‘HELP!’ Stray Cat Pleads For Helping His Friend Be Treated (Part 2) | Animal in Crisis EP104

A Stray cat, ‘Norang’ with disabled legs The reason that she could live on the streets with a disability was thanks to Navi who always stays next to Norang Navi protects sick Norang, shares his warmth with a hug That night was same as usual.. Informant : Oh my… Trashes are everywhere Looks like something happened last night Navi and Norang’s living place had been messed up Even they went missing Navi~ Norang~ At that moment Norang was hidden in the grass However, Navi is not seen Norang looks around with her anxious face She was always with Navi.. Without Navi, Norang is fearful and is afraid of everything Then, Navi appears and runs in a hurry Navi comforts Norang The two with a heartwarming friendship to be with for a longer time Decided to rescue both of them together The vet looks around the place Vet : If you see here, this place is good for hiding in a structural way So, it won’t be easy to rescue The hill surrounded the grass The dangerous road is right in front of it Animal protection group : It’s pretty risky if we try to catch them directly Install capture frames first and then, we need to try to catch them with safety In order for the cats not to dash into the road while rescuing Installed the capture frames at a safe place Going to attract Navi, who’s less wary, first Giving a snack to him As to keep her guard by little by little Navi gets closer to the capture frame found the entrance at the moment she comes in Rescue of Navi succeeded! So relieved Aw he’s crying.. Let’s bring Norang here? right? So as to rescue Norang who’s very wary of strangers We need Navi’s help Waiting for that Norang comes to the capture frame with Navi by herself After hearing Navi’s cries Norang finally appeared! Even with the disabled legs She gets closer to Navi In the end Norang found Navi After a while She may decide something Norang approaches to the capture frame’s entrance!!! She carefully comes into the capture frame Norang took up her courage for Navi Vet : Close the door By ending the rescue of Norang, their lives on streets were also ended. The most worried thing is Norang’s legs Phew.. Look at her legs.. Vet : She’s been dragging her legs on the rough floor even the bone’s almost sticking out Should check up on her condition Have been living on the streets for long Could their health be fine? Vet checks Navi’s condition first Vet : He’s physically healthy, looking good and even chubby the results from tests are all good Relieved that Navi is healthy The next turn is Norang Vet : She got worsen after being rubbed For which reasons she had to ended up like this What was the reason for.. Vet : All spines are working fine doctor says her spines are undamaged Vet : It’s more likely to have an invisible nerve damage able to figure out for that after taking a MRI for more accurate diagnosis A Thorough medical checkup had been taken Vet : On a back side, from the 7th lumbar to the beginning of tailbone a bit of denatures are seen It’s is more likely to be caused by any impacts Heard that (Norang) came from other areas She might be expelled because of territorial dispute It is possible that she’s damaged by an edgy stuff while fighting The nerves’are damaged living on the street must have been tough For Norang, the world might be a battle field all the time But, Navi has always standed by her and protected her from danger Vet : She’ll be treated focusing on myelitis If the treatment reduces the infections she’ll get better in a few days But a surgery may be needed if the cure has no effect The nerve system wasn’t entirely damaged, so better progression of the treatment is expected It’ll take a bit of time but vet says that she’ll walk with four legs soon again And two months later PD went to meet Norang Vet : Her legs are getting healed She’s getting healed and her face is getting chubbier Norang even jumping up with hind legs which used to be rugged It wasn’t even easy for her to take one step an incredible change So much better than before! Vet : Even the bone used to be seen But, now she’s getting healed and even hair on her legs grow Navi has always been with Norang while she recovers Vet : She has been healthy now If she meets a good guardian after being discharged, she’ll be quick to settle in and to recover Here is the new shelter for them Hi, it’s been long time to see Norang & Navi who used to be the stray cats The lady who has been caring for them decided to let them be her family Here’s the room for Navi & Norang WOW The cozy place the cats will stay PD : How’ve you been for a month Guardian : I’ve been having a long wait Hope they come here ASAP Will Norang & Navi remember the lady? Where? Here, come over here All things are still strange for Norang Come here, Come here Aww look at that she walks Come over here, Norang Aww you did? She completely walks now! completely! Norang got tensed up We left for a while so that they take time to adapt to new surroundings As time passes by Navi comes outside Norang also plucks up her courage Navi cheers up Norang as always As time goes by, The two settle in Meanwhile~ What’s this? Oh, I prepared a special meal for my babies Navi~ Let’s feed them They fully enjoy the lady’s special meal So glad to be with them now We’ll be living happily On the rough streets Relying on each other The two cats had gone through all sorts of difficulties Now they have become the members of a warm family Hope to keep their happiness FOREVER♥

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  1. Kritter Klub says:

    Don’t miss out the beginning story of Norang and Navi in part 1 :)))
    Part 1 : https://youtu.be/i2L89b5RHME

  2. Alexandre _ProPlayer says:


  3. Alexandre _ProPlayer says:

    I'm so worried about that cat

  4. Just a person says:

    About a year ago we found an orange cat in our neighborhood limping but he was feral and we couldn’t take him to the vet or anything, he wouldn’t let us. He is still around the neighborhood limping. Do you think his leg healed permanently bent?

  5. Paulo Sergio says:

    q as bençãos de Deus seja grande na vida dessa senhora , parabéns

  6. Света Брежнева says:


  7. Azam Alias says:


  8. Solange Celia says:


  9. Yacar says:


  10. 고사리 says:

    정말 감사 드립니다
    두 아가들 서로 함께
    건강히 지내게 되어

  11. TableForkTheThird says:

    I wish someone would look at me like those cats look at eachother

  12. Fierce Terminator says:

    What a wonderful story, it's just wonderful.

  13. Irene Silva says:


  14. Ridha Alamsyah says:

    😭 i hope someday ill have somene care for me to

  15. Sadel Ambyarr says:

    Mereka sungguh teman sejati. Terimakasih manusia…

  16. TrippleCoreM says:

    im crying ;o;

  17. Tin Tells says:

    they're more of like soulmates tbh, can you hear the sound of my heart fluttering right now :'>

  18. Aiva Bird says:

    Какие красивые..

  19. すねぷせぶる says:


  20. Harry Crabb says:

    Wow, the Chinese are such very caring peoples.

  21. Imam Arapov says:

    Ураа! 💗💗💗🌹🌹🌹✨✨✨

  22. すねぷせぶる says:


  23. Green Forst says:


  24. roma bozgurt says:

    Baxin ey insanlar ey hekimler Koreyada heyvana olan gaygi Azerbaycanda insana yoxdur biz hacana kimi bir birimizin cibine gireceyik biri birimizi pula gore oldureceyik axi biz bir milletik bizim biri birimizle gohumlug dostlug elegelerimiz var ay millet gelin allahin xatirine biri birimizi pula gore incitmeyek zaten kefenin cibi yoxdur

  25. Gloria K Santos says:


  26. Beter Beter says:

    رائع جدا 😍🤗⚘

  27. канал Анекдот-шоу says:


  28. Vilma Gorosito says:


  29. Tereza Chaves says:

    O gesto dessa senhora, do outro lado do mundo, só confirma minha teoria e minha crença, de que o destino da humanidade é a evolução, através do fio condutor, que é o amor!!! O planeta terra está condenado a evolução, e o amor é o que permeia tudo nesse universo maravilhoso!!! 😍💗

  30. Nada Kukolj says:


  31. Саня Макухин says:

    👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ –😻😻😻😻😻😻

  32. Eduardo Silva says:

    Amo pessoas protetoras de animais, revelam o que tem de mais precioso nos seus corações. Que Deus lhe de msis condições para isso . Obrigado .

  33. José Luis Trejo Campos says:

    I almost cry

  34. Aslıhan Arıkmert says:

    Çok güzeldi ❤

  35. Çağatay Galolar says:

    Çok yaşayın daima. Böyle insanların ömrü çok uzun olsun daima.

  36. fedelemario says:


  37. Николай Лаврик says:

    Просто огонь

  38. Murat Turhan says:

    Very nice thank u

  39. Candice’s Art Corner says:

    Omg that woman is amazing. She dedicated an entire room for the cats, first class rescue. 😍

  40. DarkPlay says:

    22012020. Que amor dos gatos ‼️

  41. SkkさGromozvezdま says:

    Невероятно,молодцы что спасли кошек.

  42. Isabel C says:

    Dios te bendiga siempre gran mujer…!!

  43. KATHY B. OLARTE says:

    Aww so touching ❤❤❤

  44. دموع سلي says:


  45. Normangy Cadenamejia says:

    Ese minino m hizo llorar

  46. Jeffrey Pinal says:

    BRAVO JAPON LOS ANIMALES DEBEN SER TRATADOS ASI eso distingue a personas con humanioidad de los egoistas

  47. Wallace Chagas says:

    Ainda há na humanidade seres humanos de verdade.

  48. afic10 says:

    Even the feral cats are so kind and gently in Korea.

  49. 唐浚江 says:


  50. Maher Aloussi says:

    God bless you all thanks a lot your helping this poor animal

  51. Ana Gloria says:

    Que lindo, Deus abençoe e conceda muitas felicidades a essas pessoas do vídeo. Parabéns por esse gesto de amor a essa mulher, por ter ficado com esses dois seres tão maravilhosos e não ter separado eles! Deus te abençoe sempre! 🙏😻🐈🐾🐾

  52. شروحات HmodH says:

    شكرا بس عملكون كلو مشان المال لاتقلي انقاذ بليز

  53. Märy wälkër says:

    Lindo oque vocês fazem 👏👏🥰

  54. Ron G says:

    Wonderful ending, but I am confused about what they did to fix the legs. Also, I thought it was so sweet how the white calico loved on his or her friend.

  55. demonpride1975 says:

    you trying to make a grown man cry, well good job you did it. now I'm going to hug and play with my cats.

  56. Leticia Cavalcante says:

    É sempre bom saber que ainda existem pessoas com o coração bom .. E que é disposto a ajudar os anjinhos .. amo os animais

  57. Виктория Федотова says:

    Смотрела это видео,и плакала… СЧАСТЬЯ И ЗДОРОВЬЯ ЭТИМ ЛЮДЯМ!!!

  58. Banshee Xo says:

    какие изверги это черпали, просто скот , снимать это а не помочь животному

  59. Allan Rodrigues says:

    Anjos pelo mundo que deus abençoe sempre essas pessoas

  60. Sally Burns says:

    Thank u. I love cats so much soo much ..

  61. Lorenzo Vargas says:

    Good for the little cats and bless those people!

  62. Fernando Centeno says:

    Tha you doctors for help if cats beautiful job you made and God blessed.

  63. Mirian Pires says:

    Ai meu Deus que lindo, fiquei tão feliz por eles 😢❤❤

  64. tiffany branton says:

    the person filming this poor cat really this brings a tear to my eyes really it does I pray 4 the cat

  65. Abood Sali. says:


  66. Luyen Doan says:

    Toi nghiệp quá

  67. Donna Totem says:


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  69. Seri Ayuni says:


  70. Janet Ramos says:

    Esos lindos gatos tienen mas suerte que mi.

  71. aixin Zhang says:


  72. Monica veronica Morales Madariaga says:

    Creo que dice NAVI??

  73. lovelyalleycat says:


  74. ابو وحيد says:

    The cat's were lucky their life in there country…number one treatment

  75. yasmena easm says:

    قلبي دمع كتير اوووي بجد ربنا يكرمك علي مثل هذا الفعل الطيب النبيل ويكتر من امثالك يارب.

  76. - SDIBASS says:

    すごい・・あの足がここまで良くなるなんて。よかった 涙。

  77. Rihana alone says:


  78. Elizabethan Diosa says:

    Yay. You are a hero❗❗❗😇💞💞💞🥰🥰

  79. Elena Zheleznova says:

    Спасибо таким неравнодушным людям! Хорошо что вы есть! Животных надо любить, они же братья наши меньшие 😍❤️🐈

  80. virginiawinter smith says:

    Where is the CC button?

  81. Lane Whittington says:


    Bu God bless you for helping these beautiful babies.

  82. SIDN3Y ALV3S says:

    Quem abandona animais de estimasão merese é morre toma um tiro na cara para largar a mão de ser besta

  83. P S says:

    Что мешает каждому из нас, хотя бы по одному бездомному животному, взять к себе домой?
    Тихого и спокойного счастья кисикам и всем кто их спасал!🌻

  84. Jose Manoel da silva filho says:

    From brazil god bless you congrats my friend

  85. Jose Manoel da silva filho says:

    I Loved this wonderful job thanks for everything my wise doctor

  86. Мария Иванова says:

    Вы очень добры❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😹😹😹😹😖😖😖😢😢😭😭😭

  87. Mi ne says:

    Süper l.love it

  88. Steven hunderson says:

    The cat broke her leg, 😞

  89. Гугл аккаунт says:

    0:50 ето чо коты курили и бухали?😂

  90. lien vu says:


  91. Puan Ummi says:

    thank you very much to all of who helps thats cat….. "Terharu dengan kesetiaan the true friemdship between both cats"….i and my family wants to know the latest video from the woman with kindness soul… thanks a lot to thats kindness lady…

  92. Nazila Nazila says:


  93. ꧁_Турук Макто_꧂ says:

    Коты в шоке 🙂 🙀

  94. Yulduzhan Turgunova says:

    Кошек обижать нельзя!!!

  95. Yulduzhan Turgunova says:

    У нас в кз обижают страшно животных.они умнее чем люди

  96. KillerBrowneyes says:

    Ultimo jobbb

  97. 이세훈 says:

    싫어요머냐 개자슥들

  98. Wening Imanesti says:


  99. Елена Пивнева says:

    Бедняжка какой гад его так покалечил, животные лучше людей

  100. Елена Пивнева says:

    Огромнейшее спасибо таким замечательным тлюдям что спасли и приютили котиков

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