Hiphop Tamizha – Takkaru Takkaru (Official Music Video)

You know something.. Soon after we destroy ones identity,
he becomes a refugee Already every Indian.. are embarrassed to speak
in their mother tongue That itself is success for us likewise, what If we destroy each and every identity? That’s ok,
but how can we do that? After the Tractor took over ploughing, Most of the bulls got sold for a cheaper rate If we buy the remaining
bulls for a slaughter house? But what do we get from that? India is the world leaders
in milk production For the cow to reproduce its calf the bull is needed what If we destroy the bulls? Then Artificial Insemination is the only way And all the patents for that
is owned by corporates like us Its ok with other places, but
it’s not possible in Tamilnadu They grow the Bull just for ‘Jallikattu’ and they care for every
bull as their own son We can never buy them There is a price for everything! The chief’s son Greeting sir! He’s one of the big shot guy here Everything is ready Sir briefed about everything There would be no trouble His brother would be the only problem I’ll take care of him I’ll talk my father into
selling all the bulls sir. Make sure there is no trouble. He is a big shot in this town They are paying lakhs for
these worthless bulls willing to take them. Does it hurt you to give them away? just Sell it off dad! If he sells his bull,
The others in town would sell theirs It is a part of our family You Swine..get lost. Bro, tell him
He and his bull.. It’s better you leave now – Wait
– Tell him to leave Leave this place in 5 minutes Don’t go around town asking
other as you did to me – sir What I am trying to say?
– Leave! Bro, they have come… Look into my eyes,
This is our land With a cold stare, I am gonna kick you all This is my territory You better stay away When we show our razor moustache will make the enemies run off terrified When we show our razor moustache will make the enemies run off terrified Look into my eye
This is my land With a cold stare, I am gonna kick you all This is my territory You better stay away We think of bulls to be our sons How would we think of hurting them This is a falsity Banning this sport, Our breed
bulls will be destroyed Foreign bull business will increase You Innocent Tamizha, Your
ignorance will lead you to lose your identity and
eventually your own self Loosing your identity you will
become a refugee in your own country The problem is not about the bull
It’s about your country The Economy of the country will fall Then We would all have to beg Sir, I told you that they would fail They have trashed all our guys Then it’s plan B Excuse me sir! Pouring lemon into the bulls eye.. Spraying chill powder in the eyes Feeding it liquor, I’ve made up
photos and video of such sort what are these for sir? There is a group to stop Jallikattu Their exact aim is to target the bull Because destroying the bull,
will destroy its breed They have destroyed its breed totally Those owning a Jallikattu bull can only use
them in the fights during the Festive season A farmer can’t even go to Delhi
even if he sells his bull How would that farmer afford to
take up a case in the supreme court Few say this is a run by uneducated people We all are educated Even if we are uneducated, we can tell
we are so educated in preserving the bull Letting a bull breed that has lived along
for 6000-7000 years is a huge sin What have they learnt from stopping this? They just learnt destruction After letting them destroy,
what’s the use of us living They are using us
to bring us down The Tamil Nadu government is lying,
Everyone is lying They have enough money to make
us believe that they are true All we can do is just get angry, as we don’t
have enough money to defend ourselves After 2009 for the past 7 years Where has a bull been hurt? Where have they seen a bull
bleed or treated with lemon Growing a healthy bull would we
let others hurt it with a knife Identifying each bull, if we had hurt
any they could have filed a case on us What would happen if we
give liquor to the cow? It would doze off So many Ignorant people are
talking against Jallikattu Not understanding what Jallikattu is about
People are critisizing it What is happening by banning Jallikattu? Next we are seeing the
elephants only in books, likewise we can see
the bulls in pictures only All the Local breeds in Tamilnadu
have been destroyed The tamil race is vanishing
and a heritage is being destroyed Around the globe the cows will participate
in one game and then will be executed We are not so Growing a bulls is… like a friend, a brother or like our God The bull dying of old age We build a tomb for it and worship it My bulls name is Ayyanar Its been with me since school Not letting my parents
know about it I would secretly go feed it, and
lived most my life with it He lived well He had no pain or anything It stood here Knelt and sat down When I came back to see,
He was no more My family was heart broken that day It was like I had lost a brother He was more than a brother
A god! Those who say there is no God are fools I don’t mean to go worship a statue Every Animal is a God We are so privileged to
keep his remains over here This cemetry is where
he rests at peace When we lowered it ,
It sat kneeling down You are always welcome to visit
a house that grows a bull Those against this come
to our towns Jallikattu Smell your hand you will sense the same smell as in Gopuram North Indians know nothing about Jallikattu Our people from Madras studying in college They say Jallikattu to be a sport where
the bulls legs and ears are being pulled We were nodding for the cases you filed We are nodding even for the Ban now

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  1. sagar str says:


  2. Praveen Kumar says:

    Intha song ah dislike panna you are not a human including you are not a TAMILAN

  3. Ranjith Nand says:

    Getthu machi forever……

  4. Mohamed Abrar says:

    I want takkaru takkaru 2

  5. zeus 123 says:

    vazga thamil… "ondru pattal undu vaalvu"

  6. Srihari Gobu says:

    Entha nai da dislike pannavan ????

  7. Rahmathoufi Rahmathoufi says:

    Yellathukum inspiration 💪👏👍😎

  8. Rajkumar Velupillai says:

    Support from Singapore.
    வாழ்க வளர்க தமிழ் பண்பாடு, கலாச்சாரம்🙏🏻💪👍

  9. JITHIN JAZz says:

    The unity of tamilianz is the the most i respect. Thy r there for eachother. If all indians have that india will be the most powerful country on the world

  10. akash karthic creations says:

    Anyone in 2019? Hit that thumbs up button

  11. Sowmiya Divya says:

    Tamil naduna veeram jalikattu enga aadayalam தமிழன்டா😎😎

  12. LOVELY RAGHUL says:


  13. hema latha says:


  14. Kavinjar Kattappa says:

    Entire jallikattu protest started here…

  15. Suresh Manickam says:

    4.9k 👎 Bitches

  16. Mass Thiven says:


  17. NAVEEN PRABU says:

    Waiting for the next social album Hiphop.. come on..

  18. தமிழ் Tamil says:

    மறக்க முடியுமா…

  19. nithish Kumar says:


  20. S PERUMAL says:

    Maadu enbadhu mother maathiri
    Maatta vithaa namma ammava
    Vikkira maathiridaa

  21. Vasnthakumar Nithan says:

    Evanachu dislike potu bad comment pannitu srilanka pakkam varathainga vantha avalaperayum vetuvan

  22. Hayath jm says:

    4:50 aathi right side mela madai Pradesh anne

  23. BALAJI says:

    What about bovine breeding act 2019 which was implemented by the government in our state.
    Explain the merits and demerits.

  24. ŚMĎ ŚÁMĔĔŔ says:


  25. Sarojah Krishnen says:

    Proud be tamilan

  26. Veerakumar Kumar says:

    Nice Anna

  27. PUPG PUPG says:

    I support u bro

  28. hari baskar says:

    4900 Dislikes From Corporates and PETA 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Ameen Shariq says:

    Any One watch This 2019

  30. selva jeni says:


  31. Sujitha Sujitha says:

    Idhu dha yanga uri takkaru takkaru messa yadha murukana podum…… Love u hip hop tamiza ur the always motivater for me….. 😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘

  32. Idea ads says:

    thinking song

  33. Tamil Nature says:

    Watching now.. Tamizhandaaaaaaa

  34. Thalaivar Special Edits says:

    11:44 சிறப்பா சொனிங்க அண்ணா

  35. Vicky M says:

    Still listening song 26 august 2019

  36. Raja Adhi says:

    வீரத் தமிழன்டா

  37. Sarvan Sivam says:

    u r a real Hero mr Tamilan..

  38. b shivaa says:

    jallikattu should be saved

  39. Muthumani Dio says:

    Hip hop tamizha music and lyrics is super

  40. Rabika Parveen says:

    Mass 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. gowtham saran says:

    Indian economy down ….. its right ……

  42. Siva Prakash says:

    Unity is strength 💪💪💪💪


    potta pasangala yevanda dislike pottathu😠😠😠

  44. Yuga Rajen says:

    Adhi bro I wanna buy 2 Indian cow jallikathu kalai pure one…. text me back +60162562583 from Malaysia…. I wanna do first jallikatthu in malaysia

  45. Joker Joker says:

    என் கண்ண பாரு
    இதுதான்டா என் ஊரு
    மொறச்சா உன்ன உதைப்போம்
    நீ அடிச்சா உன்ன அழிப்போம்
    டக்கரு டக்கரு
    டக்கரு டக்கரு

    இதுதான் என் ஊரு
    டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு
    நீ மோதிப்பாரு
    என் கண்ண பாரு இதுதான்டா என் ஊரு

    மொறச்சா உன்ன உதைப்போம்
    நீ அடிச்சா உன்ன அழிப்போம்
    டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு
    இதுதான் என் ஊரு
    டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு
    நீ மோதிப்பாரு

    மீசையத்தான் முறுக்கி வந்தா
    போதும் போதும் எதிரிக்கெல்லாம்
    கொல நடுங்கி போகும்
    போகும் போகும்

    ஹே மீசையத்தான் முறுக்கி வந்தா
    போதும் போதும் எதிரி கூட்டம்
    செதறி ஓட்டம் ஓடும் ஓடும் ஓடும்
    என் கண்ண பாரு
    இதுதான்டா என் ஊரு

    மொறச்சா உன்ன உதைப்போம்
    நீ அடிச்சா உன்ன அழிப்போம்
    டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு
    இதுதான் என் ஊரு

    டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு டக்கரு
    நீ மோதிப்பாரு
    மாட்ட பெத்த புள்ளையா
    நினைக்கிறோம் நினைக்கிறோம்
    இத கொடும செய்ய
    எப்படி மனசு வரும் மனசு வரும்

    இதன் பின்னே உள்ள
    சர்வதேச அரசியல்
    நடத்திடும் வெறி செயல்

    இந்த விளையாட்டை தடைச்செய்தால்
    நாட்டு மாடு அழியும்
    வெளிநாட்டு நிறுவனங்கள்
    வியாபாரம் பெருகும்
    அறியாத தமிழ உன் அறியாமை பிழையால்

    உன் அடையாளம் விழுந்தால்
    நீ மெதுவாக அழிவாய்
    உன் அடையாளம் விழுந்தால்
    உன் தாய் நாட்டில் நீயும் ஒரு
    அகதியாய் மாறிடுவாய்
    இது மாட்டை பத்தின பிரச்சனை இல்ல
    உன் நாட்ட பத்தின பிரச்சனைடா

    நாட்டின் பொருளாதாரமே விழும்
    நாமும் எடுக்கணும் பிச்சையடா
    டக்கரு டக்கரு
    டக்கரு டக்கரு
    இதுதான் என் ஊரு
    டக்கரு டக்கரு

    டக்கரு டக்கரு
    நீ மோதிப்பாரு
    டக்கரு டக்கரு
    டக்கரு டக்கரு
    இதுதான் என் ஊரு
    டக்கரு டக்கரு
    டக்கரு டக்கரு
    நீ மோதிப்பாரு

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  48. manoj Kumar Kumar says:

    Tharee maree song 💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👌

  49. Santhoshkumar V says:

    Anyone in September 2019

  50. Rasu Kutti says:

    Always we are support

  51. Saran S says:

    Goosebumps… 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Lovely Rock says:

    தலைவணங்குவோம் தமிழுக்கு மட்டும்

  53. ragul raj says:

    Everytime 5.27 …… Gets goosebumps……….I think another war is coming ….. This time it's for our mother itself TAMIZH …….nanga enga naathu maaduke sanda potavanga…..TAMIZH la kekava venum🔥

  54. Selva Murugan says:

    Goosebumps overloaded …. Jallikattu protest started after this song

  55. ab hi says:

    Super brother

  56. nazar says:

    10.24 kaalai'ya thottu monthu paarunga..
    Koburathula iruka vaadaium ithuvum onna irukum..
    Ithuku mela explain panna onnu illa..
    Our Farmers treating Bull and Cow are like God.
    Tamilan da 💪♥️

  57. Saran Chandeep says:

    who is here after tamizhi music video?

  58. Agenthina Angel says:

    Proud to be a Tamilan ❤ ❤

  59. Racer darshan says:

    Thalai vaa madu matu Ella naai kuda erku,engakuda foreign breed tha use pannurenga


    ANY ONE AFTER தமிழி ? 🔥🔥

  61. Ram Kumar says:

    who got Goosbump listening to this song. 😍

  62. NAVIN KUMAR says:

    5k corporate boot lickers.

  63. Vignesh S says:

    My gang
    Peta peta podaaa go****a

  64. Praveenkumar Rajan says:

    Jallikattu visayathula motha Tamil Nadum Aadhi ku kadan patrukku… indhu video mattum illena Jallikattu awareness ivlo wide spread ah vandhurukkadhu… But I'm really disappointed the way Aadhi was treated for the controversies during protest… Govt senja thappukku avar enna pannuvaaru? Nalladhu seiravungala ella kaala vaari vittuta podhu prechanaya pesa oruthan vara maatan… Tamil Nandu kadhai unmai dhan pola…

    Once again wishes for aadhi for giving Tamizhi now….

  65. Mersal television says:

    Hip Hop Vera level thalaivaaaa

  66. Jasva Kingsly says:


  67. Balaji RadhaKrishnan says:

    our Tamil Nadu government recently 20 Oct 2019 announced new law against this traditional method seemen now they asking certification if u not have certificates they will charge up t two lKE INDIn rupees this is also one kind of trick so please taml Nadu government return this certificate law don't distrube us in a different way

  68. Mani Bharathy says:

    Who is here after tamizhi ???????

  69. Akila Subramanian says:

    Anyone here in 2019 ? Two year's memorable victory for unity…

  70. Arjun Hari says:


  71. 5WH - Truth Alone Wins says:

    Add the English Subtitles for All the Videos – The world needs to Know the story.

  72. Shiva says:

  73. Hari Krishna says:

    i am from kerala but i like your music

  74. neelaveni b says:

    Hip hop bro . I am seenivasan from vellore near by rk pet. Rk pet na la cock fight is to popular of over all tamilnadu. But last 2 year a no more tournament and cock fights. So plz helped to support cock fight and it not to earn money and more etc .is only save our old generation and plz help me and our this field . Only approve by verukal savel fight without knife. I am waiting for your album. And me also graduate and still young generation. #wesupport.cock.fight .
    Waiting for album pls don't avoid

  75. MASS TAMILAN DA says:


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  77. Mohan says:

    Make a film ya

  78. Amir Ruban1997 says:

    ஏ கண்ணா பாரு இதுடா எங்க ஊரு 😎💓❤😍 mass entry bro

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  81. Pearl Muthu says:

    A single man behind of his only one hard turn hole youngest into protest it's possible in only in Tamil Nadu

  82. kk ar says:

    Intha thalamuraiya pathi adutha thalamura kekkumpothu intha vartha kandippa irrukkum ……jallikkattu 🔥🔥 🔥


    2k19 October hit likes

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  85. Vijay Ragavan says:

    I am not able to give more than 1 like..


    இப்ப பார்த்தாலும் வெறி ஏறுது அண்ணா….

  87. Jeevanandham S says:

    The 5k dislikes from the peta corporates

  88. kohli RAM says:

    Waiting tamili 2 pls upload quick

  89. Vithya Tharan says:


  90. AJ AJ says:

    Proud of u Tamizha. Never give up. Rock on

  91. Moorthy P says:

    உடம்பு சிலிற்குது என்ன பாட்டு அடி தூள்

  92. Akil Shan says:

    V.O.C ground coimbatore. …still remembering the moments…still now Im not buying coke or pepsi whatever …

  93. Shiva Shivankunnu says:


  94. Shiva Shivankunnu says:


  95. Raghu agr says:

    I am a Hip Hop Tamizha fan

  96. Pravinkumar R says:

    Jallikattirkku nam anaivarum ondraga inainthu poradinom idhupol nattin anaithu prachanaikalukkum ondraga inainthu poraduvom tamulanda

  97. Muthu Kumar says:


  98. George Anton says:

    Takkaru da………Tamil makkala thotta ketta

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