Homeless French Bulldog Giant Ball Pit Dreams will Leave you Crying (Amazing Reaction)

(upbeat cheerful music) (playful music) – [Rocky] One dog, one
day, and one mission. I’m Rocky Kanaka and
this is Dog’s Day Out. You might be wondering why Wade, this sunglass-wearing
Frenchie with a French beret and an adopt-me sign that
reads in English and in French, is riding in a basket in my bike, (laughs) you wouldn’t be the only one. But that’s exactly the
reason I’m doing this, to raise awareness
because Wade needs a home. You see, his former family abandoned him once he became sick. Wade has valley fever. (somber piano music)
It’s a disease that can be deadly if left untreated. It’s common in desert areas
and while not contagious, it’s often easy to contract valley fever by breathing in the fungus
spores from the dirt and in Wade’s case, most of
this could have been prevented if it was treated early on. And what’s really sad, is instead he was just dropped off at this shelter, and with overcrowding,
Wade’s serious condition, and the high cost of treatment, it meant that there was little chance that Wade would make it. That’s until Bernadette, a volunteer with Marley’s Mutts Rescue
organization stepped in. – [Bernadette] This new
little guy was just pulled out of Shafter Shelter. He has valley fever, gonna
be a lot of a medical costs involved to get him
well, so share, donate, let’s get this little guy better. (somber orchestra music)
– Marley’s Mutts said they’d do whatever it takes to make sure Wade gets a fighting chance, and that’s where I come in
because I think this guy’s been through a lot and he
deserves some special treatment. His very own dog’s day out. (singing in foreign language) (upbeat techno music) (singing in foreign language) Now the beret, while it’s really cute, is actually serving a dual purpose. He’s so cute and so irresistible
and when you meet him you just wanna pet him on the head, but his head is sore to
the touch from valley fever and the sunglasses is
helping so that the wind doesn’t dry out one of his
eyeballs that’s kind of wonky. And this bike ride’s
been the perfect start for Wade having a lot of fun but it’s not just about fun today, it’s
also about spreading awareness so that we can get Wade
into his forever home, so I’m gonna hit the local watering hole and start talking to people
so we can get the word out. So if you know anybody that
would wanna adopt a Frenchie. It’s a fungus from the desert
that gets into their lungs. People or dogs could get it.
– Wow. – Hi, what’s his name?
– His name is Wade. – Take a photo of him?
– Yeah, please! – And he’s with Marley’s Mutts. – Cute on sale.
– Are you seriously asking for this guy to be adopted right now?
– Yeah, yeah. – Um.
– No, not today. (laughing) – I know, I’m never gonna–
– No. (upbeat lounge music) – He loves you, he’s in love with you, look at that.
– Oh, baby. – Your husband ran off. (laughs) He’s gonna be on medication for awhile, but then he’ll be fine. – I’m a French teacher, and so–
– Oh, did I spell, did I do this right? – You did!
– Yes? – You did, look.
– How do you say it, how do you say it? (speaks in foreign language) – So he’ll have a lift
that he’ll be able to walk, he’ll be able to–
– Yeah, so I’ll put, I’ll show you. (upbeat lounge music) Yeah, someone dumped
him in the shelter, and. So we built this giant ball pit for him he’s gonna go play in and
he’s gonna get a puppachino. – Oh, one eye. – Okay, I think so far
we’re off to a good start. But now, we gotta get
moving and we’ve got a lot to pack in today for Wade’s Dog’s Day Out. It’s gonna be amazing, I
mean, his best day ever. Wait until you see some of
the things I have planned. And if you’re new here, welcome, make sure you hit that subscribe button, and if you think this little
dude is as cute as I do, then hit that thumbs up button. Make sure you come with
me because we’re gonna need your help in giving
him the best day ever, and then also helping him find a home. Alright, we’re loaded up in the car. We’re going from Los
Angeles to Marley’s Mutt’s Rescue Ranch in Tehachapi. Now there are a few things
that I learned about Wade when he stayed with me over the last week. One, he loves his friends. Him and Flip, man, they
hit it off right away. Two, he loves food, that’s why (laughs) that’s why we’re getting (Wade slurps)
puppachinos. Three, he loves toys,
I mean he loves toys. On the very first day,
he gathered all the toys around the yard and put ’em in one spot and then dragged me over there to show me. I was blown away because the valley fever causes him to sleep about 20 hours a day but when he is up, he is ready to play and at first I was
taking it easy on his arm but it turns out while
he can’t really use it, it doesn’t seem to be bothering him and as you can see, with how
much he loves playing fetch. So that led to my next big idea that we’re getting set up right now. I mean, it is big, record-setting, and by far the biggest
thing I’ve ever done on Dog’s Day Out. (upbeat techno music) Yeah perfect, check that out. I lined it up so it’s a little more narrow so the dogs can get a good run and then just dive into that ball bit. Set-up is almost done. Now for the best part, we just gotta put all the balls in there. (upbeat jazz music) (cheering) Okay, the ball pit is set
up, that is 15,000 balls and this is literally
Wade’s dream coming true. Okay my man, you ready for this? You ready? Okay!
(suspenseful music) (laughs) Oh, somebody’s excited! Are you ready, are you ready? Are you ready, go get it! (upbeat record scratching and rap music) Go get it! Flip, come on, Flip! (laughing) – [Woman] Come on, go get in! – Everybody come on, come on, come on! (balls shuffling and rolling) (laughing) (record scratching)
– You could do it in the ball pit. – [Woman] Working with dogs. – Okay, so iHeartDogs heard about this and they sent me a ton of balls that we could put treats in. That way we can go next level and just launch these treat
balls into the ball pit. Wade, you can tell, is
already excited about this. (upbeat jazzy techno music) Okay, Wade, here we go! I’m gonna get the rest of the
Rescue Ranch dogs out here and give them a chance to
jump in the ball pit too. Ready for sure! (clapping)
(balls shuffling) (cheering) (laughing) Come on, Cora Rose!
– Come on, let’s go in! (whistling) – [Rocky] Woo! (laughing) Well, I tell ya the ball pit was a success and so was the rest of
Wade’s Dog’s Day Out. We had burgers and fries,
he checked out some really awesome fire
hydrants, met some ducks, (peaceful piano music)
and he (laughs) was pretty exhausted, so ended
the day with a sunset. You know someone gave up
on Wade but we can all come together as a community to show him that that will never happen again. Leave a comment down below for Wade and I will make sure
every single one of those are read to him and share this
with everyone that you can because the more people that see this, the better chance he has of
finding his forever home. Wade has a long and an
expensive road to recovery but there are a couple ways you can help. One, you can donate. Two, you can get some Dog’s Day Out merch where funds will go to help Wade. To do that, get more information on Wade, or fil out an adoption application, visit RockyKanaka.com/Wade
or click on the link in the description below.

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