Having A Rabbit For An Inexpensive Pet

Hey everybody Clinton here from Net
Pay Advance and this is another video about inexpensive pets that you can have
in case you’re wanting one but you don’t want to have a pet that has a lot of up
keep and all that mumbo jumbo stuff joining me is a co-worker of mine Shayla so you have your pet I see yeah
so he is a rabbit obviously a hare he is a lion head rabbit about three years old
I’ve had him since he was almost a baby and I bought him at petland so would you say that
rabbits don’t require like a whole lot of upkeep oh
definitely I I would say rabbits are a low mean it’s animals but they you do
have to maintain them to a certain extent really naturally and how much on
average do you think did you have more than one rabbit right yeah so I have two
rabbits because rabbits are very social creatures and they just they just always
want to be around each other they want each other for company so usually I feel
like you would want to buy repens and pairs yeah and so how much do you spend
on food per se each month forty to sixty dollars depending on like how much
litter I use that month or how much pay your food but you need to buy food Hey
and litter it those are the three main essentials do they require a whole lot
of space like you like if you have a small apartment for example that maybe
you know fine there do they need a lot of space like are they just saying yes
Rapids do need a lot of space and they need room to hop and plate I mean
they’re just kind of like dogs in that sense they like to play yeah so what I
do I eat my rabbits are free-range so that means they have like full rein in
the house they only have like a little spot in the
corner or their litter box their food but they have total freedom on wherever
they want to hop that’s nice well I think that’s it so overall you
could recommend a rabbit for someone who might be looking for a pet but not one
that Ricardo upkeep and you know expensive stuff like that you recommend
them at night yes I’m totally recommend except I wouldn’t recommend them for
children under hey just because rabbits are very fragile you that kids no
rabbit for you well that’s gonna be it for this video Shayla thanks for being
in it and there will be more videos like this in the future about inexpensive
pets for anyone who’s interested so stay tuned for future content see you guys
next time and please comment on this shirt
please don’t if it’s a negative comment see you guys next time you

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