Hound Haven Inc Adopt a Dog or Puppy Central Florida- NO KILL SHELTER| RESCUE

I’m here with Georgia. Georgia is so shy,
and she’s so sweet. We’re getting ready to go get some more of her friends. you’re such a good girl. Your such a good shy girl. You feelin better ..oh come here Hi babe, hi babe, how are you silly girl How’s my silly girl. Are you feeling Hello, hello thanks for coming to see me. Oh, yeah, Trudy’s gonna liven things up So as you can
see, Georgia has gotten un-shy now that we have some friends .Now who is this here with us? this is Ozzie. Ozzie’s a couple of years
old and he’s got his little girlfriends Trudy & Georgia, that he loves. A total how many dogs do you have here now? 15 to 20 typically. Right now we
have 18. And where do you get the dogs? They come to you from where? We get them off death-row at animal control primarily ; occasionally we’ll take an owner surrender , but we get most of them from animal control . You actually have one that was in a shelter for a year.. Yes, I have two actually, sisters; they’re now ten years old. and they were in another rescue organization for a year. But they weren’t getting the visibility that they needed. and so we’re gonna get them out to adoption events every weekend and people are gonna get to see their smiling faces until somebody falls in love So where are your adoption
places; that you take them? We go to Pet Smart and Winter Garden three Saturdays a
month and then we go to the Petco here in Clermont one Saturday a month. I’m Alexia Clemens with White Brick Real
Estate .The Cornerstone for YOUR Real Estate Relationships.This is Linda from
Hound Haven. Linda how can they get ahold of you ? Best way is [email protected] ;
we also have a contact us link through our website www.HoundHaven.org Wonderful! If you want more information click the link; we’ll provide it to you right on your phone. someone comes to you and fills out an
application we do an application and then we do a vet check to see if they’ve
taken good care of their prior pets and then we do a home visit where we
actually bring the dog to their home we spend about an hour hour and a half with
them and they get to know the dog in a more intimate setting that way a great
opportunity to see if they like your dogs and cats and all of that anything
so do you have an adoption fee we do it’s three hundred dollars but that
includes their spare there neuter their microchip all their shops in their
current on heartworm prevention as well

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