[swishy swishy fist times] Oh no! The space cats are invading! Wow! You are so brave and in good shape! Thanks! Time to heroically sacrifice myself! I’m pregnant! Hello. Tom! I thought you were dead! Also I’m black now. So I see. I however have remained completely the same. Well you have gained weight… COMPLETELY THE SAME. Tom, there’s something I need to tell you. Oh baby- Wait! THEY’RE BACK! [MEOWING AND SMASHING AND CRASHING] Quick! Celebrity best friend Batman! Use your psychic powers! Okay! Oh no. Now that cat has Batman’s psychic powers! That’s totally how that works. And it’s using them to control the minds of a profession stunt team! Yes. That also makes sense. Aha! We are stuntmen! Yes! We will punch you now! Urgh! He’s so strong and attactive! Why are the cats here? Remember the Quantum Syntax Crystal of Felinium Five? You mean this one? No. This one. Oh. They need it to open the Astrocat Space Hole! And destroy Earth! Earth?! But that’s where I parked the car! AAAAAAAAAAARRGH! He’s killed me! AAAAAAAAAAARRGH! Oh! I’m dead! AAAAAAAAAAARRGH! Mummy! Oh no! Did you die? Worse. I sold out. DOWNLOAD BATTLE CATS NOW! AVAILABLE IN APP STORES! Uurgh! My integrity! Hey! I had our baby just now! My son… FULFIL YOUR DESTINY! Have you been working out? No. Tom, this script doesn’t make any sense. I AM AN ARTIST!! Hey you! This video was sponsored by the game Battle Cats which you can download for free in the description below. It’s got cats and they’re battling! What more could you want?

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100 Responses

  1. Fluffo Foxo says:

    When I saw Basic Cat

    I lost my shit

  2. Tadeusz Kubacki says:

    Was that a real baby?

  3. Sir woofington says:

    Is that Keith from SMOSH?

  4. Ms. BobaTOTES says:

    “Yesh, we shall punch yew now”

  5. MYST GreenLocker Gaming says:

    Just 4 more years till holy shit cats 3

  6. Ryu Kuudere says:

    Earth!? But that’s where I parked the car!

  7. Creepy crawler says:

    Tom stop getting drunk!!

  8. JC Howard says:

    What happened to Jenny?


    I wan't whatever tomska's smoking.

  10. Fadel Online says:

    hi im a cat from a interdimensional world

  11. Lordof D says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo the cats

  12. ACatEatCatWorld says:

    0:45 the cartoon cat is a cat from a game called battle cats

  13. Hat Storm says:

    0:45 BATTLE CATS!

  14. Hat Storm says:

    0:46 so THAT’S where the hole came from

  15. jacob reviews says:

    Tom reminds me of my friend

  16. Bub Vision says:


  17. Elixr the Tuber says:

    Guy:This dosent make any sense
    Tom(Drunk):I AM AN ARTIST(Then beer fizz)

  18. JellyJenna bean says:


  19. Liambro64 boiii says:

    It’s the battle cats cat at 0:45

    Oh damn it’s a ad for battle cats

  20. Leo playz says:

    I play battle cats

  21. Crazy Hedgehog says:

    Tom just really wanted to get drunk.

  22. Oka da Neiba says:

    IM a ArTisT

  23. IsaacAnimatez says:


  24. XxTheOddEggxX says:

    A cat ate batman, well I knew cat woman's cat would eat him some day

  25. Astro Draco says:


  26. Foodie Gena says:

    But Earth is where I parked my car

  27. the boss channel! says:

    I saw the battle cat

  28. bees says:

    Yo basic cat is super ded

  29. Hurricane HD! says:

    but that’s where I parked the car
    proceeds to fire 2 auotmatic guns

  30. Volcanic Slash says:

    ….your suppose to gace birth to a baby in 9 months….
    And she didnt gave birth to a baby in 6 years…..

  31. Aidan’s plushy Pals says:

    Tats a big boi kat

  32. Peta Bailey says:

    Download battle cats I am definitely not a cat just download it

  33. Narwhal says:

    They should replace the Cats movie with this.

  34. Wil Smith says:

    Mummy! No I'm dead! Aw!

  35. Kontroversial Kid says:

    I'm really drunk

  36. Алексей says:

    The best. Ad. Ever.

  37. Zyri Blackwood says:

    1:47 … is that the hole?

  38. Lord squad killer 22 says:

    This was the best movie ever I hope they make a new film

  39. Vlabstavag says:

    This was so badly made that its funny as hell

  40. Dark Flame says:

    Listen to this is just an excuse to use guns

  41. ROSENDO TINOCO says:

    Eddie:Tom the script doesn't make any sense.
    Tom:*drunk and with his mouth full of beer*I AM AN ARTIST!!!
    Me:*insert 200.000.000 laugh emojis for much laugh there was in my brain at that moment*

  42. DirectMAG says:

    Well you have gained we-EXACTLY THE SAME!!! 😂😂😂

  43. Koko Lelel says:

    Wow the is pregnent in 6 yaers

  44. Death• Shadow says:

    Past tom: i was really drunk when I Wrote this film
    Present tom: drunk when Wrote the film
    *so hilarious

  45. Safaeit Hossain says:

    I'm an artist

  46. GD meltywax says:

    Is there a battle cat?

  47. Pyro says:

    Eddsworld space cats 2.0

  48. Robyn Hutchins says:

    This film was perfect 👌😂

  49. Lal Torun says:

    Earth? but thats where i parked the car!

  50. Sam, I guess says:

    erw I’m dead

  51. Kenneth Queen says:

    Huh so that's where the hole (dramatic sting) came from

  52. killleropm a says:

    Battle cats cat away yes

  53. wise breadfishman says:

    Battle cats: okay so how about you just lightly put it into a video

  54. Sans says:

    2:04 Welp i had this game before watching this video 🙀

  55. Falcon Media says:

    The 'Earth?! BUT THAT'S WHERE I PARKED THE CAR!' bit gets me every time

  56. Abdullah Chandiwala says:

    ASDF movie in real life

  57. Justin Time for games says:


  58. Drake Hall says:

    I remember this from eddsworld

  59. Andrea Kukanja says:

    Tom: What more could you want?
    Me: Holy Shit Cats 3?

  60. Remy Garrety says:

    He only cares about Earth because that's where he parked the car

  61. Teddybear says:

    Oh I’m dead

  62. AmpleGeoduck 697 says:

    Holy shit' cats!

  63. Fi Fi says:

    I saw a battle cats cat

  64. Sollus says:

    Ok, so is it just me or does the guy on the right at 1:49 look like Pewdiepie? Or is that actually just Pewdiepie?

  65. ThePigletGamer says:

    I read the title as “Holy, Shit cats

  66. ThePigletGamer says:

    I read the title as “Holy, Shit cats”

  67. Drawing_Gaming Nerd says:

    Late but


  68. Yua Chan says:


  69. DanielTheGreatDino Boi says:

    Also I’m black now.

  70. Matt Hirsekorn says:

    2:32 I AM AN ARTIST

  71. Deadpool says:

    The fact that he makes jokes about his weight is kinda funny but also make me worry for him…

  72. Alex Zer0 says:

    So, uh… what happened with actual Jenny?

  73. Vlad Anghelache says:

    Make a third lmao

  74. Le Papa Nouwel says:

    And now we have shit like Raid Shadow Legends

  75. Adrot says:

    Are we gonna miss the fact that she was pregnant fo 6 years?

  76. _Melk•Carton_ says:

    Yes, that also makes sense

  77. Deelim ._. says:

    The lack of English grammar makes it so much better

  78. Lia Kim says:

    Every action movie ever:

  79. collin durham says:


  80. ItsTotalyMe says:

    Why would she be pregnant for 6 years

  81. im a bot says:

    1:48 the stunt dude looked like Tom in holy shit cats 1

  82. Sadie Carapezza says:

    not again

  83. GoldenGaming GG says:

    holy shit cats.

  84. Michael Alvarado says:

    Tom the script is does it make sense me: Drinking and writing I am an artist

  85. R3SPA2N Gaming says:


  86. Nicholas Bos says:

    Live action Battle Cats

  87. Mrsnuffles says:

    Is no one going to talk about how that was an awesome batsuit?

  88. Mrsnuffles says:

    I aM aN aRtIsT!

  89. Toby The Oracle says:


    My life: Toby, this doesn’t make any sense.

    Me: I am an 👩‍🎤

  90. omegafan101 says:

    There’s so much to unpack here but I think my favorite part is that she has been pregnant for six years

  91. Cookie and the gang says:

    This is better than the cats movie

  92. Eric S says:

    Me: why is she suddenly black. Oh they’ll just ingnore it and continue
    Half a second later
    Jenny: also I’m black now

  93. Killsdy YT says:

    I love sequels

  94. KylePlayz GamesZ says:

    Oh no A BATTLE CAT

  95. TiaCreates says:

    Yes we will punch you now

  96. Strange Varieties says:

    1:49 Dead stunt person on the right looks like Pewdiepie.

  97. Jokerthecoolman2010 says:

    How do you make a banner

  98. Pamela Aragon says:

    I knew it was sponsored by battle cats because the cat came out of the roof

  99. Andrew Leyton says:

    0:47 sure he is completly the same

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