Hiking with my puppy

We took our puppy on his first hike
today and I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit jealous. Every step was a new adventure,
every leaf, rock, and stream had new smells, sounds, and feels. Nothing was
taken for granted and nothing was ordinary. This was the best adventure and
there was no way he wanted it to end. And when he was tucked away, he felt so safe and
taken care of. There was nothing that could hurt him because he was protected
by us. It got me thinking about how I experience each hike.. each day. Was I
taking it for granted, failing to miss the beauty right in
front of my face that I’d grown accustomed to? Wake up, Matt!

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7 Responses

  1. Wake Up Matt says:

    What motivates and reminds you to stay adventurous, curious and present?

  2. Ajay Kumar says:

    More videos like these.

  3. Mitchell Keen says:

    That's a damn cute little hound.

  4. Kardoso Media says:

    Amazing! Would love to take my pup somewhere like this

  5. Visit Live Love Maui says:

    love the puppy .. thanks for sharing this video. Saw the pics ta Instagram – so cool!

  6. Private List says:

    Nice video @Wake Up Matt.. check out this https://amzn.to/2WS3nf7

  7. Yuliia Voinova says:

    Hello!:) Im about to get a puppy this week, and we are going for a hike too (more like a overnights camping with some short hikes) could you please tell what did u do to prevent tick bites? I think it is too early for flea collars and not all shots are done.

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