How can I make sure my pet’s heart is healthy?

– Having a general practitioner or your primary
veterinarian in a good relationship with them, doing annual exams they’re going to be the
ones to hopefully pick up on those subtle changes in regards to oscillatory findings. So listening to the heart, seeing if there’s
any abnormality with the rhythm, any abnormality with the rate, or if there’s an appreciable
murmur. And then with their guidance have that further
evaluated by a cardiologist. – I think number two would just be knowing
your pet really well. Owners pick up on an abnormality at home and
that might be abnormal breathing, that can be a common association of dogs that are going
to heart failure. Coughing can be a problem in dogs and cats
with heart disease. Exercise intolerance where their dogs are
not wanting to go for as long of a walk anymore. But you used to go for a two mile walk no
problem and now we’re getting a half a mile in and they’re exhausted. But knowing your dog really well and being
able to pick up on when something’s not going right, that’s hugely important to keeping
track of their heart health.

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