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[fake crying] [music] Lassie would certainly free
this suffering dog owner from her little cubicle. But what about Ralph, the pug? He’s one of 34 dogs that
faced a similar test of empathy. “Help!” Kiki was another. And there was KOOZA! “Help!” Each dog had to solve
the same problem: What to do about an
owner apparently trapped behind an easily opened door? The dogs reacted in
all sorts of ways. Some became anxious and
circled the room, repeatedly. Others headed to a door
at the back of the room where the researchers
were, perhaps hoping for some human help. Others just stared. Some dog owners cried,
indicating distress. “Help!” [fake crying] While others hummed
“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” and said “help” in a
tone that carried no emotion. “Help.” Some of the dogs,
like poor Kiki, were so anxious that that
may have even interfered with their ability to act. [dog crying] She was one of the dogs that
didn’t complete the test, as was the case
with several others. Overall, more than half
the dogs opened the door. Surprisingly, the dogs
with crying owners didn’t do any better than
the ones with calm owners. But speed told a
different story. The dogs with crying
owners opened the door three times as fast. [music] Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” “Hello, my KOOZA! Yay! All right.” [fake crying] But what happened
to Ralph, the pug? Was it all too much for him? [sniffling] [music] Of course not. Never underestimate a pug.

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92 Responses

  1. Prestige Clan. says:


  2. Logan Barry says:

    i think the youngest of mine would smash the door.. on the other side, I know he takes too much of my attention.

  3. The New York Times says:

    Find your favorite breed in the video:
    Pug (0:27)
    American Eskimo (0:30)
    Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (0:33)
    Labrador retriever (0:35)
    Australian shepherd (0:37)
    Pembroke Welsh corgi (0:41)
    Mixed breed (1:26)
    Cocker spaniel (2:03)

  4. 88Gibson LesPaul says:

    I know that my dog doesn't like being locked up in a cage when we have to travel. He has something in common with Trump's separated kids, except that they're not traveling.

  5. Andromeda D says:

    very good boys

  6. Kylin says:

    dogs are angels ❤

  7. ᶘ ᴖᴥᴖᶅ says:

    Never underestimate a pug <3

  8. Fleur Bandito says:

    What's happening in the world New York Times?

  9. Ivares Kesner says:

    I don't have a dog.

  10. Ram says:

    I don't know what to say

  11. Vexxona says:

    The dog in the thumbnail looks like my dead dog. She was the same specie as the dog in the thumbnail and looks EXACTLY like him. makes me feel sad now . ?

  12. Douglas John says:

    I had a Labrador mixed (possibly Doberman) years ago that when called he would open a locked door to let me in. A friend didn't believe me when I told him. So he came over, we looked the door with the dog inside, and called him. About 30 secs later, out he came.

  13. Yunz06 says:

    How do we even deserve dogs again?

  14. Mike Gustafson says:

    What?!! No Collie! ?

  15. actionmacaque says:

    Never underestimate a pug. You got that? Never. Underestimate. A pug.

  16. Sarah A says:

    Do this with cats …… oh wait

  17. 007Decky says:

    Where is treat, hooman?!

  18. Jordan says:

    0:08 look at that dog face on the pug

  19. 왜그래 says:

    Before testing animals,. It would be better to check first whether human beings can experiment with other objects through experiments.
    There are too many inhumane things in society today…..

  20. Ann B says:

    @1:31 The Pomeranian! ❤️❤️????

  21. Natasha S says:

    Such a cute experiment?

  22. Cheryl R Leigh says:

    This just made me so happy. ?

  23. Top Dog Daily says:

    I will sub to all who replys

  24. Kevin Ley says:

    For any other viewers who were wondering if one breed did better than another I read through the paper this video was based on for you. The paper used many breeds of dogs to control for breed so they did not make any claims based on breed nor would they reasonably be able to as you would want to use many of each breed to control for the individual quirks of the dog, their history, training etc. Essential the paper was only interested in testing the distressed vs non distressed recognition of the owner by the dog and how that effected the reaction of the dog. Cheers! -Kevin Ley PhD Student in Aerospace Engineering

  25. scharf says:

    Great video!

  26. 澤飛爾 says:

    为啥没比熊,哈哈 why. No bichon?

  27. curlz813 says:

    my dog is afraid of closed doors. and partially opened doors he can't fit through. he just sits and whines.

  28. The Pug Head Tilt Pugs! says:

    "NEVER underestimate a PUG!"

  29. Aiseruchan says:

    My dog would definitely pass this test, because I taught him how to open a door 🙂

  30. Ian macdonald says:

    Gee dogs are haram. How did this get past the NYT's editors?

  31. Who let The Dogs out? says:

    * fake cry * lol but lt’s a fake cry nope!

  32. StickerMigTigger says:

    Take dogs normalized to the experience that doors don't open for them and then use the data for the one's that don't actually open a door but happen to push on it, and use that data to make a statement. Next you'll be proving the existence of an invisible man in the sky. WTF?!? No wonder many people don't trust science.

  33. LIVE ON-AIR NEWS says:

    Dogs can tell when the fear or need for help is real. cant fool them with words or cries. they can smell it

  34. Mojo The Dog 1 says:

    When my dog was a puppy she guarded me when I was crying. But now she doesn't care.

  35. prathification says:

    Dogs are gods angels on earth

  36. Brian Sutachan says:

    That was boring

  37. Dingo Jack says:

    Test invalid, owner was acting, not actually trapped. Dogs are smarter than most humans, including the researchers that came up with this dumb idea. Video is downvote worthy.

  38. Dogs Sing says:

    They can tell their owner's faking. You can immediately see it in their body language. They don't think she's in any distress.

  39. Snake says:

    Perhaps the dogs can sense they are fake crying?

  40. mimprincesa says:

    Which just makes me want dog so much more

  41. nathan says:

    0:14 Kiki, do you love me?

    Yeah I know I’m late…

  42. Harry M says:

    awww so precious! let's just have the moments at the end where they jump up into the lap of their h00man 😀

  43. Tom says:

    My dog always get anxious when I cry

  44. Shelby Alford says:

    my dog can't understand how to open doors lol

  45. Sybil Fong says:

    My dog would push the door open even without me crying

  46. who the fuck tryna nut in my butt says:

    my dog doesn't even care. i was literally crying and she just looked at me for 2 seconds and lied down again

  47. xXPhantomsRageXx says:

    Mine would go to sleep

  48. Chicken Nugget says:

    i didn't learn anything but boy did i love it

  49. IndiaNDS says:

    Haha the pug did it!

  50. LittleFilms says:

    tbf I think some of them were fake crying. If they were in a real scenario where there were actually crying, I think the doggos would have done even better since they can read our emotions XD

  51. MooMoon Jazz says:

    Lame. My dog would get through that door even if it's locked. She can't resist being away just for second. She watches me 24/7 like a criminal.

  52. fondoftheduh says:

    my dog does this everytime I try to use the bathroom alone.

  53. sullydude1896 says:

    Kiki do you love me. ???

  54. warriorcats65 says:


  55. Zenith says:

    My dog wouldn't have seen the glass and rammed his head full speed into it. Just like he did 4 times to my TINTED fly screen security door.

  56. Kermit The Frog says:

    I guess Kiki really does love him

  57. Alpha Centauri says:

    There are problems here. The owners are acting and dogs are VERY good at reading body language. In addition, even if a dog saw an owner was distressed, it doesn't mean they could abstract and equate it to being trapped. This experiment is fun but it doesn't prove much.

  58. joseph liao says:

    i hate dogs

  59. S C says:

    Dogs FTW ???

  60. Jackie Toong says:

    Awww all the dogs are so cute!

  61. Moin Khan says:

    Try doing that with cats

  62. Whyntir says:

    My dog Viola woulda gotten that thing open before i could say anything. She opens doors by pushing them open all the time. She knows how to open the latches

  63. SNOWISTA says:

    I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Spacetime Tuberose says:

    Now do this with cats

  65. Charalampos Koundourakis says:

    Wish there was no singling out of the most unhealthy breed. As long as Pugs are popular people will keep breeding them.

  66. Joshima M says:

    I have a black lab. No doubt in my mind shed act just like kiki. Maybe accidentally open the door. Meanwhile my minpin would figure out how to open the door just to prevent it and keep me in there

  67. Jules Mpc says:

    you can not confuse an animal ability to emphathy…with an aninal inteligence and problem solving skills….that is about opening a dor…bad stupid test

  68. KerryRussellRN says:

    Next time try it with cats!

  69. bexiah says:

    I love the song on the credit title <3

  70. Fischy says:

    pugs are trash

  71. Felix Gijón says:

    My dachshund would just barge in whether or not I wanted him to. He believes that wherever I am, he must be there too. Doesn't matter if I am sleeping, eating, or taking a bath.

  72. Shauday Smith says:

    Dumb! What is the correlation between pushing the door open and empathy?. it's more like how long does it take these dogs to figure out that the door can be opened. How long have the animals been separated from their owner? Why did only some of the owners pretend to be in emotional distress? Why wasn't it standard for all owners to pretend to be in distress.
    It's a really small sample size too, only 34 dogs. He says that about half of the dogs figured out that they could open the door… and that the ones with crying owners opened the door faster. What about the ones that never opened the door? Were there crying owners there that were never "saved" by their dogs? This really doesn't prove anything. There are WAY more rigorous, and interesting experiments that test for empathy in dogs. It's well documented that dogs have the emotional understanding tandem to human children (which are very empathic). This silly little experiment is just a waste of whatever money and time was used to make it.

  73. Aylin Ozer says:

    Try this with a turkish shephard and the door will be broken

  74. KaleidoscopeEffect says:

    It's been a long time since I laughed so much. The 'never underestimate a pug' got me ??

  75. Wolf says:

    If only we still had Mythbuster to actually prove this in a fullscale experiment…

  76. Snotlingfondler says:

    34 breeds, shows 8.

  77. Zundfolge says:

    They tried this experiment with cats, unfortunately 3 of the test subjects died of starvation as the cats just slept on the rug.

  78. AngryPuppy says:

    What a stupid test. Whispering help with no emotion? Are you joking?

  79. Mill says:

    LOL "help"

  80. 2toesjoey says:

    I think we can all agree that the conclusion from this test is:

    Ralph is a good boy.

  81. Indra Gunawan says:

    Any dog under 50lbs. is a cat, and cats are pointless

  82. Nøw_that_shøuld_be_ celebrated says:

    I bet my cat, don't get it wrong i love him very much, would have just looked for some food.??

  83. Cody D says:

    Can’t the dogs just smell the other dogs scent and just follow it inside the test chamber? Like they only opened the door because of a new smell? Or was it really to get to the human?

  84. Anonymous says:

    This is why I never disrespectivelly call women b, dogs are loyal, caring, & loving

  85. Sarah Jane says:

    NEVER underestimate a pug 🙂

  86. Suren Xavier says:

    Dogs can sense emotion.
    It is not the same artificially.

  87. Lancelot Xavier says:

    I am sorry, but this experiment is BS.
    My pets knew I was distressed immediately without me making any fake sounds.
    For instance, when I get bad news on the phone, right away without saying a word they come to comfort me.

  88. Lara Palma says:

    "find someone with hands!"

  89. Vargon Power says:

    Now put some cata in the game

  90. TheBrabon1 says:

    i feel bad for the dogs who got to anxious to do anything…they basically had nervous breakdowns

  91. Senna Goodheart says:

    Never predict how you should react. Other solutions no one thought about but worked, do exist!. Same goes for humans. Thinking different is okay 😉

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