How do you know if your dog has worms? 5 symptoms

Hi, Andy here from Healthy Pet Systems. Today I will tell you How do you know if your
dog has worms? You should look for this 5 symptoms: Symptom #1: The most obvious symptom is if
you see worms in your pet’s feces or in its fur. Symptom #2: Another common symptom is to see
your canine friend rub its behind against the ground or floor. Symptom #3: If you see your dog scratch itself
a lot or is getting some skin problems, it may be a symptom of worms. Symptom #4: If your pet’s fur is not very
shiny, thick or is not looking good, it may also mean that it is infected with these parasites. Symptom #5: If your dog starts to lose a lot
of weight could also mean that it has worms in its stomach and it is getting sick. To find out more I created a great guide about
dog worms. In it you will find 11 symptoms dog with worms
has, 5 types of worms a dog can have,
guides on how to get rid of worms in dogs, what causes dogs to get worms,
and 5 home remedies for worms. Link is down below in description. If you liked this video, hit the subscribe
button to receive more like it in the future. Let’s keep our pets healthy! Bye

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15 Responses

  1. marlon villegas says:

    My dog vomits worm and its so slow

  2. Matthew Marr says:

    my Puppy had Worms And I found Them in his feces But They're Dead Now we got My little angel Treatment now he's happy snd healthy

  3. Jozee says:

    what happens if i deworm my dogs even if they dont have worms

  4. Jetzac GT says:

    my cat pooped out 2 white worm lol pls help me

  5. Mr CD says:

    Watch at x1.25

  6. Jayden says:

    My dog is losing weight and she's old she is 10

  7. juliet 1118 says:

    My puppy 10 weeks old is throwing up and has diarrhea still eating and drinking maybe it is worms how do i get rid of them

  8. Yeety says:

    My dog has 3 symptoms he was coughing for a couple minutes then he stopped i never really hear him cough except every once in a while , he also wouldn’t eat almost the whole day it seemed like he just wantrd to play but idk and also he seems really itchy all the time ive had him for almost 2 months hes always been really itchy because hes in the grass alot, we forgot his vaccine this month, should i be worried? He hasent losses or gained weight and he’s really energetic and hyper

  9. ClassyShows says:

    My dog has worms and I'm treating him with herbs, no pesticides.

  10. Charne Lyn says:

    Too late to see this video and to know those signs.. Nash left us early today…

  11. Emily Sanchez says:

    We recently got my puppy of 6 weeks old dewormed 4 days ago but she still has a belly pop and she doesn’t want to eat a lot she also scratches herself a lot around her neck but she’s happy and playful. Is there any medication for deworming i could buy on my own
    Edit : she’s also 1.5 lb

  12. xiu shine says:

    my dogs tummy is big :/ could this be a sign of her having worm?

  13. Naim GRIZZLY says:

    Hello everybody is it possible for a dog to have worms and not lose weight at all? Tyvm

  14. Iris Eligio says:

    I got medicine for my senior french poodle, when can I see improvement? 48 hour no eating and day 1/10 of treatment, diarrhea keeps on. Just want to see my dog better 😢

  15. Pierce Peacock says:

    I just got a new pit pup today and his previous owners didn’t feed him or something cuz he skinny and we fed her and her belly was so big it looked swollen wich I heard was a sign

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