How 9/11 Firefighter Met His Service Dog

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  1. Omkeshav Iyer says:


  2. Jarren Lumpkin says:

    Awww ☺

  3. XGN Misty says:


  4. T R says:

    Almost first

  5. Blxrry_bxtch Ashy says:


  6. Cory Williams says:

    Bonk gang

  7. Moon Walker says:

    1 dislike

  8. LocalJax ASMR says:

    Ohh so cute dog. Thanks for sharing dear

  9. Shadow girl 25 says:

    9th comment

  10. RussianGuyovich says:

    they met online

  11. Vageknight gaming says:

    Hey there random person scrolling through da comments have a good day

    Btw I'm road to 10.6k any sub would be insane thanks so much! 😊 😀 ❤💖

  12. aesthetic Vlogs says:

    Awwe! So adorable.

  13. Xzavier Hernandez says:

    This is so nice and cool😫💕

  14. LxrdFps says:

    Paul's son : "Dad, how did u met mom?"

    Dad : "Well, son its a long story"

  15. Boo R says:

    I love dogs, cats, n turtles more than people.

  16. Rysn Collins’s says:

    We remember the people from 911

  17. Alexis_bgamer says:


  18. henry elsesy says:

    Imma chezzy boiiiiiiiii

  19. Jimmy Williams says:

    What a Cute Dog I hope everything turns out well

    ༼ つ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡° ༽つ

  20. Juba990 Ma says:

    °>° 4 PEOPLE DISLIKES?!?! Whoever disliked, you have no soul

    Edit 1: thank u for the likes!
    Edit 2: 32 LIKES?!?!?! OMG THANK YOU ALL

  21. Kameron Smith says:


  22. SekhmetSecretWeapon says:

    119 th like! :))

  23. SekhmetSecretWeapon says:

    I'll never forget that day my entire life, it was so horrific…..still makes me cry to see tape of it…..

  24. Will Rudolph says:

    Oh, this was in New York , I had no idea!

  25. DarkManiax says:


  26. Jane W says:

    God bless Paul.

  27. Gabby says:

    LOL why’d she pull his tail 6:13

  28. Sam Marr says:

    How’s he going to pick up the poop

  29. Zanity says:

    So cute dog😍😍🐶🐶❤❤

  30. Zanity says:

    12 dislikes you have no soul

  31. Jolie Ta says:

    What a sweet story

  32. Francisco Barraza says:

    what a coincidence i just watched a 9/11 movie

  33. guccigang Mango21 says:

    A dogs journey happend here

  34. Dead Komaeda says:

    Lisa Guerrero would’ve confronted that dog

  35. *_No Videos_* says:

    He protec
    He attac
    But most importantly he got firefighter

  36. *_No Videos_* says:

    Fun fact! (Not very fun)
    The search and rescue dogs in the 9/11 accident started getting depressed finding dead bodies so their handlers starting playing dead so they could find them.

  37. Bread says:


  38. Pearls and Swine says:

    What a beautiful story. Thank you Inside Edition for doing this story. God bless Paul.

  39. Nathan Stines says:

    I wish I could get a service dog. I suffer from PTSD from being in the Army and Afghanistan.

  40. KoreyXZully Bonia says:

    Tbh this had me crying because some people cant do some things that other's cant do

  41. Scandalous peach says:

    I hope he doesn’t kill him

  42. Lazzrd says:

    shane dawson gets a service cat
    in bed

  43. FBI Agent says:

    Tell me he don’t look like Roman Atwood’s dad

  44. Fight_me_ Boo says:

    Aww that’s so cute😇🤞🏼❤️😍🐶

  45. RainBowPanda says:

    Paul was rough with Valor!
    He was tugging when Valor wasn’t exactly perfect.

  46. Headphonez says:

    This is so wholesome, I honestly love stories like this. And I hate it when entitled people try to distract service dogs act like jerks when the handlers say that they’re not allowed to pet them.

  47. my1998mgm says:

    So he'd get to keep the dog I'm just wondering

  48. Webs says:

    (っ◕‿◕)っ holy that dog is cute

  49. Arline Soule says:

    That's such an amazing thing .that was a very sad day . awesome video .💖💗🤗😘👁👁🐕🐶👍👍👍👍👍

  50. Aesthetic Gacha says:

    My aunt was taping that and I watch the tape every year on 9/11 and it was horrifying. Unfortunately, she was injured in a building and didn’t make it I’m so sad 🙁

  51. HazardousTV says:


  52. The Roblox Santa Claus says:

    I had a family member die in the first tower that fell, she was trapped in the upper floors after the first plane hit… thank you for your service and I hope you and your dog have a long lasting friendship! ♥️

  53. Twitch says:

    Stop uploading 13 videos a day No one cares about you guys inside addition just stop updating you don’t get views

  54. Jared Baldy says:

    2:58 “Takes several minutes to bend down to that level” 5:52 bends down to that level in seconds

  55. superjare23 says:

    5:52 He bent down tho

  56. Veronica Chavira says:

    Oh my dear

  57. CrustyCrusader says:

    Why does he look like a older version of hawkeye

  58. Thyfjtdutdum Jyrdyrjjysyr says:


  59. Hector_tha_goat says:

    Ok, I have a problem with the word “DOG”. I don’t use the D word, cause I think it’s really really wrong. But I happily use canine American.

  60. Hawaii Girl says:

    He’s my old neighbor
    Also cute dog

  61. William Walsh says:

    Wow he’s aggressive with that dog

  62. what the heck am I doing here says:

    I remember that day but I was kid at that time.

  63. ItzTurtle says:

    My dog’s name is valor! She is my service dog too!

  64. Princess mermaid says:


  65. Keewee Froot says:

    Such a good boy

  66. Mobile Turtle says:

    What is 9/11 people in school say 9/11 is there favorite holiday

  67. Vut Promsuwan says:


  68. It’s yo Girl Annika says:

    Why does he need an SD

  69. Nash Manalinding says:

    marley is best….

  70. Lizzy Chien-Hua says:

    I now him he was in the 9/11 video god is wash you 🙏🏻

  71. Beatriz Bio says:

    Cute dog.

  72. Kyz X says:

    The gy looks like Hawkeye

  73. essi says:

    Why he has that collar…He is not real service dog if yoi have to use that.

  74. K¡lz_BowlOfCereal11 YT says:

    Where is lisa guerrero and what about constanly uploading

  75. Ray Mak says:

    It's like meeting your best friend

  76. Andrew 1010 says:

    Let's never forget the brave heroes that willingly went into Downtown Manhattan that day and helped rescue the people from those iconic structures. Enjoy your Doggo Heroic American. ☺️

  77. Starbucks Slime9 says:

    the dog looks like my school dog

  78. Sid 27 says:

    I think about this a lot. I am a puppy raser for Paws With a Cause and someday my boy will help someone like this

  79. Dalia MATUTE says:

    Big cute baby awwwwwwww🐶🐕🐩

  80. Matt ttt says:

    Did Al-Queda dislike this?!?!

  81. MsSweet Pea says:

    Paul Montre looks like Jeremy Runner

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