Homeless German Shepherd Sees Snow For First Time After Being Chained Up Entire Life | Dog’s Day Out

(upbeat jazzy music) – Hi. – [Rocky] And, yeah, he’s
giving free bear hugs. One dog, one day, and one mission. – [Man] Yeah, she’s gonna walk
back to the cake. (laughs) – I’m Rocky Kanaka, and
this is Dog’s Day Out. (dog breathing) Good boy, good boy. You like this snow, huh? (laughs) This is the happiest I’ve
ever seen a dog in the snow. Making a bear snow angel? And not only because this teddy
bear of a dog named Hershel is seeing snow for the first time ever, but because it represents so much more. You see, Hershel, or the
nickname that is so fitting, Bear, hasn’t had the best life. He’s been on this earth for five years, and for most of that time, he was chained up in a
backyard and neglected. And what breaks my heart
is when you look closely, his teeth are whittled down, likely from chewing on his own
chain to try to break free. And after being abandoned
and returned to the shelter, not once but twice,
because of his large size and history of multiple
returns to the shelter, he was likely to be one of the dogs that never made it out
of the shelter again. But then, a miracle, the
non profit organization Found Animals and their
stores Adopt & Shop, stepped in and said, “We’ll help.” And that’s where I come in, because this bear deserves the
best day that he’s ever had. No more chains, no more
neglect, only love. I thought the perfect thing
for this bear’s Dog’s Day Out was to start really early and
head to Big Bear, California, where he could run free and be a dog. And the snow turned out
to be a welcome surprise. (laughs) Wanna play fetch? Go get it. (laughs) Good boy, good boy. (contemplative techno music) (chewing rubber ball) Okay, this is unbelievably
awesome, he loves it. I am freezing. I’m gonna be soaking wet and
he’s gonna be soaking wet. 100% worth it and a perfect
way to start Dog’s Day Out. Alright, come on buddy, let’s go. (contemplative techno music) The next stop is to meet the
town’s resident greeter, Luke, and then back to LA
for an idea that I have that involves more large bears. He’s been through an unimaginable amount of pain and neglect. So the goal today is to show him the best day that he’s ever had. And what’s really cool is
you’re a part of the mission. Because the mission is to try to get as many people as we
can to see this video, so that hopefully it will
lead to his forever home. Make sure you hit that thumbs up button to show him the love. So the idea is we got these
giant bears right back here and I’ve got this bear right here. We’re gonna offer free bear hugs. We went to Big Bear; he
got all the exercise. He got to really build trust with me, and so now the whole plan is how do we show him love
from everyone else? Statistically, big dogs
are just not adopted as much as other dogs. Their sheer size can often
make them intimidating. Now, I spent the last week with Hershel, and it took some patience. He would wake up in
the middle of the night with panic attacks, likely
because he’s never slept inside. And he needs a lot of exercise, but the one thing that he showed me is just how much love he has to give. And that’s why I thought
these giant teddy bears would be perfect, because hopefully, it would really change
people’s first impressions and really let his love shine through. While he’s not tied up anymore, the last thing I want is
people passing him by. (gentle classical music) But you know what? Right away, the plan started to work. And the people passing by couldn’t help but stop to get a free bear hug. What’s really great is I’d ask people what teddy bear they wanted to hug, and they would always pick Hershel. ♪ We were young and we
were free and running ♪ ♪ Never bothered about
what could be coming ♪ ♪ Every day we danced,
and life was smiling ♪ ♪ We were young and drunk in love ♪ – Woo, hoo.
– Woo, hoo, hoo, hoo. ♪ A few years later I
have started thinking ♪ ♪ If it’s just love ♪ – Do you wanna give him a bear hug? – [Man] Yeah.
(laughter) – Okay, so he’s up for
adoption; he’s really friendly. – Are you serious? – And, yeah, he’s giving free bear hugs. – Hi.
– You liking him? – Oh. ♪ There’s no reason to ♪ ♪ Chasing pavement on my own ♪ ♪ Cause you’re here ♪ – Out of all the teddy bears
which one would you rather hug? ♪ I’m the light, cause I got you ♪ (“I Got You” by Birgersson Lundberg) – Which bear to you wanna give a hug to? – That bear.
– (laughs) Come on in. – I used to have a German Shepherd. – Oh, do you think he’s
100% percent German Shepherd or you think he’s something else? – I think he’s 100%. – I think so too. – You’re so soft. ♪ I’m just fine, ’cause I got you ♪ – Teddy “Bear” Hershel went
up to Big Bear, bear hugs, (laughs) it’s too much. Hey, bear with me, okay,
that’s enough, right? Alright, come on, come on. The rest of the day was amazing. I even asked my friend Aimee Gilbreath, the director of Found Animals, to come help so we could
pack as much as possible into this awesome day. I would absolutely call this
Dog’s Day Out a success. And I know Hershel loved it. I mean, look, you can
see the joy on his face as he eats this peanut butter. Oh (laughs) and this Dog’s Day
Out cake from The Dog Bakery. (cheerful light jazz music) And I Heart Dogs even sent me some of my favorite hip
and joint supplements that are so important
for German Shepherds. We did it all, tried on outfits, even got his picture
with the Easter bunny. (camera shutter) Here’s what I want you to do. Leave a comment for teddy bear Hershel and I will make sure that I read every single comment to him, so that he knows that he’s loved. We’ve got to spread the word. So by liking this video,
subscribing, and sharing, you might just be the deciding factor in helping him find his forever home. Make sure you turn on
notifications for updates, and all of the links are in
the description including the link to fill out an adoption
application for Hershel.

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95 Responses

  1. buttercake and chris says:

    o my god i would take care of that dog my mom wont let me because im allergic i live in the Philippines kamusta po

  2. Victoria Lozano says:

    I love dogs and I feel really bad for the ones that are like abused and stuff all I wish I'd that I can adopt all of them

  3. The Real Beffie09 says:


  4. I hate Me says:

    I know I'm about a year late with this comment but this story this background story for this dog is so incredibly heart torturing because I can't do anything to pursue my love for dogs because I am a child and so I watch videos like this and it just gives me I guess you could say fuel to help dogs

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    I’m not gay but I love u

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