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  1. BRIGHT SIDE says:

    Which animal's vision do you find the most amazing?

  2. george9559 says:

    Cats and dogs can see colour if you put them glasses for colorblind people.


  3. G63 Music says:

    How do you know?

  4. Fanny Highlights says:

    How did you know?🤣

  5. Loyalakpa Loyalakpa says:

    How edit see the world

  6. Sidonamo says:

    Today is my birthday please at least subscribe me by pressing the image don't forget If you subscribed me I will subscribe back

  7. Precious Albano says:

    How do u know?

  8. Recto Rhowan says:

    Wait spiders are an insect but how do they see stuff

  9. Arjun Singh says:

    great video

  10. Greece Mobile says:

    2:19 Intel hd graphics right

  11. SIMILAR GAMER says:

    Give me proof??

  12. Uno revserse Card says:

    All of them are colorblind

  13. Abhishek Abhi says:

    Actually what is the real colour of the world??

  14. Shahrukh Khan says:

    Who would you know?

  15. udtasm5 asm says:

    Fact or fiction?????

  16. Joey TheBOss1194 says:

    is this real???

  17. player gamer gamer says:

    Pride ng blue

  18. Take IT !!! says:

    seems like Area 51 be asking animals how they see the world 😂😃

  19. # nkp says:

    Nice… Could you make a video of crow vision…

  20. Jay ar Balinto says:

    Did all animals and insects tell you that?

  21. hansel gretel says:

    How did you know thats a camera vision

  22. Tech Gamers Kerala says:

    Who knows which one-what we see or what they see- the real colour is?

  23. nur alamsyah says:

    Then who is exactly right about color is it us human because we can see more color? But what based we can determine that we are the right one ? Hmm 🤔

  24. giel shane channel says:

    0:43 oww! I'm a cow i see what he or she see

  25. officer vlad says:

    So that debunks the whole red and bull myth

  26. Unicorn Gamer says:

    How do they even know if they are not a animal if they know how animals see with their own eyes

  27. Michael 67 Pro says:

    My favorite it is dogs at: 3:14 please like so I can come back well at least like and unlike

  28. Tube Alex says:

    2:34 laaaaaaaaaag

  29. rune says:

    I’d be mad too if I wz a snake

  30. rune says:

    I thought sharks were blind 😳

  31. Nada Ahmad says:

    How do u know all these?

  32. Robot Burger says:

    Phoebe, a dog – loves a bright orange squeaky toy that has a shape that can blend well with grass, however is VERY VISIBLE since grass is green.

    Phoebe cannot find the toy, unless she gets super close and smell it.

  33. SanZu BHL says:


  34. Washma Ejaz says:

    How did u know

  35. Oleh HL says:

    Showed this to my dog.
    Now he sees like a human.

  36. Sumanth Purre says:

    I think cows vision is also like humans

  37. EP. IC says:

    2:20 my PC when i play GTA 5

  38. Iya .c says:

    Umm how do you know Animals visions!? 😱😱

  39. Fareed Ashfaq says:

    It's ok but how you know all this

  40. Romaris Rogers says:

    I wonder how a praying mantis vision is? 🤔 since they're intelligent insects

  41. TangKe Gaming says:

    Snake and eagle for me

  42. Samantha and cecil says:

    How do you know all this?
    Please like I have never gotten a like.

  43. Brylle Fuentes says:

    How did u know that was the vision of the animal?did u become an animal?hahaha😂😂😂

  44. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Dogs can diferentiate Forty Shades of Grey” – Thankfully something on this planet can understand this movie 🍿


    This is my first learning about the animals vision…

  46. Nerko Vukovic says:

    we always want our pet to talk but when we remember what we did in front of them better not

  47. Prinz Striker says:

    How did u know????

  48. MythicalMonstrousZenost says:

    Snakes: Some Color, Infrared
    Cows: Red and Orange only
    Horses: Green, Yellows, Blue
    Fish: Red, Green, Blue, UV
    Sharks: Black and White
    Falcons, Eagles: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, UV
    Sparrows: Pink
    Flies: UV, Slow Motion
    Bees: Blue, Green, UV
    Rats: Blue, Green, UV
    Cats: Brown, Yellow, Blue
    Dogs: Blue, Yellow
    Frogs: Green, Red, Yellow
    Chameleons: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, UV

  49. Santiago Trujillo says:

    I was hoping for a rabbit

  50. Adrian Gucor says:

    girl voice

  51. hahaha hohoho says:

    i have a question bright side how did you know all of the vision? plss answer

  52. Noober X says:

    How u know?

  53. Don't ask my name ever says:

    How do you know their vision

  54. Ehsan Farsi Pjr says:

    How can you say that for sure!???

  55. guru dev says:

    What about monkey

  56. SrinivasaRao. V says:

    Good video

  57. Ali Raza ? says:

    Good information about animals and human eyes.

  58. XIYUTU 23 says:

    So human vision is perfect but how do you know?


    Is this real

  60. Nature says:

    How this Information is Collected?
    Any Experimental Sources????

  61. VENOM GAMING says:

    Biggest lie of century lol

  62. Fanny Is life says:

    The problem is very clear bro they're Color Vlind

  63. Therock Vikram says:

    Yes thank u ,😊🥰

  64. HRT rajesh donakanti says:

    Cow vision yash color

  65. iSuru Fernandøz says:

    But one question!
    How scientists find these things ? I mean how animal see the world!

    Sorry for the grammer mistakes. I’m not fluent in English! 😊

  66. Vishnu Tj says:

    How would you know that?

  67. Meaningful Galiwala says:

    Ant's vision 😁it's not possible right

  68. Pau Khai says:

    What is a demogorgen vison

  69. Simran Deol says:

    No one:-
    Make me the most liked comment

  70. hkhggj hjlfg says:

    So you are trying to say all animals see through Snapchat filters?

  71. The Baldi basics says:

    What about monkeys vision

  72. HNH_USA says:

    Do you

  73. Weirdo Playz says:

    That's scary 😱

  74. creator dharaneedhar says:

    Dog can see orange colour

  75. Vampire Rose says:

    Oh! Now I got it!
    That's why people be snake in pubg

  76. Daring rk says:

    Frog's vision

  77. zeeshan shaik ZS says:

    How can we believe that what you say ….

  78. Andy Le says:

    its so trippy to be animals

  79. Empress Atheism says:

    How did you know these things?

  80. CAT BEAT.90 GAMING says:

    Oh now i know why fly faster than human its becouse he see the world with slow motion if i want yo cath him he use the slowmotion power😂

  81. Priya Babloo says:

    I felt bad for the fact that dogs can’t see all the colours!

  82. Zachery Wynn Duenas says:

    Cows is colorblind

  83. Mahesh K says:

    I never saw this type of vidio in my life thankyou

  84. riamelicano says:

    How do u know how they see..?

  85. samo hitovi v2 says:

    Fly just have bad FPS

  86. Sweet Lollipop says:

    Me watching this with my hamster 1:48 hamster comes in
    I close my hamster's eyes. Cause he might get scared cause the Eagle might eat him

    U get it?

  87. Luky_123 says:

    rats when they play roblox in 15 fps

  88. Xx Sceptre xX says:

    0:09 I saw that
    Do you?

  89. T A Y L O R - M C M A H EL says:

    Hey I don't see anything different about dogs vision it looks normal… oh wait

  90. ibrahim zia says:

    How can i trust????

  91. Aarzoo Maryum says:


  92. Submersed24 says:

    You almost wonder how intelligent animals would be if they could see like humans. Most probably can't make out words on paper to even be able to test it

  93. Michael Driscoll says:

    I know lots of ppl with snake vision!!! 😉

  94. Phanindra S says:

    How do you get information?

  95. Taner Sacirovic says:


  96. Eigram Wei Dong says:

    I have question? How do you know that those animals have that kind of vision? Have you tried to be an animals? Like them? 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  97. 99BraiNKilleR99 says:

    What do you call a fish with no eyes?
    A Fsh😂

  98. Ak HARI GAMING says:


  99. Denilson Almieda says:

    This is pain full😭

  100. Carly Incili says:

    A gamers nightmare

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