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  1. Confused And Uncertain says:

    HEWOO! hewoo!

  2. MooseLimbs CANT Coexist says:

    The dog actually speaks TWO languages, he says "ha row" because he was raised in Asia

  3. MooseLimbs CANT Coexist says:

    The dog is actually a special needs animal, working in the inner city teaching English under the auspices of the No Child Left Behind program.

  4. 黃大伯 says:


  5. lindsay liuzzo says:

    This is so funny!

  6. Liquor Pussie says:

    I love the way the dog is so gung ho!

  7. Einsteinlama says:

    Sounds like hallo not hello to me.

  8. Have You Seen says:

    I feel really out of it, I have a runny nose, but to be honest I think I'm smashing this. #thatdogsaidhello

  9. Wila Broccoli says:

    Boston terrier ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Lori Caterson says:

    looks like a boston terrier to me.. way cute..

  11. Raul42Zero says:

    I wish everyone laughing be kept undrr bars like the dogs and people would look at them and laugh

  12. Karolina Szczepanik says:

    kto oglada to przez EskeTV ? 😀

  13. Robb A says:

    I don't know what's funnier, the actual video of the dog making the noise which sounds like hello, or the comments saying that it is cruel, there is nothing cruel about the video except the cruel people who are insulting the man who made this video.

  14. Bronzos says:

    Nerf Lee Sin.

  15. Mooja12 says:

    I like dogs.  Have a dime.  @ChangeTip 

  16. Tim Samuels says:

    This little guy deserves a HUGE steak…. LOL
    Hes Amazing and he deserves it for his little attitude and putting so much into his  HAROOO!!

  17. everydaygirl says:


  18. mike Kemp says:

    Don't get it. The dog makes that sound and the humans think they are clever imitating the dog. Retards.

  19. adriel alvarado says:

    Mine barks in spanish.

  20. Abhay Bhatt says:

    lawl nd it seems funny to me that only in d west people say so much about animal abuse. Well….if u really care so much why dont u people turn vegetarians first?

  21. solidsnake1447 says:

    I think the guy saying "Hello" sounds funnier

  22. Lami ًْ says:

    Came here because of the fucked up title

  23. Anne Marie Callaghan says:

    A clever Boston terrier, a not so clever human being with limited conversation skills. Terrier is probably bored already!

  24. ART WILMETH says:

    Boston terriers are smart

  25. Boston Terribles says:

    Dog's be like 'why are they laughing, we said the password, now let us out for some pets and wiggles'  =)

  26. Maria Delgado says:

    Hey. Yall. Who. Say. Bad. Stuf. Of. Them. You. Are. More. Horrible. .and. yeah. Imagen. If. Somebody. Told. You. That. How. Will. You. Feel? So. Quit. It. Out

  27. Venelin Hristov says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  28. Daisy Lea says:

    LOVE it!!!

  29. Asfzg says:

    0:01–0:03 Hawoo. Hawoo. Favorite part of the whole video.

  30. menslady125 says:


  31. Stormer says:

    This has to be the funniest video on youtube

  32. Kathi-Arts says:

    Hawwoooo 😀

  33. Jada Saldo says:

    How freacking holaris is this video👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  34. John Landeen Freeman says:

    3 nights in a "HAIR ROW" laughing all night cause i used to do shit like this to our neighbors dogs n they hated me but it was too funny

  35. John Landeen Freeman says:

    If you look at the in between single syllable barks i think the lil dogs pissed that he can't even stop himself and between embarrassing 'hair rows' he is saying "FUCK"

  36. MrAudienceMember says:

    It's like talking to fundies except more entertaining.

  37. Arthur Red says:

    Spartans what is your profession 0:10

  38. Khengis Ghan says:


  39. H. Gallo64 says:

    Lol, I saw this on tru tv's top funniest earlier today. I kept rewinding because it's too funny! X'D

  40. Иван Иванов says:


  41. Carolyn Roman says:

    lol this is ovesly fake

  42. Matthew de Paula says:

    Black dog be like, "You're all a bunch of lunatics."

  43. Garnett106 says:

    I love at 0:29 after the "hello" the dog does another little bark as if to say "oy, the fuck you laughing at?"

  44. Ronald Marrou says:

    Hello – Adele ft Hello dog would be awesome

  45. Arnel Arguelles says:

    Awow bring this video to americas funniest video. Hey you never know you will win $10,000

  46. Shin ae says:

    Haloe! Ghwlahoe ! Aluw..

  47. Denz Sanz says:

    awoo funny

  48. British Steel says:

    This is fucking brilliant wish I was there 😂

  49. Alan M says:

    Hello this is dog

  50. Blah Blah says:


  51. Cat H says:

    Dogs name is Buzz

  52. ImHereCuzImBored says:

    $1000 i bet that the guy joking around has a neck beard and a beer in one hand

  53. ace says:

    funny and cute

  54. K_Man says:

    Sounds like an old Chinese chain smoker.

  55. Lesley White says:

    showed ressys at work they loved this..fact it's a dog saying hello got any more to show…

  56. TheDman131 says:

    whoevers dog this is must have gotten a treat the day it went viral

  57. Iplaystuff says:

    actuallly, I think your dog is German.
    It says "Hallo", which is German for "Hello".

  58. Ellen Hatch says:

    I hope both of these dogs got their forever homes on this day.

  59. ytbox eviltwin says:

    I love this guy's talent. Mimics dogs.

  60. Harambe CONFIRMED says:

    OMG! Its So Funnt

  61. Harambe CONFIRMED says:


  62. Harambe CONFIRMED says:

    Its Funny , But Its Scripted ! :((

  63. Lesley White says:

    howwwooooo lol so funny

  64. Shujito says:

    abooh 😆!!

    oh, 0:14

  65. dmitry dolmat says:


  66. Elliot Walton says:


  67. Mizz Tanya says:


  68. Luizinho Gus says:


  69. Kayla :P says:

    Is this Scottish?

  70. Ilary medri says:


  71. Dan Grayhill ASMR says:

    I'd be a total dork. I'd stand there all day getting him to say "Herro!"

  72. richgg2 says:

    To cute! To funny! Dog's are by far the greatest creation.

  73. MikesMovies says:


  74. Marga the Fox says:

    Dogs are idiot lol

  75. Adda Whitney says:

    Cuties love them my mums laughing

  76. The Lost Jammer says:


  77. Liege200 says:

    Someone explain why everyone or half the comments saying this is animal abuse

  78. Zipperozic billybobjenkins says:


  79. boredom120 says:

    very hard to scare away bad guys when you have a dog that barks "hello" the bad guys will be too busy laughing to steal anything.

  80. sex6cult9revolution says:

    I don't understand what the deal is with these comments about Reddit. Admittedly, I'm somewhat of a Luddite and don't even know what Reddit is, but my assumption on the matter is that we're here to laugh at a silly dog in a video – not to talk about people's feelings for/against this other thing.

    Maybe I'm missing something. Does Reddit have something to do with this dog? If it does, I stand corrected.

  81. Bruellbart says:


  82. Adda Whitney says:


  83. John B says:

    I've laughed at this each of the 500 or so times I've watched it. My wife thinks I'm retarded.

  84. James Entroscasastronomicaltroscaso says:


  85. Anthony Chew says:

    Rottweiler be like "Dafuk are they laughin' at".

  86. thelegend27 urmumgay says:


  87. Oni Tea says:

    Angry awoooo

  88. Sarah-Michelle Jennifer King says:


  89. Santiago Alfonso says:


  90. Adam Zimmerman says:

    The guy saying hello sounds like Larry David 😂

  91. Daniela Blue says:


  92. jeFF Fury says:

    best 37 seconds on the internet this week for me! :DDDDD

  93. Dominique Roy says:

    So so cute

  94. Burnt Cheeto says:

    Proper use of vertical recording, nice.

  95. Moo Moo says:

    I want to be friends with all the guys in the background just because of the way they laugh! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. røgdykker 1 says:


  97. sarcastian says:

    0:29 this is so funny even the black dog was laughing it’s ass off! 😂

  98. Jody Sapphire says:

    Dog on Right:This is so annoying
    Dog on left:This is entertaining

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