How Different Are Different Types of Dogs?

Hi, this is Kate from MinuteEarth. Ever since rich British folks invented dog
shows as a spectator sport in the late 1800s, people have been parading pooches around with
the goal of taking the top spot in their dogs’ so-called “breed group.” These breed groups are based on the historical
jobs dogs were bred to do, with game-retrievers like labs and spaniels in the sporting group,
guard dogs like dobermans and mastiffs in the working group, and herding dogs like collies
and sheepdogs in, well, the herding group. And although most dogs today are just butt-sniffing
layabouts, their breed group still influences how we think about them. Which is why dog breed organizations describe
dogs in the sporting group as attentive, dogs in the herding group as smart, and dogs in
the working group as courageous – but perhaps unsuited for families with young kids. However, two decades of canine research have
revealed that while dogs in a given breed group often share certain skills, they really
don’t have that much else in common. In one study in Sweden, researchers ran more
than 13,000 dogs of 31 different breeds through a course full of sounds, surprises, and random
humans attempting to snuggle. They found that levels of playfulness, curiosity,
sociability, and aggression did not differ among breed groups. Even weirder, it turned out that golden retrievers
are more similar to Rottweilers than they are to their fellow sporting dogs, and Boxers
are more like Labs than they are like other working dogs. In fact, most dogs act more like breeds outside
their group than they act like other breeds within their group. What’s more, dozens of canine intelligence
studies have shown that, when it comes to skills like solving mazes and following commands,
all breed groups perform about the same, even though some individual dogs are definitely
smarter than others. So have dog enthusiasts somehow been imagining
all of these differences among breed groups? Maybe…psychology research suggests that
once we begin to see something in a particular way, we naturally seek out evidence that strengthens
that image, and ignore evidence that undermines it. But the truth is that you can’t judge a
bark by its cover. Hey, it’s Kate – and this is my adorable
rascal, Watson. Hopefully, you enjoyed watching this video
– we had a ton of fun making it. Come join us in the comments section, where
we can chat about breed groups, and confirmation bias, and you can share your dogs with us! Also, if you like what we do, please consider
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100 Responses

  1. Fuzzy Animations says:

    0:53 anyone else see growlithe?

  2. ebadat azeem says:


  3. czesia gaming days Wright says:

    So I watch suffering dogs and cry

  4. Łøsër._.gãćhã says:

    Someone mentioned Rottweilers for once!

  5. Jennifer Allen says:

    He's sooooo cute!!!!!??

  6. Iva Bosnjak says:

    I have an Irish Seter what group is he

  7. Talisjasonvlogs says:

    0:54 anyone else notice that the third dog was a freaking growlithe

  8. Cloud Thuinder says:

    I have an illyrian sheepdog and he's really smart he actually made me look like a fool in front of my friends i dont wanna tell what he did cuz its emberassing and my family laughed at me

  9. J's home says:

    My dog is really smart but when it comes to commands she acts like she's stupid.

  10. Furry Murray Network says:

    Interesting information and really cute drawings ?

  11. Natalie the cute koala says:

    It’s Arcanine not growlithe

  12. Amanda Long says:

    The third dog is growlithe the pokemon

  13. Icewing Power Draw says:

    Another thing like the video said, my friend had 2 Dobermans and they were the kindest dogs I’ve ever met! There names were ske ( pronounced sky ) and von. Sadly about a year ago ske passed away from old age. Von was also sad sense ske was his best friend. A few months ago, they got another dog named miles. He was a very fast breed ( I can’t remember the breed cause I’m brain dead ?? ) and they got along wonderfully. I just wanted to write this comment about Dobermans to show they have feelings about other things, just like other dogs, and they are very nice unless the owner makes them mean. They are also very good around Maggie and she is a pretty young child. ?

  14. Denice Griffiths says:

    I have a question why are Pitbulls seen as mean although theyare real sweeties?

  15. demogorgon and friends says:

    I have pitbull name nate and he's the sweetest thing in the world

  16. Regina Castillo says:

    Pokemon!! :3

  17. Andrija 4001 says:


  18. Ferdinand Ico says:

    When a dog crosses his/her front legs while lying down, hes a kind hearted one

  19. OwlTheNightFury httyd says:


  20. Ythan Lingat says:

    I love the Growlithe at 0:56

  21. GachaCottonCandy :3 says:

    I have Dobermans and their very playful and they LOVEEEE to snuggle and they can sense my feelings so when I'm sad they a gather in a bunch and put their heads on my lap and that means It's okay and you can pet them to feel better :3 OOF this was 2 years ago why am I writing a comment?

  22. Bella Stoker says:

    my dogs a great dane shes a freak

  23. ROCKET Shark says:

    When you have 2 cats

    * awkward money puppet meme*

  24. Dragon Animating says:

    Who saw arcanine lol

  25. Lil’ Gacha Liv says:

    I have a border collie and a shelter (Shetland Sheepdog)

  26. HUSKERS 23 says:

    What about rottweilers?

  27. Epic Stobks says:

    who saw the Pokemon dog,Growlithe?

  28. Caroline R. says:

    I have a dachshund and a doberman!
    -Dachshunds are considered one of the most agressive dog breeds
    -Dobermans are considered one of the most dangerous dogs

    And they are both little angels (:

  29. Spotted Hyena says:

    I wish we could somehow find a stable middle ground for pugs to keep some of their cute traits while being able to be healthy

  30. JOJO MAKIESE says:

    My dogs an gearman shepherd (she barks at evryone) she rlly good at scaring other people away from me

  31. Bejan Bharucha says:

    Awwwww thats a pwity litle doooooog

  32. Malumute Dawgs says:

    But where are the alaskan malamutes?

  33. Jojo Constantino says:

    I saw grolithe

  34. Arctica The Fox says:

    Lmao I WISH I could have a growlithe as a pet

  35. x o x G E N x o x says:

    What about us people with mixed dogs-

  36. Sondra J says:

    00:56 growlith and james form team rocket!!,

  37. Nadia D says:

    I have a treewalker hound, my grandma has my favorite dog a blue healer

  38. Stefani Coleman says:

    0:57 there's a Growlithe and a team rocket dummy

  39. Omega studios says:

    0:59 ash: hey growlithe

  40. gamer time9999 says:

    I HAVE A PITBULL his name is Franco he's an Old dog and friendy

  41. Bryan Huggins says:

    Hey minute earth my dog is named Cooper he is two types of labour is a sports dog

  42. serkan hasilik says:


  43. Cole Brayden says:

    I have 2 dogs, Escher a Coton De Tulear, and Sheldon, a Havanese. They are both fun, but very different! I do call my 1-year-old dog a puppy still.

  44. GameBoyLAHagers LucasThePlaya10 says:

    this is my old dog and this is my dog now when she was little she 9 months now >

  45. Mark S says:

    Random information: Bulldogs cannot naturally breed on their own.

    We humans have engineered them so oddly that their heads are too heavy to mount a female's back. So Bulldog breeders jerk off little Bully penises to collect the male's sperm and artificially inseminate the females. It's what we do to create these specific types of dog breeds.

    Dog personalities are diverse in nature, they're not suppose to be predictable. It is only us humans who artificially mold them into specific groups and traits, which causes lots of health problems from lack of genetic diversity.

  46. kelina leighton says:

    My Chihuahua barks with no bite, but that's the only dog like thing she does, everything else she does like a meerkat and a feline. And sometimes because she's red haired she looks like those small foxes. Too adorable and spoiled. And she falls asleep hugging her favorite teddy ??


    I have a pitbull she is amazing and will never hurt anybody

  48. Swily says:

    0:55 growlithe!

  49. Noajm IsMy Name 26M says:

    Big tongue

  50. Honeyliza Camposano says:

    I dont have a dog????

  51. Billie Eili breneman says:

    What about rotriler

  52. Eleanor Tischler says:

    Pitbulls used to be called "the nanny breed" because they're so gentle, and this is their true nature

  53. Waddles the Penguin says:

    CIA should stand for "Canine Intelligence Agency" not "Central Intelligence Agency". But then again, they might torture dogs if that happens.

  54. Emalee King says:

    At 0:57 you put growlith or arcanine from Pokemon lol ???

  55. Ellimanist15 says:

    Does this effect exert enough influence to explain why pitbulls and pitbull mixes are the large majority of dog bit cases?

  56. RosiePokemonandMario says:

    James: I.AM.A.CLOWN.


    Did anyone see a hyena

  58. girl gamer proof that girls can play game says:

    The dog is not mean it's our protected

  59. Kayley Huang says:

    I have a sheep dog!

  60. Legendairy_Angel 94 says:

    At 0:54 a I want a growlithe so bad

  61. Sticknodes animation says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) dogs

  62. Sorrowful Dilo says:

    0:56 GROWLITE? XD

  63. Tristan Jean Louis says:

    Is it just me, or is the dog in the middle look like a growlithe? 0:57

  64. Mars LeFebre says:

    Puppers are puppers. Just love em and give them lotsa attention. Whether they gots a nub, or a floofy swirl tail, or even a skinny long boi tail, make them wag.

  65. RainDropz says:

    0:57 James from team rocket!!!

  66. bborders135 says:

    Who else saw the growlithe? Lol

  67. Angel0_playz Evaristo says:

    I know I'm doing this comment in 2019 but in 0:53 is there a pokemon dog in real life?

  68. Itz Hasman says:

    The hidden pokemon is arcaine

  69. Lana Zelenika says:

    I have a matesse…his name is Lucky and he is super sweet

  70. Robs Frogs says:

    A dogs not vicious or “mean” if there brought up right

  71. Purple Mermaid says:

    0:56 I love how you used growlithe and James from pokemon

  72. David Aung says:

    1:00 James Vs Growlithe

  73. Cacti watermelon says:

    i have a pitbull and 2 chihuahuas what group are they
    people: pitbull's are dangerous and vicious
    me: hold my puppy
    also me: * researches: are Pitbulls good family dogs *
    internet: pitbulls are not good guard dogs because they just LOVE people so much. pitbulls are great with children! they must intercede if someone threatens THEIR humans. they are AFFECTIONATE with both adults and children. they thrive as part of the family
    person: * struggles to hold my full grown Pitbull *

    also i remember when i was in first grade or kindergarten
    my chihuahua followed my mom to my school to pick me up and when i picked him up everyone was crowding me
    my chihuahua didnt growl or bite anyone he just chilled.
    one student asked me over and OVER! "Is he a poodle?" i was like "DOES HE LOOK LIKE A POODLE?" in my head. i even answered "no hes a chihauhua.
    maybe because i remember her saying that chihuahuas are mean thats why she kept on asking if he was a poodle.

    btw my chihuahua female is named Chloe (because she looks like Chloe in Beverly hills chihuahua) and my other chihuahua is named Chico hes been wirh me since i first came into the world (im 11 hes also 11). and my pitbull is named Kona

  74. WolfGamer20024 says:

    My dog is not a bread of a dog expensive or tings like that but i dont care i still love her

  75. Smol Potato Cat says:

    all i can say about my dog is….

    she likes to lick things

  76. Atømicz says:

    I have a 5 month old collie pup named elli. Shes the smartest dog ive ever seen, and shes a colie

  77. Ava Granger says:

    This is just stupid you know Doberman always mean it's how they brought up if the bottle good then yet they're going to protect the owner doesn't mean they're going to turn the only turn because of your actions or what they seem and it doesn't always mean that are Labradors going to be the best it could be exactly like you judge is a Doberman and the sheepdogs not always going to be a smart Sheepdog it can be a silly play for one but not all how you think they are are you with me

  78. Ava Granger says:

    And the person who said I think is as you seem like or do whatever you want but I'm watching this in 2019

  79. Ljbby MacDonald says:

    I have a boxer dog her name is sash I love her so so much

  80. Mya says:

    Does anyone else have a border collie

  81. Trashpanda Weirdo says:

    I have a rat terrier

  82. Dragon Born says:

    Lets fix dogs

  83. KayKinz says:

    My Doberman is the biggest chicken of a dog I’ve ever owned lol ?

  84. Hatchet says:

    except genetics also play a role in personality and temperament. an american pitbull terrier is much more likely and prone to being dog and animal aggressive compared to a shih tzu. a border collie is much more likely to have a herding instinct than a siberian husky. this doesn't mean all american pitbull terrier's will have dog/animal aggression, all border collies wanting to herd, etc. however depending on the breed that dog will most likely show and exhibit certain traits that are expected to be seen in that breed; which a responsible dog owner will understand and take precautions if a certain trait may prove to be potentially dangerous if not handled properly.

  85. Moocyfer 2.0 says:

    You do realize that a lot of people do nothing more than scroll and your thumbnail is harmful because as you indicated in the video many dogs or not as they've been labelled. I have never been attacked or bit by a bully breed I have been bit by multiple chihuahuas, by two of those mini Eskimo dogs and even Labradors!! you just simply don't get between that dog and its intended ball.

    Dog stereotyping causes a lot of damage, some of the nicest most well-behaved dogs I know receive horrible treatment and their owners have a very hard time based on the appearance not the dog's Behavior. Houston male would have been a lot more Innovative and a lot less damaging if it didn't have the stereotypes next to the image but rather the truth and I guarantee you would get more clicks

  86. Can we hit 1k vids Without any subs? says:

    Which group does a husky belong to?

  87. sparxstreak02 says:

    0:58 isn’t that red dog just the Pokémon Growlithe?

  88. Basi DIY says:


  89. MCXY_Gaming :/ says:

    0:55 growlithe

  90. kuya QWERTY says:

    Send this to places who puts down pitbulls

  91. Vulgar Science PL says:

    Roses are red
    I ring the bell
    If you hate Pitbulls
    Then go burn in hell

  92. Cadee Hughes says:

    I have a pit bull and he is the sweetest little boy

  93. Abiecat says:

    You can't judge a bark by it's sound

  94. Mimikyufates says:

    Duck hunt and growlithe

  95. belugfuter_ yettie says:

    Does she have strabismus??

    Just wondering

  96. someone :p says:

    The dog breed doesn't make him dangerous, nice or playfull. The owner does.

  97. Me As in ‘Me’ says:

    GrOWIThE aNd jAmES.
    I ThOUghT tHIs hAD nO pOKeMOn.

  98. Sammy The Chihuahua says:

    Like my dog?

  99. SuperArtsi says:

    When i tell people that dobermann’s are my favorite dog breed, and i want one when i get older when have a family or something, they always tell me that they are dangerous something like that and they should be kept as a guard dog instead, it always irritates me since they are very well suitable of being a family dog aswell as a guard dog, it mostly depends on how the dog is trained aswell as it’s personality, and not the breed.

  100. Sofia Loretta Vester says:

    I have a rottweiler, he is 4 years old and the sweetest ball of energy ever! My friends are scared of him since, yeah he is a rottweiler but all he does is overprotect me, yes he is like an older brother, but very very overprotective 😀

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