Helpful German Shepherd/Pomocny Owczarek Niemiecki

Ok take this end & I’ll take this one What a nice cooperation Good Major, we’re collecting wood for fire A little bit askew, but you carry Major leads me on a walk Sun already behind clouds & we’re in forest alone Almost Here! This way to home Here To home, because it’ll become dark Wait! Here’s bigger wood Biiig Stiiick What will you say? It’s moving Oh I can lift it, but not all Come Major we carry our…stick Laser eyes Major has some hidden skills Come here Lift it & go over the wood trunk Major won’t let me to carry alone, he must help Good dog With that friend no night in forest is dangerous But who will must to defend whom New way of walking with dog Carrying of wood for fire You don’t want to help anymore? Thumbs up for Major, a helper He back to help Like, subscribe, comment & share As strong as Major grabs this stick & see you next time Later

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