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100 Responses

  1. Pennervomland says:

    100% of people who liked the video liked the video because of the last line

  2. Lord Spaguetti says:

    Aparently when tom sayed he loved her he was confessing his feelings for the first time
    Now at the end jennifer says "Im pregnant"

  3. Random Person ;-; says:

    No cats were harmed in this video

  4. Relax Alex says:


  5. Chaim Finkelstein says:

    2019 anyone?

  6. Jack Pretzel says:

    This sketch is funny but reeks of 2011 humour

  7. V0RT3XGUNN3R says:

    Cats: Murder and execute human beings
    Humans: Retaliate
    PETA: Wait. That's illegal

  8. Jeremy Guerra says:

    What a plot twist 😦

  9. TheMegaAidan Productions says:


  10. EthanAteATree says:

    No one: over the top action movies

  11. Lacoulas 555 says:

    This is smosh but actually funny and not click baity at all

  12. Sel says:

    1:35 I was really drunk when I wrote this film.

    leTs MAkE hoLy SHIt cAts 2

  13. diogo_dv Dv says:

    was i the only ona who thought that he was going to slap her at 0:28

  14. jaww GD says:

    Tom was attractive?

  15. Origine Luke says:

    Every action movie ever

  16. Luke says:

    the cats came through the hole

  17. LARAUJO says:

    Quick, don't think about them!

  18. MoonCrest Studios says:

    I bet he was high when he made this

  19. Nintendo Gamer says:

    There something I haven’t told you I’m IMORTAL whispers ( and drunk)

  20. Davis Prather says:

    The flerkens are taking over!

  21. zact lee says:

    I am an awtist

  22. FaizKid555 says:


  23. Sonic bros 500 says:

    Space Cats

  24. Sillimant says:


  25. AWorldOfInkAndPaper says:

    Every.Action movie.Ever

  26. Peter Gill says:

    was that a Deus Ex reference?

  27. YanByan says:

    He is not attractive now… LoL…

  28. Mr.G ameguide says:

    space cats

  29. Flint says:

    looks and my cats
    cats: meow meow meow bow wow bow
    looks at gun and sweats
    Cat: dont do it….
    sweats even even more

  30. BoxMeister says:

    Tom secretly revealed he's a zoophobe at the beginning of the video and no one notices.

  31. Unbekannte Katze says:

    We will find you again

  32. Jams Hatchet says:

    Every action movie ever, in 2 minutes

  33. Strategy Zac says:

    The neutron flow?

  34. Kelly Drinkwater says:

    Poor cats 🙁

  35. ZMVN says:

    You could run away and shoot the cats on the way

  36. Albert Haigsmîth says:


  37. An Many says:

    What if you fought cats with cats that are duplicatable cats

  38. Teensie Eillish says:

    Why dogs are better

    Cats: try to kill you

    Dogs: try to save

    Full Evidence of this is in sniper pug >:3
    Also why I love dogs

  39. Hacher Unfriended says:

    Tomska: Hey, Jen…. I think I love…cats?
    Jen: What
    then proceeds to stand up


  40. KINGZACK HD says:

    0:00wat is dat

  41. The SNES Man says:

    Wow. You guys were on fire with this

  42. Detecting with Knox says:

    He kinda looks like the british version of demolition ranch.

  43. Nightrider 8 says:

    ‘MAYBE THE REVERSED THEY POLARITY ‘ – best Doctor who referance

  44. Professionalidiot says:

    Ah, the nostalgia.

  45. Jenniflower 65 says:

    me: me also haveing the name Jennifer would in fact do the exact same thing. 🙂

  46. Tanya Zurawiecki says:

    The effects are amazing.

  47. BustedBoiler says:

    AHHHHH mow mow mow

  48. masterofmayhemandmadness 46 says:

    0:58 me playing fps games

  49. XxitsjayxX m says:

    What in the holy fuck did I just whach

  50. Devin Moore says:


  51. Amazing Username says:

    S P A C E C A T S

  52. Lacoulas 555 says:

    This feels like something Ben would make

  53. Donut Hurt My Honey says:

    I fucking love dodie

  54. poltergist says:

    die cats!

  55. Ms. BobaTOTES says:

    “That makes PURRefect sense!”

  56. Bouncy_ Kittenz says:

    Space cats part 2

  57. Henry Jones says:

    Get a cat. Resistance is furrtile.

  58. Horror_2 lover says:

    " I was really drunk when i made this film" * Insert LMAO noises here*

  59. Bub Vision says:


  60. Face Remover says:

    What's a shitcat and why is it holy

  61. Marco Diaz says:


  62. Its ScreamUHC says:

    Who else came from SamSmellsOfApricots Playlist 🤗

  63. Astro Draco says:

    Space cats? Where did i heard this

  64. Instinct That says:

    This is almost as old as Skyrim

    Aged just as well

  65. [Deleted] says:

    IS it just me or was Tom made for Sunglasses

  66. DAsuper Gamer says:

    Every action movie ever

  67. SaVz_IsaIsa YT says:

    No cats where hurt in the making of this video

  68. Ysia Makayla Asis says:

    YAAAY CATS INVADEE YAY (i luv cats) srry i love cats i cant resi- cats die 0-0

  69. DaGaMerSwaLkthroGh says:

    Hold sh*t that was amazing

  70. Cat in time says:

    A bomb you say. You mean a cakebomb

  71. The amazing Crilp says:

    5 stars

  72. Kontroversial Kid says:

    Holy shit, cats

  73. Mr. Snakey says:

    Who’s here after Cats got released?

  74. Elias Durgin says:

    Did I have a stroke?

  75. oakword 0 says:

    Tom tried to warn us eight years ago but now it's too late cats is released.

  76. Dan Richardson says:

    More like UNHOLY shit CATS!

  77. Gamer Kvs says:

    Introverts in there imagination:

  78. Victor Peralta says:

    I miss this era of youtube

  79. - kind běats - says:

    How abaut all the cat persons who whats this… that's the first thing that came to my mind then i shall this.

  80. Nes says:

    That widescreen tho

  81. Chris Ward says:

    When you're the

  82. Nicolas Perona says:

    Poorly edited png image of a cat is my sleep paralysis demon

  83. Twat T says:

    how could you love Cats™️ the movie?

  84. ThePigletGamer says:

    Holy, shit cats

  85. Connor Anderson :v says:


  86. Alpha Maximus says:

    Nice doctor Who reference

  87. llamapocolypes YT says:


  88. Lop Mop says:

    It’s now more relevant you know the movie

  89. Gordon Roberts says:

    "I was really drunk when I wrote this" when are you not really drunk

  90. Vlad Anghelache says:

    This is so good, that it makes me feel sad about TomSka today

  91. someone says:

    No cats were harmed while making this film

  92. Sadie Carapezza says:


  93. TheDarkBro says:

    0:57 S T E L T H 1 0 0

  94. TheDarkBro says:

    0:49 although the recoil of the gun is perfect

  95. TheDarkBro says:

    0:27 Keep calm and Throw Cheese

  96. Eric S says:

    This is almost as random as asfd and also this seems a bit like the first terminator movie by the fact that the guy dies and she somehow gets pregnant

  97. Greg Hewitt says:

    ….best recommend video ever XD

  98. bub way says:

    When he said he a bomb my alarm on watch went off like beep beep beep beep beep beep

  99. FirFirence says:

    To this day I "quote" Jenny's reaction to the bomb-reveal.

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