Homeless German Shepherd Dog Screams Like a Person When He Sees Ocean First Time! (Amazing Reaction)

this is a rescue dog adoption story that will warm your heart you won’t believe the teddy bear of a dog named Herschel’s amazing reaction to the first time he ever has seen the ocean but first let me tell you how all this happened he was a candidate selected for dogs day out my new show that takes dogs out on the best day they’ve ever had and he got to see snow for the first time and he got to give free teddy bear hugs to be shown love and that day got him enough awareness that now we’re taking a road trip from Los Angeles to deliver him to his new forever family that lives in Washington State my favorite part of that entire road trip was him getting adopted that’s his new mom Kim but also just how much he loved the ocean okay here in a minute I’m gonna show you his reaction to seeing the ocean for the very first time which was a little shocking but when you know his backstory it all starts to make sense you see his life didn’t start out so easy he’s been on this earth for five years and for most of that time in a backyard and neglected and what breaks my heart is when you look closely his teeth are whittled down likely from chewing on his own chain to try to break free and after being abandoned and returned to the shelter not once but twice he was likely to be one of the dogs that never made it out of the shelter again but then a miracle the nonprofit organization found animals and their stores adopted shop said we’ll help and that’s where I come in because Hershel deserves the best road trip ever on his way to his new forever family no more chains no more neglect only love and we pack some pretty amazing stuff in a lot of it has to do with food his very first burrito okay but also just good roadtrip company but like I’ve been telling you since the beginning of this story this German shepherds reaction to seeing the ocean for the first time was nothing short of pure joy [Music] the dinosaur of a sound is him excited first time ever seeing the ocean he’s he’s trying to process this he doesn’t he doesn’t know what it is those waves are exciting he just doesn’t know he just doesn’t know why or what we’ll take it easy we’re gonna have the beach and then we’ll kind of step into it but it’s interesting because sometimes your first reaction is to correct a dog and tell them to stop barking but barking is a good thing like it’s not a bad thing if it’s done at the right time and getting to see the ocean for the first time him barking you’ll be like you jumping up and down and with your arms and just draw excitement [Music] and put me in with him what do you think let him just go cuz he might San Diego cries we spent a good amount of time in the ocean he he was biting the waves and jumping in and out like a dolphin I don’t know if he’s dolphin or dinosaur Chewbacca or a teddy bear but I do know this it brings happy tears to my eyes knowing that he’ll now be loved forever if you love this guy as much as I do hit that thumbs up button and leave a comment down below and his family will read that – to watch the full roadtrip vlog click here and as he is of regional dogs the out video click here or just follow the links in the description

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100 Responses

  1. George Marr says:

    This made me cry ?

  2. echo Ash says:

    That happened to my dog he was changed up in a backyard with his wife dog and him and his wife was left behind for years his teeth got ruined from trying to escape but a shelter found him and we adopted him he’s a Alaska malamute

  3. Aldana Qarooni says:

    I started to smile so much when he did that sound!

  4. Jungle Wolf says:

    88k likes..? I’m sharing this we need more likes for this cuteness overlord ?

  5. Aysel Hisham says:

    That’s ?

  6. Aysel Hisham says:


  7. Star Sisters World says:

    I almost cryed so cute

  8. Luna Moonlight says:

    Omg Its so cute That he is full with joy the first time he saw the ocean thats so sweet! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Teri Louise says:

    That dog is so cute and u are such a nice person for helping ❤️

  10. GMS Tech says:

    Feel bad?

  11. lillly7162 OOF says:

    This video made me cry and rocky you are the best you help animals that needs help

  12. Alexis Lopez says:

    The way he looked at you in the car ? it’s like he was thanking you for everything you have done for him and all the other pets you have helped !!! Thanks Rocky , for making this world a better place . ??

  13. minecraft mario sarah says:

    Wtf seven hundred people disliked this video!? Animal haters

  14. selina chang says:

    Awwwwww he’s the cutest

  15. Sumeet Grewal says:

    This video made me cry. He was so purely happy when he saw the ocean❤️

  16. • Kwøøzii • says:

    Those are not dislikes, Those are likes from people who had there device upside down.

  17. Raffia Fenton says:


  18. Sunil Anthony Jacob says:

    Soooooooooo cute???????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Gacha Wolf Gamez says:

    Yeah i have a German Shepherd, I might do that one day with h8m and record his reaction

  20. Keili Thompson says:

    So cute

  21. Ewan Carbry gaming says:

    Your a wonderful person keep going thanks for all you do for cute dogs I have tears in my eyes keep going with your vids??????????????

  22. SPD Adventurer says:

    Could you cry so much out of joy?!??????so happy doggy ??????

  23. 『Snøwy_ Fløwer』 says:

    His Story Is So Sad!!! I’m So Happy That He Got A Forever Home!!!

  24. CloverHalima says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute and i’m watching this really late?

  25. Velvet Rayne says:

    He was so in love with so much what a sweet boy!!

  26. Jazmin Guzman says:

    His story is heartbreaking he chewed On his chain to try to get it And now his teeth are like that.? That is depressing I love dogs

  27. Ivy Pug says:

    Who comes to youtube to hate on dogs friking satan

  28. Jimblineee 333 says:

    3:30 Yep Chewbarka!!

  29. Tayah Iannacone says:

    Awwww he/she’s such a brave and happy dog, I wish I could go to that part of the world and adopt him/her it makes me cry in my heart seeing dogs locked up, dogs are my life, by the way your so caring for them I wish I could join your club but I can’t I’m in a different part of the world 🙁

  30. Amanda Ah Chong says:

    Aww that’s sooo sweet I’m crying omg your really good people I wish I did that when I’m a yt I wanna do the same thing

  31. Codlips tv says:

    My OCD is happy!!!
    This video is exactly 04:00! ?

  32. Grace Walsh says:

    My fav kind of dog is a German Shepherd

  33. Shannon Goins says:

    2:11 is his reaction to the ocean

  34. Alyssa Morales says:

    This warms my heart, NEW SUBSCRIBER, also your great with animals

  35. Area 51 says:


  36. LeBron James says:

    People who disliked probably just were mad that they couldn’t get him and too much cuteness overload they cried

  37. Paula Hernandez says:

    When I saw this video I was crying because i had one but IT got Ranned over so im going to like and save this video

  38. The un spoke says:

    I am so glad to see he has a home!! I just started watching your videos yesterday & I'm watching them all!! Rocky, I want to thank you for being so loving and caring towards life! Life that gets ruined by some of the bad humans on earth. To that I say, don't even look at the dislikes people give cuz karma's a female dog. It WILL come back to them. Like Freddie Mercury's original owner!!! I hope she learned her lesson!! I don't wish bad on people. I just want them to learn!! Keep up your fantastic work!! You are an angel & all those pups can see that in you!! Love you guys!!!

  39. Lana Mileski says:

    I want to the dog this dog it’s about that already so and thank you very much for helping it because that’s the best dog ever reaction on the ocean favorite dogs are the best thing and one day I want to adopt a dog so I’m going to ask my family if we can go to your country to get a dog because I feel bad for all those doggies

  40. Grant Mitchell says:

    This made me cry

  41. Feather Foot says:

    This is so amazing! I love this channel so much! this is such a heart warming channel!

  42. padmanaban rajkumar says:

    Tho he is homeless you don'т нave тo ѕay мaвey ι aм wrong вυт ι ғeel υncoмғorтaвle wнen yoυ ѕay тнaт aм ι rιgнт?

  43. Coffee Life says:

    So cute ❤?

  44. Nathaniel Vasquez says:

    You ever wonder who are the people disliking this?

  45. Amira Quintero says:

    I have a heart this is so happy and sad!?

  46. Kim Kincaid says:

    I love Hershel

  47. Ella Griffin says:

    I wish I can adopt him but I love German Shepard’s

  48. Wolfy Girl Edits says:

    That is so cute. I wish I could adopt him.

  49. Ellen Cantrell says:

    Beautiful handsome boy. So glad he got this chance. Ty.

  50. Elise Sze says:

    this makes me cry…

  51. Ritika Sharma says:

    The kind of happiness that we get after doing something as good as him by saving a life is incomparable …moreover the life u save will give unconditional love

  52. Winelia Fernandez says:

    The people who disliked are People who like cats better..l

  53. fadzai kativu says:

    He's so beautiful

  54. MooMooMilkshake says:

    I’m crying with joy. I hope he loves his new family. We love Herschel!

    This is how many people love him

  55. Drake XIIIE says:

    Bro, you're f'n awesome! subscribing

  56. ishana crevits says:

    if i could back then i would adopted him because my family LOOOOOOVES german shepherd

  57. Its_Me Sienna says:

    Who would return that sweet bear to the shelter 2 times?

  58. BlueX Gacha says:

    The dislikes are probably from muslims

  59. Jeremy M. says:

    Poor dog

  60. Tuyet Anh Nguy Thi says:


  61. Sophia Jazmine Biazon says:

    Name the german shepherd CHEWBACCA!

  62. Dõçtęr • •Čøokìė says:

    I love watching people help homeless dogs because I want to do that to

  63. Stacey Plunkett says:

    That is a sad story I started crying and is still crying poor baby

  64. E S says:

    People who dislike probably don’t like people either

  65. jennifer ponce says:

    People who disliked this have no heart ❤️ rocky you work hard you deserve no dislike

  66. Erina Baftii says:

    Im crying

  67. johnny lee says:


  68. Adam Man2 says:

    He so cute Ho ever dislikes is stupid

  69. kjkeyes says:

    Thank you for rescuing and giving a loving furever home! ??❤️ Thank you all involved–this is so wonderful. I love happy endings

  70. The Walmart pony says:

    Omg you are the best human to ever ever ever exist ❤️

  71. Monty The Chocolate Dog says:

    Gorgeous boy! Such a beautiful German shepherd! Absolutely love this video. You guys have such a kind heart. ❤️

  72. Niloofar Tehranipoor says:

    I really love the dog he’s so cute and fluffy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  73. Unicorn Art says:

    It’s really sad because German Shepards are ver loyal and they love their human more than anything no matter what happens. I would adopt him and love him for as long as I live?????

  74. Tiana Lisa says:

    I wish I had a dog and u are so kind to dogs

  75. Paula Hughes says:

    Omg that is the exact same bark as my dog when he’s excited ?

  76. Angel :] says:

    Where can I adopt

  77. Fabian abdon says:

    I love that dog

  78. Fluffy Potato :3 says:

    Hershel more like Hershey

  79. Hayley Hygate says:

    OMG I love that dog he is sooooooo cute

  80. Luis Rodrigues says:

    Youre amazing man congrtas for the amazing job keep up

  81. J?nnacorn? says:

    The dislikes are from the people that liked this video so much that they turned their screen upside down and tried to like it twice ??

  82. Anna Ioachimciuc says:


  83. Commander thorn says:

    Aw I saw his dogs day out and it makes me so happy that he got adopted

  84. Sunset Gachloverandrobloxlover says:

    My dog died a few weeks ago and I miss her……
    Pls like to make me feel better ?

  85. Caribbean princess says:

    Omg… the way he was watching you while you were driving had me in tears??

  86. Kinga Bilska says:

    This video explains German shepherds they talk ALOT

  87. CrayToons Vlogs And Gaming says:

    Believe it or not, this was the first time in my life I’ve ever cried happy tears

  88. Lightning Lion says:

    I'm getting a German sheperd now I love them even more

  89. cassidy leighann says:

    Awww he is soooooooooo cute how can you not respond to this video

  90. Mark Solan says:

    I hope whoever disliked this had their computer screen upside down.

  91. MsLadyCeeJ says:

    I love this! Ughh we do not deserves animals! So pure and loving! God protect you on your new chapter lil handsome boy ?????

  92. Dorito king says:

    Favotiye youtuber by far

  93. Ann Rosson says:

    I want him bmhe is so cute and sweet and funny and so flufffy

  94. English Rose says:

    Biggest smile on my face when he made his chewbacca noises. My Havanese does that when he see we’re at a hiking trail, and when he sees grandma! Hope everyday is the best day out for him. He sure deserves it.

  95. Greg wx says:

    Man, I haven't seen the ocean (late 40s) this video brings joy. God/Universe bless you.

  96. Kyrons Life says:

    Homeless German Shepard, I’d gladly take a German Shepard in

  97. Diana Hardian says:

    They deserved to get a better life and second chance. Heart melted…

  98. Maya van der Bent says:

    <3 Nothing but joy. I wish him all the love and joy he deserves. I love seeing his amazing spirit. And the kindness shown to him.

  99. B Shynes says:

    DolphinDog !!!

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