Here’s What It Really Means When Your Cat Curls Up With You For Cuddles

Here’s what it really means when your cat curls up with you for cuddles When asked a thing of a pet that’s going to show you unconditional love and affection most people would probably point to dogs cats on the other hand are generally known for being aloof and independent but Stereotypes don’t always ring true after all kitties are often happy to cuddle up with their humans And if you think that’s just because they want something out of you. Well think again Yes, here are the real reasons why cats love to curl up for cuddles? While dogs were once the first choice for a family pet that’s no longer true in some countries Thanks to these stresses and demands of modern lifestyles fewer and fewer people have time to look after pooches after all They require far more attention than cats. It’s no surprise. Then that moggies have taken pups place as the most popular pet Indeed veterinary professor Daniel Mills told the Daily Telegraph in 2015 The domestic cat has recently passed the dog is the most popular companion animal in Europe with many seeing a cat as an ideal pet for owners who work long hours and Therefore more and more people are learning about the various ways in which cats show affection However several studies have claimed that the furry creatures don’t need humans at all For instance one 2015 investigation found that cats don’t experience Separation anxiety in the same way that dogs do so, they won’t panic when you leave the room or go away for a few days This study shows that cats do not need their humans to feel safe. They don’t depend on us they look after themselves Celia Hadden author of several cat behavior books told The Daily Telegraph if they’re scared a cat won’t come to its owner It’ll jump on top of a wardrobe or hide under the bed Still apparently this doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t love you Instead you could even look at it as a compliment After all if cats don’t need humans to survive but choose to stick around. Anyway, then it becomes apparent that they must like us Moreover beyond that basic instinct there are many physical ways in which cats prove their loves for their owners in Fact there are so many ways that cats can show affection that The Guardian columnist face Chopin managed to list 25 of them in a 2015 article, there’s no denying that some of them are inherently obvious Licking and playful biting for instance would be affectionate from any animal and cats are no different Nuzzling into your face or chest with a gentle headbutt. Meanwhile is clearly intended to be affectionate even if it does have the bonus of transferring the cat’s pheromones to you and therefore marking you as their own and Traits such as following you around the house or waiting by the door for you to come home our obvious signs of love However a few of Chopin’s examples point to more subtle ways in which cats demonstrate their love for humans for Instance she explained that cats don’t meow to each other. In fact, they only meow to communicate to humans So if your moggy is being particularly noisy it’s because they’re trying to tell you something maybe that it loves you but one of these apparent signs of affection really mean Are they genuine displays of appreciation in love or? Are they in fact just ways for a cat to get you to feed them and shelter them? Well, if you Darren believe that your cat could be so mercenary then you’ll be pleased to hear that It’s more likely to be the former Figuring it out for sure is simply a case of knowing what to look for according to cat behavior expert carlo siracusa Indeed the veterinarian told the dodo that to understand these animals. We must use cat rules not human rules Yes, well those clear signs of affection do exist. There are other telltale signals that you can watch out for as well For example, you never notice your cat walking around with its tail in the air well it’s a signal that cats use to feel each other out if The cat raises its tail up in response then they can approach each other Likewise if a cat is lifting its tail up that means that it’s comfortable with you Another clue that you may notice in your moggy is the slow blink if It makes eye contact with you and slowly narrows its eyelids. That’s basically the equivalent of a kitty kiss So, you know, you could try doing it back. We can’t promise that your pet will understand but it can’t hurt to reciprocate, right? Clearly then there are reasons for your cat’s affectionate actions. And that’s no less true when it comes to literally cuddling up with you Indeed their touch alone is almost proof enough that cats are being genuine with their affection Nevertheless there are also several other reasons, why cats choose to curl up with their owners It’s no secret that cats love warmth and it’s all the better if they can find that warmth from external sources Indeed whether they’re soaking up some rays in the summer or hunkering down near a radiator in the winter Our feline friends are seldom far away from a source of heat and there are few better than you guys did humans Your cat may also cuddle up to you simply to feel safe indeed no matter how much of a natural predator cats Are they still don’t want to become prey while they’re sleeping? But if they’re in your presence, they’ll feel secure because they know that you won’t let any harm come to them And of course cats desire comfort after all they sleep an average of 15 hours a day It’s no surprise then that they want to do so somewhere where they feel comfortable Pillows and cat beds are all well and good but humans can be even better Especially when they’re already snuggled under blankets of their own which is why you’ll often wake up to find a cat laid across you That isn’t the only reason cats like to sleep on top of their owners, though They also love the familiar soothing scents and sounds of the human body That slow inhale and exhale as you snooze the night away and a slow rhythm of breathing for cats. It’s the perfect lullaby and They’ll also recognize the sense that you admit which again ties into that feeling of security and comfort in Case you hadn’t clocked on yet. These are all very positive emotions and associations So when you put them all together, it becomes obvious that yes, your cat really does adore you Moreover they love cuddling up to you It means they feel safe protected and loved and also gives them a warm comfortable place to sleep. So while cats may not depend on humans in the same way that dogs tend to it doesn’t mean they don’t reciprocate your affection and When they come to curl up for cuddles, you know that deep down they really do. Love you Sorry kitties your reputation as aloof independent creatures is at an end

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100 Responses

  1. WatchZozo says:

    Watch A Man💂 Saved A Kitten 😿 Trapped Down A Dark Pipe – But He Wasn’t Ready For Her Adorable Reaction 👉

  2. mayella says:

    Me:Cat curls up with me
    Google: yo gon die

  3. Mary Joe says:

    I love cat 😻❤️❤️😻😊😊😊

  4. Cassondra Head says:

    Yeah right my cat literally follows me everywhere I go outside he comes and stays close by , I go to the bathroom n he is right there … I lay down he lays on my chest while trying to groom me … Separation anxiety my ass lol

  5. keziah257 says:

    😭😭😭😭 I feel bad

  6. abi kristina says:

    I adopted a cat called Knoxville who at the tims was bald from the front legs down, including back and tail. Turns out she ripped the hair out from stress, thankfully its all grown back now but she will rip fur out when I'm away for a few hours

  7. Gacha lifeアールエックスエスエスエス says:

    If you hate cats and dogs and leave them when ever you move them i hunt u doin and kill u

  8. Brie Askari says:

    It is so not true that kitties don't go to their humans for protection and comfort.

    Shy little Moosham will hide between my legs when he gets scared of loud noises or unusual activity.

    His brother, Pouya will literally scale my leg to get into my lap. He has me trained to squat when he reaches up my leg so I don't end up a bloody mess. Pouya would always sleep in my lap if he could. He and his brother Moosham are almost impossible to get off my lap once they squeeze in together. As soon as I take one off my lap the other climbs back on 😆

    While clingy Chloe follows me EVERYWHERE (until she gets too sleepy😆) She gets upset whenever I go somewhere she can't. She will sit at the door and scratch at it until I come back. She loves when I climb in bed so she can burrow under the covers next to me.

    All this "body heat seeking behavior" happens even in the summer where it gets up to 100 degrees with no air conditioning.

  9. Chase Rowe says:

    My friends kitty will pout and hide if they leave her for longer then a day. She gets moody and sad without them. And cries at the door when her daddies come home but dont open the door right away.

  10. FailGirlGamer says:

    My cat has seperation anxiety. She calls out for me when she can’t find me and follows me everywhere. I can’t go to the bathroom without her meowing to come in.

  11. Helen Ellsworth says:

    That means my kitty totally loves me 💕❣️❤️

  12. Droiduser Userdroid says:

    Studies have definitely shown that many cats DO suffer from separation anxiety. They can be medically diagnosed with it. This video makes a lot of REALLY BAD claims.

  13. D War says:

    It took you almost 5 minutes to get to the point of the video…….

  14. Dragonwings39 says:

    My kitty cat is a love bucket;
    He loves to cuddle, even sleep next to me, he always happy to see me when I come home from work, he even gets upset when I leave for work. My use to have separation issues but he trusts me now. I love my kitty cat.

  15. vee dee says:

    My cats are plotting my demise and I’m sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, they want me dead.

  16. David Watson says:

    I grew up with dogs , at around 57 I discovered a stray cat and now at 63 I have 7 best friends 4 black 3 gray. They all sleep with me. I love them.

  17. Tanya The Loli says:

    Idk about separation anxiety but If i try to sleep alone all I'll hear is scratching and meowing outside my door all night.

  18. David Kavalcenti says:

    Cats are awesome

  19. Michael M says:

    There’s whole generations of cats that will never know the warmth of a tube tv

  20. αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd says:

    1:23 omg that looks exactly like mine ;0;

  21. Susan Carver says:

    Cats do not need humans, but humans need cats.🐈🐈💕💕

  22. some one says:

    Theyze not need us hoomans. Weeze need themz.

  23. Linda Mulholland says:

    My cat will lay down in front of the door when i have left the house , thats where i find her when i unlock the door and walk in. At night she lay down in front of my upper body , she prefers to lay there until i fall asleep , then she will lay down some where else. Cats are amazing ,they let us know when they are hungry , when they are happy , and when they are upset , at least mine does !

  24. jennifer johnson says:

    My cat Mason he has separation anxiety so bad that he refuses to eat while I’m gone he sits on my bed or under my bed and wait for me my cat wrinkle he does not like it when I leave is when I come back yelp and yells and yells at me so that’s BS whoever says cats don’t have separation anxiety half of this video I didn’t even believe

  25. hazelann alexander says:

    I get extra cuddles when I'm ill

  26. Mike Louis says:

    No separation anxiety huh? I had to go out of town for 5 days last month. My two pocket tigers were so wound up that they pretty much stopped eating and wouldn't come inside. I think they missed me.

  27. TheTooginator says:

    My cat is a sweetheart with me, but he LOVES my old high school buddy. My kitty sees my friend about once every six months, but he goes BANANAS with happiness and excitement when my friend visits. Other people visit, but my kitty just loves my friend more than anyone else. I don’t understand why my friend is so special, but it’s fun to watch my kitty be so happy.

  28. ChesterSnap says:

    Uh… One of my cats gets horrible diarrhea from stress and shits all over the house when I'm gone for more than a few days. Another tends to hide and won't leave the safety of my room if I'm not home but my roommates are. I'm calling bullshit on the separation anxiety thing

  29. Swati Nigam says:

    Big time separation anxiety for my cats.

  30. Linda Somers says:

    I adore my cats! They adore me. They rush the door when I get home from work. Are you kidding me???? =^..^=

  31. Linda Somers says:

    What about the laying on their back with their belly up? AND letting you rub that tummy??? =^..^=

  32. Kirara's Mom says:

    I got a cat whom wags it's tail.

  33. vegan fit mumma says:

    Rubbish study
    Cats do have and need all those things
    My cat greats me at the door when I come home then I get told off for leaving
    She follows me to every room

  34. ChaosMyth1012 says:

    People, read between the lines. They did not say “Cat’s don’t experience separation anxiety”. They said, “Cat’s don’t experience separation anxiety the way dogs do”. God calm down

  35. Lilly V Gutierrez says:

    Ota raining bad outside my cat is inside now wet and laying in floor carpet she's so cute she 11 my love.

  36. Eweezy8004 says:

    I trained my runt hunter cat. Now she forcefully has to lay right next to me when I’m sleeping, sometimes it gets squashed if I don’t notice it’s there lol

  37. Van Mama Wannabe says:

    The idiots who think kitties don’t suffer separation anxiety should talk with my neighbors who hear my cat howling when I walk the few steps to my mailbox.

  38. Melissa P says:

    The stray my son took in is amazing. When he takes the dog out or leaves the house Odin goes berserk running from window to window almost crying in emotional pain looking for them. I don't like cats and I fell in love within three days. …awww
    He's a black 🐈🙂and so awesome!

  39. Gabrielle says:

    My cat and I do the "kitty kiss" every day. I slow blink at him and he slow blinks in return. It sounds stupid, but using animal language strengthens the bond between human and pet. We shouldn't always expect the animal to form to our ways.

  40. John says:

    It wants a warm.

  41. Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki says:

    I have a sign in my home that reads. "My cat's not spoiled, I'm just well trained".

  42. Maria Eastham says:

    All 3 of my cats want to be in my lap at once.

  43. Big Kitty says:

    2 minutes into the video and this guy is still talking about everything but saying nothing about the subject of the video.

  44. CARTOONIVERSE1 says:

    My cat always insisted on sitting on my chest face-to-face while I watched TV. So half my vision was the TV & the other a GIANT cat eye. His name was Oliver & 20+ years later I still miss him. My dog too.

  45. Sherry Pena says:

    My cat has separation anxiety when I leave n close the door she cries I hear her when I wait for the elevator!

  46. Luna Cadwell says:

    My cat is far from being aloof 🙅🏻‍♀️

  47. TheAngelofconfidence says:

    Mine feels safe, comforted, protected, secure and loved when she's near me, on her tree, window sill, on the couch, on my lap or on the bed.

  48. El Duderino says:

    Cats are great. She’s my shadow. A lot of love and they’ve also figured out that we’re space heaters for them.

  49. I hate google says:

    Dude you sound like a women you talk to much, get to the point!

  50. Atif Ismail says:

    Cat don't experience separation anxiety…..! .. Biggest MF lie in the world for me atleast, leave my " Simba" even for a couple of hours and can hear his cries even just getting out of my apartment's lift door…

  51. 09penny1 says:

    My sister was staying with me for a few days and she told me that seconds after I left for work in the morning, my cat would howl and cry. They definitely experience separation anxiety. Another way cats show affection: they place their paw on your hand or face.

  52. 09penny1 says:

    Cats do call to each other. I have two cats that call to each other all the time. One will be in the room with me and the other will cry from the other room until he comes in and finds his brother. Happens in rooms that I am not in as well. They don't like to be out of sight of the other. It's like a kitty hide and seek!

  53. Evelyn Pendall says:

    That is complete NONSENSE that Cats dont need us what a horrible thing to say!! CATS NEED US AS THIER PARENTS TO FEED AND KEEP THE WARM AND 'SAFE' PERIOD! THEY ARE OUR FUR CHILDERN

  54. David Lafferty says:

    I wonder what weirdo needed to hear this 😂

  55. Sedonia Guillone says:

    Actually my cat does have separation anxiety. When I leave the house she cries and carries her feather stick around in her jaws making strange yowling noises.

  56. marie deepti says:

    I want a cuddly kittyyy now after watching this… …..

  57. Matthew Smith says:

    Jesus Christ, what's with the insanely loud intro?

  58. Droiduser Userdroid says:

    Every cat I've ever cared for got separation anxiety. In fact, one cat refused to eat when my father was in the hospital for several weeks, resulting in organ failure and death. This guy has no idea what he's talking about.

  59. Droiduser Userdroid says:

    My father's cats also tried to hide in his suitcase when he went on business trips, thinking they could go with him.

  60. Octavia Jones medina says:

    My mom tells me my cat cries until I come home

  61. Erin Schultz says:

    Of course cats love their humans. Otherwise they wouldn't bother with the hassle of owning them.

  62. Ivette Arroyo says:

    My baby wait for me to come home and rub himself on me when someone leaves the house he cries for a bit. His always waiting for us on the sofa facing the door

  63. Adrian Carter says:

    Man- I moved in with my boyfriend’s family- and one of their cats have chosen me and even lays in my seat when I’m not there- and cuddles all day 😭❤️

    However he bites me when I pet him after HE pushed my hand onto him? xD

  64. Mistress Chief says:

    Lol my cat gets such separation anxiety that if he doesn't see me he starts making crying noises and scratching the carpet and door where he thinks I'm behind

  65. marine47ncaa25 says:

    We used to take long walks down to the lake in our mountain neighborhood and our cats would follow us for miles sometimes. We always made sure they followed back, but they must have thought we were just going to walk out the door and never come back😢❤️

  66. zoë nomer says:

    my cat meows outside my bathroom door while i’m showering and he’ll keep meowing until i let him in

  67. IDk ViDs says:

    Help my cat’s asleep on my shoulder

  68. CASPER 12345 says:

    I love both of my dogs and my three cats , having them all sleeping with me there's no better feeling . The dogs sleep in between my wife and me and the cats sleep on me or beside me . 🐶🐶🐱🐱🐱

  69. mamakaka73 says:

    I've had cats all my life, and I never found cats to be cold and independant.

  70. Kendra Coleman says:

    My cat freaks out when I leave her alone

  71. Janice Larsen says:

    I don't think this guy has his facts together. Cats absolutely suffer separation anxiety. They get very lonely just like dogs to and yes they depend on their human. I have 3 cats and if I leave the house for even 15 minutes when I come home and open the door all 3 are standing right there waiting for me. So get your facts straight Mr.

  72. F trogs says:

    So a cat that cuddles w/ you likes you?

    Shocking discovery

  73. Scott says:

    My cat will bring me presents like her cloth mice and I can always tell when she brought me a present because she will meow so loud! The first time she did it I was like what the heck is going on! But what's funny is once I acknowledge the present and tell her thank you she calms down! Hilarious! I

  74. Rita Robinson says:

    My cat also had separation anxiety. She and I loved to hang out together. I miss her terribly.

  75. aundrea dalrymple says:

    I see us kitty folks are a hoot!!!!!

  76. verilyheld says:

    It means your cat(s) are completely comfortable with you.

  77. Rose Romano says:

    I don't know why these experts say that cats don't meow to other cats. My cat meowed to her kittens. There are videos on youtube that show cats meowing to their kittens and other cats. Cat threaten each other with particular meows just before they start to fight. And when a female cat is in heat, there's that special meow she does to call a mate. She's certainly not addressing a human then–unless she's some kind of pervert.

  78. Lightningstriker1 says:

    People who believe cats were aloof and solitudinous animals have never had a cat.

  79. Steve Lenores says:

    You obviously don't know my cat. She cries when I'm out sight even if I'm still home. Your theories hold no water at all. I was thinking that perhaps your cat doesn't feel anxiety because your cat doesn't like you and sees your absence with relief.

  80. Patrick Walker says:

    Bullshit! My cat gets nuts when I'm gone for 4+ hours.

  81. Shellyz2u says:

    Bull! My baby suffered much anxiety when I started grad school, too the point she lost fur n I had to take her to the vet. She cried rainbow bridge just over 2 years ago, miss her sooooo damn much

  82. Dave Ridlespriger 2 says:


  83. Hikiaa Gaming says:

    My cat cry’s when I spent the night at friends houses 😂 he’d go to my door and cry for me

  84. Latonia Anderson says:

    Cats do experience separation anxiety. A stray adopted me and when I went to work after a long holiday and returned, I could hear the critter meowing from outside. Geesh! I leave the tv on for him.

  85. just a fella says:

    I left my cat for three days with family members coming to feed her. When I came back my cat was pissed off with me and showed it.

  86. sadchick madchick says:

    My old kitten O'Malley was extremely loving.
    I was crying once and he came and snuggled me and was nuzzling his face into mine.
    He did this every time I cried.

  87. Arianna Kartaltepe says:

    One time I had to go to my car and my friend was in the living room she said my cat just cried because he didnt know someone was still there so she just was all, "Aw Ster! What's wrong?" And he got all quiet until I got back lol

  88. Aleisa Kyper says:

    I've always described myself as a heated cat bed…

  89. Y DK says:

    They don't panic when you are away well.. you should see my cat lol

  90. mike nirakis says:

    if you think you have experienced true cat love or true animal love… try getting a sphynx cat to live always will think that you are with your buddy just chillin

  91. •lil pan • says:

    If only my cat can cuddle with me…..but my cat only goes to my mom😖

  92. Paul Ward says:

    My cats come running to the door as soon as I walk through it.

  93. shawn eashappie says:

    If cats only meow to humans then why does my two cats meow to eachother

  94. Nora Idriss says:

    my cat showed the subtle signs, but she never wanted to cuddle with me in bed, she'd be so annoyed, and especially after a certain point, she didn't want to even sit in my lap, really. does that mean she didn't care or was that her personality? She got sick in the end and I had to give her away, but I always wonder if the 2.5 years of the time i spent with her, if most of it after she started growing up I was missing out on the full cat experience? I miss her dearly but I also wonder if I should get another cat for the most loving experience I can get from a cat?

  95. singinwithceline says:

    People think cats don’t care, but both British Blues I’ve had have followed me around like lost little kittens. Duchess sleeps with me and cries when I leave the room. They definitely need humans, but they’re not in our faces about all the time like dogs are.

  96. Marcy Jurado says:

    My baby doesn’t need me 🥺

  97. Kk Dd says:

    Every day when my dad comes in to wake me up for school my cat is the first to come in

  98. Brick Animations says:

    Here’s the catch my cat don’t scratch , he does a crap and let’s me know with a slap

  99. Rachel Pruett says:

    Watching this while my cat is passed out on my chest 😂

  100. Ralph Lopez says:

    Somewhere on YouTube there is a video, where a lady sets up a camera to see what her cat does when she leaves the house. The cat sat there and cried and cried and cried until she returned. Back when me and my brother lived together. Him and his girlfriend now wife. Were watching TV in his room one evening as I was leaving to go work.. they started hearing in this crying like a baby crying. It freaked them out and they thought someone had left a baby at the back door step when they went to go investigate. It was my cat. Crying because I had left and went to work.

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