How Dogs Came from Wolves

hi everybody and welcome back to Relax
My Dog now today’s video is quite an interesting one we’re going to talk
about how dogs came from wolves so if you would like to learn more and more
about this and definitely do it stay tuned now before we do get started
definitely do it let me know down below in the comments does your dog do
anything that is very wolf like for example does your dog how will it do
they like to bury things do they like to hunt let me know down below in the
comments but let’s just get started so the real question is do we actually know
how they came from wolves and the answer is sort of we sort of know exactly where
they came from but the actual history of this is quite unresearched really
there’s a lot of people out there trying to research it but it’s very very much
subjects you where you hear it from or where you look at or from some I’m going
to try and get all-around picture of where exactly and how they actually came
from wolves so like I say even though there is so much speculation over
exactly how this happened it was likely to have happened where the dogs were
involved about twenty to forty thousand years ago so obviously a very very long
time ago and so the history behind this is quite speculated it isn’t known who
were domesticated these wolves and also scientists can’t really agree on one
person or one thing that happened however there is a story behind how dogs
or wolves became domesticated like dogs the story goes that there were a pack of
wolves and there was a selected few within that pack that were friendly
wolves are similar to how a dog behaves now and they would go and beg for food
and go and find hunters and the hunters because the dogs or the wolves were
family they would decide to feed the wolves and then eventually over time the
dogs that wrote family that were quite still wolf like they would die off
because it wouldn’t be fed but the ones that were friendly would continue to be
fed meaning that they were able to populate and then be fed again so they
sort of built a bond with the humans and that’s how we have dogs today and
there’s also another theory that started out as a family who captured a wolf pops
and they brought them all to be domesticated
that is how we have dogs today like I said it’s very very much speculated and
you can believe one storm and then we do another member like I believe that one
so definitely do your own research if you want more in-depth reasoning behind
this I’m just sort of trying to give as much of an overview as I can and then
obviously over time there became different breeds so it became smaller
they evolved they became like shorter muscles being have much smaller teeth
and so they’re just all domesticated and become more like dogs over time like I
said it’s for this week’s video I really do hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to
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next week for next week’s video, bye!

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4 Responses

  1. Boltie Bolt says:

    The story is right. I have an example of howling and a leader of the pack instinct.

  2. TheGoldenDunsparce says:

    I agree with the first story, especially when looking at the Russian Silver Fox Domestication Experiment where foxes at a fur farm who were more docile or friendly were bred together, and the lower adrenaline caused them to slowly "evolve" through the generations to have different coat patterns, floppier ears, curled tails, and different eyes, much like dogs.

  3. The Western Schleich says:

    My dog hunts rodents and birds

  4. Stephen Starseeker says:

    Both theories are valid, maybe after interacting with friendly wolves the hunters went and stole some pups.

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