see you guys again! I love seeing videos of the places you go to eat. We don't have a lot of ethnic food places here so I've learned a lot watching you. I've even looked up recipes for whatever it is you're eating and made a few things at home because I've never had them before.

  37. Caitlin Forrest says:

    I apologize in advance if this is an ignorant question, but…
    How to deaf children learn sign language? Like, how do they grasp the meaning to signs like “more” or “hard”? Words that you can’t point to an object and sign

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    Please choose a rescue dog they need homes. Much love from Australia xx i left my story about losing my hearing on your last Instagram POST

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    E: “People don’t like it when we have conversations in the car while you drive*
    R: * completely misses the point of why that would be dangerous * * continues to take two hands off the wheel while driving to have a conversation *

  42. JustJimmie says:

    I hope you feel better Girl! I love you both!!!!!!!!

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    Question: you guys have been together so long and have moved in together. Do you guys feel like you're more mature for your age?

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    Want a great tip I saw on another channel? (maybe you already know it) If you have the time salt your chicken in advance. Give it a good dab with paper towels and then salt it and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. OMG, it makes such a difference. I read this article too (because I looked it up before I tried it) that said, seasoning chicken in advance is definitely worth the trouble (and it is) but not pork (dries out) and that they could tell the difference with steak but that they were both good. Here is the article.

  48. TheMrKristens says:

    Shockingly, I have 2 small dogs (5lb and 7lbs) both are chihuahua mixes. One, is a pom mix. He should be very very barky by the standard of both breeds-he is not. When he does bark it is very quiet and somewhat soothing…weird–I know. But he is so great. He is my little Dopey guy. Loves to be in the mix with the family–doesn't mind being held, doesn't mind kids, loves giant dogs, and doesn't have even half the fur of a traditional pom. He is incredibly sweet. My experiences with poms prior to him was yappy and they liked to bite. He has shown me that with the right discipline and demeanor–they do not have to be that way. We adopted him at 7 years old. He adores his cage–he came crate trained–it is such a blessing with a small dog because if he is feeling tired or overwhelmed, he goes to his crate and knows that is his space to mellow out. Due to his size–well, he rides in a crate in the car too. He is just too small for me to try to watch while driving. If the husband is in the car–that is one thing, but he really loves riding in his crate in the car. Shockingly–he doesn't bark when he's in the car either. Although, there is plenty of opportunity to do so–he is simply happy. Maybe look for a dog that is somewhere between 20-30lbs if you want a dog that is more "portable" if that makes sense. One that can go on long walks without needing to be carried. While mine can do a mile no problem, it is nearing those 2-3 mile walks where he can't keep up. And I am not a fast paced walker. So–he is usually wanting to go a bit faster than my natural pace, but he is incredibly tiny–so they tire out faster. Pro–portable. Con–tires easily due to size. Although, that last con is also a pro- haha! I do know the struggle to find a pup to fit your lifestyle pace. It isn't an easy journey, but the right pup will come along and you will know it. Maybe the pup will already be 2 or 3 and just click with you both. Who knows. I am glad you are exploring options to see where you both feel comfortable. This is totally like having another human in the house–a big step. :o) Good luck on your journey. Loved this vlog and seeing you both again!

  49. bwaHAharandomHahA says:

    Pomeranians can be obnoxious. I have a friend with two of them and they're aggressive and they bark allllll the time. If you want a smaller dog, I could suggest a blue heeler or a border collie. My heeler loves to ride, she loves to play and she loves to cuddle. She also has a great temperament with other people seems to get along with any of the other dogs we're around.

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    my question: How did you guys were able to maintain your wonderful relationship since you guys were 13 and 15 ?? it is amazingly rare to see a couple who had fallen in love when they were very young teenagers and until after almost a decade you two are still together. It is beautiful 😍😍💜

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  60. Kim Copley says:

    Question for you guys: Do you plan to moving to new city to have cheaper one to living in? Instead of California?

    P.s Love your video Keep it up good work! (Btw, I'm hard of hearing) and Titan is so cute, for me doesn't matter size because it just size, but only to have like friendly, sweet, not only just mean or bad or toxic. As long dogs has good personality.

  61. HouseofLilacs says:

    I have a lab. We adopted him at 3 months from a shelter. He’s super smart, was easy to train. They love leaning on you, require long walks, are full of energy, love food. Good companion and are great with kids. My only problem is that he sheds soooo much. I vacuum every other day. It’s my absolute ONLY complaint. But it’s too late…, he’s part of the family now. It’s been 7 years. We love him!

  62. Christy S says:

    We live in a tiny home. Size does matter for us. We adopted small dogs. Cairn Terrier and later a yorkie as a sibling. They don't shed, are perfect size to snuggle, play with kids, tiny poops, healthy, happy, smart and already learning ASL. They get excited and watch when we sign. Recognize when we say their favorite words Car Ride, Walk, Cookie/Treat, Brush, Potty, Sit, Come, Calm, Up, Wait. And more. It took us a long time visiting shelters and meeting dogs to find the right fit.
    Just go without expecting to bring anyone home. See if you find a match. It's okay if it takes time. It's worthwhile to find your forever fur friend.
    Good luck.

  63. Adriana Villarreal says:

    Where does Ryan work? And you guys remind me of me and my boyfriend ❤️

  64. JoshiesWorld says:

    Consider Jack Russel? My baby's named Cassie, she's a Jack Russell and she is a VERY protective dog, know signs pretty well because she's very attentive so if you get a Jack Russell you'll have a dog that's always up for some teaching and will learn them quickly. Jack Russell is attentive to owners, very protective of owners (especially the one they like more) and if see you're down or struggling they will come over to bother you then you'd forget what the problems you had a few minutes ago. My Jack Russell is 16 years old and recently a vet took her blood test and everything said that she will live a very long old age so that's says something – jack russell lives for very long time and has the willpower to live because Cassie was hit by a car a few years ago, she was bleeding out of her eyes and was walking in circle repeatedly then we took her to vet as emergency and she survived (thank God!) then recovered and she's still here living as if it never happened. I think Jack Russell, as for the size and personality is perfect for you guys.

  65. Rebeca Brown says:

    Ok so I'm currently learning ASL and in the process of becoming an interperter…. So here is my question, how do you feel Ryan about Ellen using S.E.E rather than ASL?

  66. Ashley Vee says:

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  69. abbee says:

    I think a medium sized breed with good energy levels would be best for you guys. Maybe an Australian Cattle Dog or a similar breed. Small enough to take on trips pretty easily, but large enough that it's unlikely to be as whiny and yappy as the toy breeds. I'm partial to larger dogs because i grew up with a Newfoundland Dog/Poodle Mix that was 100 lbs, but I understand the concern about space. BillyBob did perfectly fine in an apartment for well over 8 years, but that may have been more a him thing than a breed/size thing.

  70. Home Stuff says:

    Get a Toy or Mid size poodle. You can not go wrong. Very smart and sweet dogs. If you want small. If you can, a German Shepherd is the very best to have.

  71. Mel Rivv says:

    Maybe you should get a cat? I also have one and she's basically a super low maintenance dog. She follows you around the house and can learn tricks. Not at the level of my german shepherd who knows verbal and sign. You could leash walk cats too if you want a pet for outside the house.

  72. Panagiota Antonatou says:

    Watching your videos all day love them❤️

  73. Alex Youmans says:

    I always think Yes to a dog! I have a border collie/ terrier mix. She’s 42lbs so the perfect medium size. Border collies are smart and like companionship and like to work so training is easy if you’re consistent especially if you want it with you all the time. Mousse goes with me almost everywhere. She never barks and Loves people.

  74. Yocelyn Ancona says:

    I recommend a Corgi, I have one and they’re so intelligent, active and smaller package. 😊🐶

  75. Emily Atlas says:

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    I'm a new subscriber. I've recently been going through a breakup and for some reason watching the two of you makes me feel better and.gives me hope. 😂

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    Hope this helped 😊

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