Homeless Poodle Who Just Realized She’s Being Rescued Has The Sweetest Response Ever

The streets of Los Angeles are no place for
a homeless dog, but try convincing the dog of that! Often, he or she won’t be able to tell when
someone’s trying to help them, and they’ll become aggressive or scared. Rescuers like Annie Hart from Rescue From
The Heart and Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws know this all too well. When Annie received an urgent call about a
homeless poodle who’d been hit by a car in south Los Angeles, she immediately enlisted
in Eldad’s help. Together, the two rushed to find the suffering
dog, hoping it wasn’t too late to save her. When they did find her, she was alone and
hunched along the side of a busy road. Annie and Eldad knew they’d have their work
cut out for them. Often, when stray dogs are being pursued by
a rescuers, the confused and frightened canines will feel threatened and try to run away. But this dog’s behavior shocked even them… Despite her injuries, she didn’t seem to
want to fight them. Instead, she did something quite different,
and it quickly brought her rescuers to tears for a heartbreaking reason. It simply wasn’t what they were used to
seeing… Layla, as she was later named, seemed so resigned
to her fate that she didn’t bother to struggle. It was as if she’d said, “I give up. Do what you must.” In response, Annie was eager to show her that
she and Eldad meant her no harm. Once Annie felt like Layla was ready, the
rescuer gently secured a leash around the poodle’s neck. Once again, whether it was because she trusted
Annie or was just so weak, the homeless dog just didn’t seem interested in struggling. Even once she had properly fastened the leash,
Annie didn’t want to rush Layla just yet. Rather, she continued to sit with the pup
for a few moments longer, comforting her and making her feel loved. But then little Layla did something even more
precious… While she was already clearly a calm dog,
Layla decided to show off just how much of a love bug she was by offering up some wet
kisses! Obviously, this was far from the usual routine
for these animal rescuers—and it affected Annie in a way she didn’t expect. In fact, Layla’s love was so unexpected
that it actually made Annie cry! In the midst of this bittersweet moment, she
couldn’t hold back the waterworks. Here was a dog who had suffered terribly and
desperately needed help, but she still managed to show so much affection. Still, as powerful as those initial moments
with Layla were, her story was just getting started. After a few emotional minutes, it was time
to pick up the stray dog and take her to the hospital. The poodle still didn’t put up any sort
of fight as she was taken to the car, and Annie continued to console her. She was as calm as ever as she rode shotgun
all the way there. What she didn’t know was how much of a transformation
she was about to undergo… Once Annie and Eldad arrived at the hospital,
Layla, still in desperate need of help, continued to display all the love she’d shown them
before. She might have been frightened, but she never
showed it! As gentle and patient as the hospital staff
was with Layla, they still had a lot of work ahead of them. One of the first tasks on the agenda was to
almost completely shave her fur, which was matted and filthy. From there, they discovered their first real
challenge… As the medical staff soon learned, Layla’s
intestines were severely damaged, and her life was in immediate danger. They had no choice but to keep her at the
hospital for the next two weeks and pray that she pulled through. Luckily, Layla was not alone. Every day of her hospital stay, she was visited
by a foster family who was prepared to care for her until she could find her forever home. They did everything in their power to comfort
her and cheer her up while she fought to stay alive. Apparently, these daily visits—as well as
the constant and attentive care from the hospital staff—did the trick! Not a day went by that Layla didn’t grow
stronger, healthier, and happier! Soon enough, after those few challenging weeks
of treatment and recovery, Layla was starting to let her personality shine through. Finally, the sweet, fun-loving dog beneath
was on the up-and-up! Layla may have been missing her signature
curly fur, but she wasn’t going to let something like that stop her from appreciating the new
and improved life ahead of her. As always, she was more than happy to shower
everyone with kisses, too! Finally, Layla was ready to head home with
her foster family. Eventually, she’d need to find herself a
forever home, but for the time being, she was going to be well cared for at long last!

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