How dog brains process speech (Andics et al., Science, 2016)

We love talking to dogs, but what do they get of all this: WHAT we say or HOW we say it? Intonation works similarly for many
species – for example, excitement is expressed with a higher voice. But humans also have words. When we acquire language, we learn sound sequences for everything… and this opens up a whole new world
of communication. Is this a uniquely human brain capacity to use words? Or can dogs also make sense of what we say? Using functional magnetic resonance imaging we investigated how dog brains process speech. 13 family dogs learn to lie completely motionless for more than seven minutes, and we measured their brain activity as they listened to their trainer’s speech. What we found was really surprising.
Dogs care about both words and intonation. Like people, dogs also prefer to use their
left hemisphere to process word meaning, and a right hemisphere brain region to
analyze intonation. It also turned out that when we praise a
dog, it activates the reward center of their brain, but only if both word meaning
and intonation are praising. Dog brains just like our brains can separately process and also combine WHAT we say and HOW we say it. Using words maybe a human
invention – but we now see that the neural mechanisms to process them are not
uniquely human.

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    I just hope my pets understand banter now. Been calling him lovable bastard and stinky etc etc for years

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    I'll bet the noise in there drives them nuts. I know it does me.

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    "We love talking to dogs" Word.

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    Hungarians are so innovative, love this scientific study

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    Is it the same for cats?

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    Do research on cats and found out. Cats understand everything. They just don't care

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  23. mary jane says:

    maybe dogs developed it after years of human involvment

  24. KAT Moser says:

    Interesting study. Would like to see it done using recorded words rather than the human speaking them during the experiment. Dogs understand what people are thinking, so to prove an understanding of words and grammar, the live thinking human should not be the one speaking.

  25. Batman says:

    Vhat Ve Say And Vhat Ve Do 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Omg why are most of these studies about dogs done in Hungary now

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    Do dogs have brains? Because they can't talk right?

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  38. Vegetarian Soylent-Green says:

    Same as human brains though? Cats seem to notice more if you speak higher

  39. Vegetarian Soylent-Green says:

    I think they just relate the sounds you make to the results of their actions (e.g. Frightened when you say 'bad!' Or happy when you say 'good!' Like people)

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    Also cats are autistic and apart from this are only semi-domesticated compared to dogs

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    i love my dog 🙂

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    dogs are better then people !

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    english pls

  49. Matt Masters says:

    Of course they can process speech… how else can you call them a name? If they couldn't process speech, if you said potato they would thing you wanted to go for a run, or tell the to shit.

  50. Ostrom Ka says:

    quality is like back in the '90s 😀

  51. *Olive* says:

    Is it the same with all other domestic animals? And what about wild ones? This was a very nice video, keep up the good work.
    ° v°)

  52. darkarchon78 says:

    Kíváncsi lennék egy beagle hasonló vizsgálatára, mi aktiválódik az agyában az "értem, de lesz***om" esetében 🙂

    I'd like to see what's in a beagle's mind when they do "I understand but I don't give a sh*t"-behavior 🙂

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    Using only a Golden Retriever will skew the results because they're such good dogs, yes they are.

  56. vayalobo says:

    I came to the same conclusions, but without exposing my dog to radiation…

  57. D.C.V. says:

    What about cats and other animals?

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    Dogs are so smart.   Smarter than we humans know.

  59. Ben Harris says:

    This is extremely vague.

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