How Do Dogs Get up So Fast ? – in 4K Slow Motion

Come on let’s go. Have you ever called your dog to go out for
a walk. Or to get a treat. And notice just how fast they get up. I’ve always wondered how a dog shifts its
weight. And gets on its feet from a lying position. So quickly. I can’t speak for all breeds of dogs. But most of the dogs I’ve seen. Get up pretty darn fast. I don’t know if April’s any different. I know she drinks water a lot differently
than most dogs. I’m going to be using the high-speed camera. To expose exactly what happens. When a dog stands up from a lying down position. And how they are able to stand up as fast
as they do. Allow me to introduce you to April. I want to show you just how fast April gets
up. April here. Check out the video of you drinking water. It has millions of views already. You know what that means. Are you ready to be famous?. You’re already famous. First thing I have to do is get April to lie
down. Which was harder than I expected. Good girl. Platz…Platz ….Good Girl Alright let’s roll the cameras. You ready to do this?. Come on let’s go. Let’s back that up and see that again. I found it really interesting how she retracts
her legs. While using her head and her tail as a counterweight. To spin in place into an upright position. And then stand up and spring forward. Kind of all in one motion. After watching that footage and seeing just
how fast that happens. The first thing that I thought is. Do all dogs get up the same?. So I’m going to shoot this one more time. But instead of using April. I want to introduce you to mr. cool. Now that we have met mr. cool. I wonder if a little dog uses the same body
mechanics and speed. Or maybe the little dog is even faster. Let’s find out. We’re going to run mr. cool through the same
routine is April. We’re going to let him relax and then call
him over. ” Ok Cools Come’on” That look pretty amazing. It definitely answered a lot of the questions
that I had. About how the dogs get up that fast. They go from lying down to sprinting in a
fraction of a second. So that being said thanks for watching. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think in the comments
below. If you want to see any other dog related episodes. I’ll leave a link to the video of her drinking
water in slow motion. Which I thought look pretty cool. Because she drinks water a lot differently
than I’ve seen most dogs drink water. That’s about it. See you next time. Adios. April I’m calling your agent.

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100 Responses

  1. Vision Research says:

    OMG!! The wittle bubby wubby puppy… (cough, cough) oh um, great video sir! Well done. That is a fine looking animal you have there.

  2. The Theory of Everything says:

    4:05 All I could focus on was his tongue flopping around

  3. yetus deletus fetus says:

    omg look at the dog's tonge when they gets UP XD

  4. Anonymous Pride says:

    She looks like that girl in the bar that everyone loves the slowmo and the tongue

  5. Zigod Gaming says:

    1:53 with x2 speed sounds cool

  6. Trevor Pool says:

    i have a german shepard hes level 2 certified and you will see problems with the hips in a few years. mine can barley get up now:(

  7. justin hunt says:

    Both licked there noses before going anywhere lmao 😂

  8. Koalas eat leaves says:

    OMG that German Shepherd is beautiful.

  9. Laady Universe says:

    April is adorable asf 😍

  10. ChewyLacey says:

    i have a dog also named April but she is a golden retriever

  11. Brian BigB Clark says:

    Notice both of their tongues come out the same while getting up?

  12. Justin Michrina says:

    That's a great example of the difference of the squared velocity vs proportional mass for kinetic energy.
    The very light feet moving super fast compared to the heavy head, shoulders and hips moving much slower all to rotate the even heavier torso. It even explains why the back feet are stable first as dogs are insanely front heavy, with most of their muscles in the chest, shoulders and neck.

    It's also why the normal reaction direction that people flail in when losing their balance causes them to fall (throwing the arms backward, away from the fall)

  13. Supreme2time A and C gãñg says:

    She looks just just likes my aunt dog

  14. Ethan Koren says:

    It looks like he got shot

  15. Red Mamba 5 says:

    2:02 when you see the booty

  16. willyouwright says:

    did you notice the tongue coming out on both dogs at same time!!

  17. Warren Lange says:

    How can 2.8k give this a thumbs down??? Dog haters I guess. Thanks for your efforts.

  18. 1so Static says:

    I love German Shepherds and April is lovely ….btw…Tidy up your wiring ;-P

  19. DNB says:

    You should film humans getting up.

  20. acct4u says:

    I ALWAYS thought they just went from Point A……to Point B……never thought about the "in-between"………the MUSCLES, the FACE expressions, the TONGUE, the LEGS, etc…..absolutely FASCINATING!!! Thank You for the post!!!!!

  21. nhihihi5 says:

    Omg the 2nd slow mo clip is definitely her good side. So majestic

  22. maggs131 says:

    Cool video but is that rat nest of wires on the wall actually the computer superman fought in part 3?

  23. Mico Roselle says:

    So majestic

  24. MerryMary C says:

    What role does the tongue play?

  25. Julia Nieberg says:

    why did I find this funny

  26. Alexander Sannikov says:

    when i hear the pizza delivery guy i think i get up faster

  27. mrsjamat86 says:

    But wait… who's faster?

  28. P4ws says:

    The Intro Of Mr.Cool Made My Life Complete

  29. Nithin Ivan John says:

    Awsm.. dope bgm

  30. Anastasia Bananastasia says:

    I like the water the most 😂

  31. Rose Rautio says:

    Cool! What camera are you using?

  32. 49jubilee says:

    Like cats🐺…
    Bodies shift when coming down from higher motion

  33. RuizantD says:

    German shepherds <3

  34. Leigh-Anne Cooper says:

    You really see how fast it is when the slo mo still looks normal speed untill you see her toung move and you realize how slow it really is

  35. Leigh-Anne Cooper says:

    Why is mr cool wearing that big black thing on her collar…does it serve a purpose bc it seems rly big and anoying for a small dog

  36. Epic Street dogs says:

    Epic Dogs in slow motion.💕💕

  37. Bob3519 says:

    Dogs are so much fun!

  38. Sierra Davis says:

    not a lot makes me audibly laugh on youtube anymore, but the slow mo of the tiny dog getting up made me giggle. so cute

  39. Cap'N Cook says:

    The nose licking part is definitely the same xD

  40. Vishnu singh says:

    Really clever

  41. • G a c h a P e t a l s • says:

    2:25 Me on Monday mornings

  42. Swish says:

    woah the dog looks like its evolving or something like that…

  43. meocats says:

    is there a video on how cats get up so fast?

  44. hey man i like games says:

    Mr. Cool is sooo cute!

  45. Antonio DÍAZ PADRÓN says:

    Viva Canarias

  46. anast ЫЫЫ says:

    Есть русские? Ставьте лес если да

  47. Alexander Artaza says:

    1:39 the can get up faster than the drop falling to the floor

  48. DCD Laser & CNC says:

    Dogs are so awesome! April is such a beautiful dog.

  49. DCD Laser & CNC says:

    Loved Mr Cool's tongue action.

  50. Matouš Litera says:

    Now try with nitro-methane!

  51. Chris The Official says:

    Seems like sticking out your tongue to lick your nose is the key of speeding up the process of getting up. Now we all know what to do when we oversleep 😀

  52. Lone Wolf says:

    Mr. Cool seems to use his tongue as a counterbalance as well.

  53. nemesisnick66 says:

    thats them survival instincts kickin in mang

  54. Sarah L says:

    1:48 – 2:00 Focus on April's front two paws and how the claws come out. It's almost like that grip propels her forward.

  55. OhMyAmy says:

    Very interesting! Cool video!

  56. Meg Renner says:

    i bet they'd be even faster with trimmed nails.

  57. Luis says:

    They do both the same tongue thing at 1:53 and at 4:09

  58. pineapple juice says:

    If I tried getting up that fast, I'd fall back down

  59. R U D Y 位右ケ says:

    they have rockets on their ass

  60. SubSongs Channel says:

    How to get up so fast:

  61. dostacos says:

    My father-in-laws dog is old af so she gets up about as quickly as the 30,000 FPS dog does…it's quite sad.

  62. Grek Is Grek says:

    My old boy and my bad knee boy are still able to do the fast stand up

  63. Grek Is Grek says:

    Woke up 20 minutes ago, only halfway off the couch oh god

  64. Ahmed teeka says:

    WOoow man thanks for sharing that

  65. Hellojellomello Mello says:

    Charles Darwin discovering about evolution colourised

  66. Mathias says:

    Haha great video Sir!

  67. Queen Jay says:


  68. evilkabab says:

    What is so amazing? Survival depends on your reflexes and agility. Evolution.

  69. panda44r says:

    How do dogs get up so fast?

    One word,……………….SQUIRREL! :o)

  70. Vintage Everyday says:

    Both dogs put their tongues out when getting up. Is it because they were trained using food, or is it an odd result of getting up quickly? Maybe our host has the answer?

  71. Mr. DivisionXD says:

    My dog is a mini schnauzer and my dog gets up fast

  72. Jonathan Tatler says:

    As soon as they're on their feet they both, seemingly as a reflex, licked their noses.
    I wonder what that is for?

  73. BigBrap says:

    Looks like they also use there tails

  74. Colonel Breadsticks says:

    2:59 The first thing I though of was
    “Could I get up that fast?”

  75. vista7 says:

    I never really thought about it. It's amazing how agile their joints are. Imagine if humans especially athletes had that much flexibility.

  76. Angry Grandpa Lives on says:

    The dog getting up is 3 times faster than me getting up

  77. Banana Phone says:

    She's so cute. She's also a ninja, or did ninjas watch dogs and mimic? The world may never know.

  78. Boots says:

    Dang, came here from Project Farm and at first load I'm like "What, dog video", then I'm like cool, let me try that on my Sheltie! And Rotary engines too?!?!?!!!!! Totally subbed, looking to get a rotary for a shop generator project.

  79. Swordof theLord says:

    April is a beautiful creature.

  80. Greg W says:

    I'm well into my 50s now an I'm going to take some pointers from these dogs, the way I've been getting up isn't working so well now days. Lets just say you wouldn't need a high speed camera to watch me get up. I can rock myself to sleep trying to get up. lol

  81. Gold Whisperer Prospecting says:

    I want to see this done with a pug, results may vary.

  82. Salad Fingers says:

    Sorry but I get up just as fast, not so special

  83. Omega Gaming says:

    Pakugan …I think it is written like that ..right?

  84. FalconXE302 says:

    Yep… both exactly the same… tongue cam out and gave the nose a good licking…!

  85. MaxSettings says:

    Should have included a human in slo mo

  86. OzarkoBlam says:

    They both flicked their tongue when they got up.

  87. bianiris carrasquillo says:

    April: … blem

  88. Jon Becker says:

    Would probably be even faster if she was on a less slippery surface.

  89. Ex Pear Rocker says:

    Great footage however there was allot of paw slip whilst they were getting up, maybe the times could be improved if a higher friction surface was used. Anyway great experiment.

  90. Byron Micke says:

    She / April / that dog sure needs its nails trimmed.

  91. Miqo'te Lover says:

    Now do it with a cat.

  92. sally srdic says:

    What about cats? One moment they are on their backs and they flip over in standing position in like 00000000.1 second 🤔

  93. Paul Hurtado says:

    What kind of camera do you use and edit program. Amazing videos.

  94. Tornadoboy6 says:


  95. GP says:

    I wish I could get up that fast for work!

  96. FireCuber says:

    Your dog actually drinks water the same way all dogs do. They stick their tongue in the water, curl it back to get water in a little pouch thingy from their tounge, then drink up.

  97. Wolfie The MEME says:

    Me When I Hear The Key In The Door Lock And I Am Eating Cookies
    Hehe uhh i dont know why I have crumbs all over my face 😅😅😅

  98. Pandamonium Eli says:

    I don't know how I got here………………. but I'm glad I did.

  99. Pranav Venki says:

    Thats nothing u shud see how fast my uncle gets up when he hears that theres liquor to drink

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