Herding and working dog breeds

in this video I’m going to talk about
the herding breed groups all that and more coming up. hello dog lover my name is Saro I am a
dog trainer and also coach dog owners herding breeds herding dogs are one of
the most popular breeds and intelligence breeds that we come across these breeds
were bred and designed to control and manage the movement of livestock or
other animals there are great companions and great family pets very intelligent
and very easy to train there are very sensitive breeds that means if you lift
an eyebrow they will feel it and if it react to it
I personally remember I worked with a dog that I could get the dog to do all
the basic obedience just by movement of my finger I would do this and would lie
down I would do this and would stop I would do this and it was very
intelligent it was just amazing because these breeds
were bred to work they were designed to control the livestock with or without
supervision of a human they are always in herding mode but unfortunately most
of the dogs from this breed they don’t come across and livestock or farm
animals throughout their lives when living in urban settings this can cause
this bridge to start behaving unnaturally and behaving a little bit
erratically so what you want to do you want to focus on their mental
stimulation rather than physical stimulation the good thing about these
breeds is that they’re very easy to train you can do a lot of mental
stimulation games with them and activities and training such as agility
obedience and lot more but because they are very intelligent someday you’re
going to run out of things to do with them therefore it is important to keep
continuing on training and working with them and stimulating them mentally
they’re not food motivated at all they have a work
tality and it will be really hard to get them motivated with food so you don’t
want to even try to involve food when it comes to training them in general if
they’re not really trained and also they’re not stimulated mentally they may
focus on certain things like toys balls and things like that and they will be
just focused on that forever I’ve noticed that most of the owners of these
breeds they don’t introduce balls or toys like that to their dogs until there
are two years and older being out two years they work on training the dog and
learn to manage this breed and this dog and then introduce the toy ball has an
entertainment and not an obsession they become really obsessed with toys so that
brings me to the question of do all and herding breed what are your thoughts
about this breed one of the challenges that you come across with this brief for
what are the best things about these breeds and remember if you want to have
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time have fun with your dog

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5 Responses

  1. TuftedTundra595 says:

    Very nice intro

  2. EssentialOils Gangsta says:

    Interesting information. I've been trying to break my labradoodles "obsession" with his toys

  3. MANFIIE .G says:

    I had a female heeler for 14 uears she passed away earlyer in the year i have had meany different breeds but she was the most intelligent helthy an loyal dog one i now have a male stummpy tale heeler and he is really smart and lourns really quickly but he is super sceard of most things dont kmow why as we havnt done anything to make him that way somthing may have happenend as a little pup befoer i got him and i think thats were the barking problem may be steming from

  4. Bob Bobby says:

    I have a white speckled cattle dog she was tough At first she was a rescue she turned out to be the best dog I've ever had I consider her my daughter this dog is definitely not for everyone you need to have high energy and you have to want to spend time with them it shouldn't be a chore it should be enjoyable

  5. Jordan Bowey says:

    Come to Australia. If you ask me we’re the ones with the best herding dogs and the best trainers.

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