Hiking with German Shepherd/Wędrówka z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

A return to forest, our forest Major’s refueling So where are those leaves? November Be quite! Dog in the last house on the street barks louder than others Maybe not the loudest, but the most often Major is probably the loudest The loudest dog on the street, Major As known statement from “Game of thrones” says So Major let’s prepare to winter We have wood I said “we have” Shovels to shoveling snow & may winter come Doghouse is insulated, winter tires We’re ready Here! Here! There’s probably the roe Major to me! He’s returning Where did you escape? Leave these roes & deers in peace Cause there’s a copse We don’t touch forest animals, remember it We’re leaving animals in peace Hedgehogs, deers, boars, foxes, wolves aren’t here Hares, pheasants Don’t touch! There’s one wolf, he’s going front of me What are you looking for? You didn’t find this My own whistling is poor Let’s go Major! Watch out for my legs! & watch out for teeths, last time you almost teared them out When you didn’t fit with stick in tight place What? There’s a meadow Our favourite Catch! Are you hiding? Major watches the views What do you see there? Nice view, nice, very nice Thumbs up for walks with Major Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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